Deaths of Cricketers in 2004

31st DecemberA Panicker(Kerala)
26th DecemberSP Kamalasuriya(Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
23rd DecemberGGA Saulez(Europeans)
21st DecemberRC Robinson(Army, British Army of the Rhine, Free Foresters, Rhine Army, Royal Artillery, Wiltshire)
21st DecemberBH White(umpire, scorer)
19th DecemberGF Christmas(Nelson)
18th DecemberKE Bridger(Argentine Cricket Association, Argentine Cricket Association Second Division Clubs, South of Argentina Second Division Clubs)
18th DecemberVS Hazare(Baroda, Bengal Chief Minister's XI, Bombay Pilgrims, Central India, Central Provinces and Berar, Cricket Club of India, Holkar, India, Maharashtra, Maharashtra Chief Minister's XI, The Rest, Western India States)
17th DecemberRT Dowker(Canterbury)
17th DecemberAJ Wilson(Nottinghamshire Second XI, Oxford University, RE Luyt's XI)
15th DecemberJD Ghosh(umpire)
13th DecemberAB Bridger(Cordoba)
12th DecemberS Das Gupta(Bengal)
10th DecemberNF Borrett(Essex)
10th DecemberRM Gibbon(Sherborne School)
5th DecemberAS Ogilvie
3rd DecemberDJ Smith(Lancashire)
2nd DecemberMB Ronaldson(Eastern Province)
2nd DecemberH Smurthwaite(Bishop Auckland)
DecemberRIF Dames(Dover College)
DecemberJAB Nicholson(Wellingborough School)
DecemberPJR Poncia(Rugby School)
DecemberMS Warman(Shrewsbury School)
DecemberWH Young(Bath and Wells Clergy)
30th NovemberJ Baskervyle-Glegg(Combined Services)
30th NovemberCF Brockington(Oakham School)
29th NovemberMI Player(Hertfordshire)
26th NovemberWE Alley(New South Wales, Somerset, South)
26th NovemberHS Seaford(Devon, Nigeria Europeans, Repton School)
25th NovemberDJ Morgan(Cheam)
23rd NovemberEA Paton(New Zealand Women)
22nd NovemberRO Mackenna(Scotland)
21st NovemberRJ Popjoy(Wiltshire)
21st NovemberMR Ricketts(Free Foresters)
20th NovemberWI Lewis(Ireland)
18th NovemberD Moeller(Oxford University)
16th NovemberJA Francis(Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
13th NovemberJV Hackett(Queensland)
12th NovemberKM Bilkey(Auckland Women)
12th NovemberDG Rewald(Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland)
12th NovemberMJ Smith(England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, The Rest)
10th NovemberR Wilson(Scotland)
8th NovemberPC Boissier(Harrow School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
6th NovemberHLV Griffith(Barbados)
5th NovemberWGC Sewell(umpire)
NovemberDGF Bland(Bromsgrove School)
NovemberAP Fletcher(Marlborough College)
NovemberDGL Jackson(Weymouth College)
NovemberEE McGlew(Forest School)
NovemberJD Moore(Minor Counties East, Minor Counties North, Staffordshire)
31st OctoberDN Stokes(Canterbury)
27th OctoberJBR Maile(Transvaal, Western Province)
24th OctoberER Bailey(Europeans)
24th OctoberDM Wheatman(Cumberland)
22nd OctoberB Brownlow(Tasmania)
22nd OctoberBL Cartledge(Tasmania)
22nd OctoberRB Moss(New South Wales)
20th OctoberPE Crook(Uppingham School)
20th OctoberHP Hall(Europeans)
19th OctoberBH Jenkins(scorer)
19th OctoberRB Ullyett(Rhodesia)
17th OctoberBW Collie(Otago Under-20s)
17th OctoberGE Thomasson(Queensland Colts)
15th OctoberHW Lobban(Worcestershire)
11th OctoberDA Bichel(Queensland)
11th OctoberKW Hammond(Brisbane Colts, Queensland Colts)
11th OctoberKR Miller(Australia, Marylebone Cricket Club, New South Wales, Nottinghamshire, Victoria)
7th OctoberDC Money(Oxford University)
6th OctoberJHP Houghton(Central Districts)
5th OctoberMF Muir(Otago)
4th OctoberJLJ Dries(Netherlands)
1st OctoberGG Coull(Canterbury)
OctoberEMB Binyon(The Oratory School)
OctoberRB Brayne(Sherborne School)
OctoberGJ Davis(England Women)
OctoberKR Farquhar(Blundell's School)
OctoberHS Knowland(Dulwich College)
OctoberWO Lane(Lancing College)
OctoberGA Orford(Europeans)
OctoberGW Sly(Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Old Oakhamians)
OctoberFN Swales(Blundell's School)
OctoberW Winstanley(Cheshire, South)
29th SeptemberRS Lewis(Bihar)
28th SeptemberJC Little(Wellington)
23rd SeptemberA Clapperton(Cumberland, Cumbria Over-50s)
20th SeptemberBH Clough(Marylebone Cricket Club President's XI)
20th SeptemberLW Rea(Berkshire)
18th SeptemberJT Hounsome(Benwell Hill, Northumberland)
17th SeptemberKE Mackay(South Melbourne)
16th SeptemberJB Blackshaw(Sherborne Pilgrims, Sherborne School)
16th SeptemberIH Gower(umpire)
15th SeptemberRA Radcliffe(Cheshire, Wallasey)
14th SeptemberC Griffiths(Essex)
13th SeptemberRG Condliffe(umpire)
12th SeptemberJC Callow(The Leys School)
11th SeptemberRE Symons(New Zealand Women)
10th SeptemberKD Meuleman(Australia, Victoria, Western Australia)
10th SeptemberBP Shaw(Transvaal)
9th SeptemberD Mondal(Bengal)
8th SeptemberJL Greenland(Northcote, Prahran, St Kilda)
7th SeptemberNS Majiza(umpire)
6th SeptemberDJ Gray(Northern Districts)
3rd SeptemberGF Perks(Durham)
3rd SeptemberJM Stevens(Auckland Women, Matamata Women)
2nd SeptemberAH Preston(Wellington)
SeptemberA Booth(Lancashire)
SeptemberRJS Booty(Dulwich College)
SeptemberPG Clarke(Cambridgeshire)
SeptemberID Doble(Sussex Women, The Rest, Women's Cricket Association)
SeptemberW Greensword(Durham School)
SeptemberJD Grice(King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians Association, Public Schools)
SeptemberSJM Knight(Felsted School)
SeptemberAV Livingstone(Bromsgrove School)
SeptemberAID Prentice(Repton School)
SeptemberJP Sainsbury(Somerset)
28th AugustDC Smith(umpire)
26th AugustLHJ Smith(Tasmania)
25th AugustRD Broughton(Northern Districts)
23rd AugustTW Blake(Northern Districts)
22nd AugustAR Legard(Europeans, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Worcestershire)
22nd AugustA Snare(Prahran)
21st AugustG Eyres(Western Australia)
19th AugustJAGC Law(Europeans, Madras, Oxford University)
18th AugustJWA Love(Oxfordshire)
16th AugustMT Clingly(South Australia)
16th AugustGI Reddaway(umpire)
14th AugustJD Henderson(Scotland)
14th AugustEC Petrie(Auckland, Gentlemen, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Northern Districts)
11th AugustAR Tickle(umpire)
8th AugustGN Capel-Cure(Essex)
7th AugustGC Burbidge(Warwickshire Over-50s, Water Orton, Water Orton Second XI)
7th AugustB Ironton(umpire)
7th AugustTG Pidgeon(Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire Over-50s, Warwickshire Second XI)
4th AugustHR Thompson(Benwell, Benwell Hill, Northumberland, Universities Athletic Union)
3rd AugustBO Child(Northern Districts, Northland)
3rd AugustRC Hayes(Sefton)
2nd AugustDC Howes(Dover College)
AugustHJC Bashford(Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sherborne School, The Forty Club)
AugustJR Bean(Army)
AugustDM Clare(Surrey Women)
AugustGC Darks(Worcestershire)
AugustGE de Galleani(Malvern College)
AugustB Murrey(England Women)
AugustDEC Steel(Rugby School)
31st JulyRC Tolchard(Devon, Minor Counties South)
29th JulyG Goffet(New South Wales)
25th JulyGE Beatty(Taranaki)
25th JulyNM Dickson(Northcote)
24th JulyTFC Geary(Otago)
22nd JulyJL Fielding(Norfolk, Norfolk Club and Ground)
22nd JulyMJ Taylor(New Zealand Women)
21st JulyRD Chapman(Border)
21st JulyS Raziet(South African Non-Europeans)
19th JulyHH Forsyth(Dublin University)
17th JulyP Duncan(Otago Under-20s)
16th JulyQA Austin(Rhodesia)
16th JulyWF Cockburn(Victoria)
15th JulyS Robertson(Durham, Durham County Cricket League)
14th JulyRH Jones(Warwickshire)
13th JulyKR Greenslade(Canterbury Under-20s)
11th JulyNC Pretzlik(EW Swanton's XI)
8th JulyMJ Hyam(Etceteras, Old Westminsters, Westminster School)
8th JulyPC Legall(British Guiana)
6th JulyPB Brayshay(Europeans, Yorkshire)
JulyMAC Beaman(Gloucestershire Second XI, Rugby School)
JulyJC Harrison(Aston Villa Football Club)
JulyDC Levick(Essex)
30th JuneRGS Williams(Camberwell, Richmond)
22nd JuneDJ Pollard(Old Leightonians)
18th JuneTamim Bashir(Khulna Division)
16th JuneJB Chanter(Haileybury College)
16th JuneJR Norris(Dorset, Sherborne School)
16th JuneHM Thompson(New Zealand Women)
15th JuneDS Foley(Dandenong, Dandenong-Waverley, Richmond, Victoria Under-19s, Waverley, Waverley-Dandenong)
14th JuneJEO Smith(Oxfordshire)
14th JuneMO Srinivasan(Madras)
12th JuneJC Buckland(St Kilda)
11th JuneSW Savage(Nelson)
10th JuneR Weitemeyer(umpire)
9th JuneEJ Martin(Western Australia)
6th JuneS Ledger(Griqualand West)
5th JuneRM O'Halleron(North West Durham League)
4th JuneVC Belsham(Auckland, Auckland Colts)
4th JuneTA Dean(Eastern Province, Hampshire)
4th JuneP de Villiers(Griqualand West)
4th JuneJJ Loftus(umpire)
4th JuneTM Samarasinghe(umpire)
3rd JuneJB Rowell(County Club, Northumberland)
JuneFH Apperley(Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire Second XI)
JuneDJT Ayres(Civil Service Women, Dukesmead Women, Middlesex Women, Middlesex Women Second XI, Riverside Women)
JunePM Dowson(Bombay, Europeans)
JuneRKI Kennedy(Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JuneJM Rucklidge(St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
JuneCFP Simpson(King's School, Bruton)
31st MayFH Vigar(Essex)
28th MayBO Knight(Eastern Province)
26th MayHRM Farmer(Houses of Parliament Staff, Lords and Commons)
26th MayK Mackerdhuj(umpire)
26th MayD Parnaby(Durham, Tyneside Senior Cricket League)
25th MayJN Abell(Oxford University)
24th MayRCT Leeds(Nelson)
22nd MayIP Mercer(Minor Counties, Norfolk)
19th MayRH Attwell(Cranleigh School, Surrey Home Guard)
19th MayMRH Barbour(Northern Districts)
13th MayJAM Page(Auckland Women)
11th MayAL Valentine(Jamaica, West Indies)
10th MayRCS Dick(Sherborne School)
9th MayAC Fryer(Cheltenham College)
8th MayNA Wrede(Border)
6th MayNM Uluiviti(Auckland, Fiji)
3rd MayDH Robins(Warwickshire)
2nd MayCW Langdon(Western Australia)
1st MayR Howden(Natal)
1st MayBF Vawser(Victoria)
MayA Evans(Dorset, Suffolk Over-50s)
MayGG Shneerson(Club Cricket Conference, St Paul's School, Young Amateurs)
29th AprilIEF Kirby(Orange Free State)
29th AprilAL Turner(umpire)
27th AprilJP Harty(Border and Eastern Province Combined XI, Eastern Province)
26th AprilDC Hills(Ashfield, King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians Association, Warwickshire Imps)
26th AprilGM Jarrett(Bedfordshire, Minor Counties)
25th AprilDP Buultjens(Nondescripts Cricket Club)
23rd AprilW Watson(England, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, The Rest, Yorkshire)
22nd AprilSaleem Akhtar(Multan, Sargodha)
18th AprilKKT Mara(Fiji)
17th AprilJWH Travers(Lincolnshire)
14th AprilJA Tallent(Sherborne School)
9th AprilKD Briggs(Otago)
8th AprilWRF Chamberlain(Northamptonshire)
8th AprilA Moss(Aston Villa Football Club)
5th AprilGN Lewis(scorer)
3rd AprilWT Larkham(Worcestershire)
3rd AprilBR Nagaraja Rao(Mysore, Southern India)
2nd AprilR Gardner(Victoria)
1st AprilAB Jenkins(Otago Under-20s)
AprilHM Chinnery(Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
AprilNE Higgitt(City of London School)
AprilC Lawrence(Northumberland, Tynemouth)
AprilLC Street(Warwickshire)
AprilOPF Sutton(Berkshire, Reading, The Forty Club)
AprilSRC Walmsley(Aldenham School, Formby)
30th MarchDA Milne(umpire)
28th MarchPJ Beames(Victoria)
27th MarchWA Dick(Victoria)
25th MarchRAB Phillimore(Royal Navy)
23rd MarchJC Norcup(Staffordshire)
19th MarchJMS Baldwin(Rhodesia)
19th MarchLA Sears(Berkshire, Club Cricket Conference, Royal Engineers, The Forty Club)
18th MarchMA Tini(Canterbury Women)
13th MarchML Doyle(Neston, Neston Under-14s, Neston Under-16s)
13th MarchVF Wilcox(Richmond, University)
8th MarchFLH Mooney(New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
5th MarchRG Grevett(Sussex)
4th MarchDV Johnson(Cambridgeshire)
3rd MarchSR Askey(South Canterbury)
3rd MarchCP Walters(Central Districts Under-23s, Southern Hawke's Bay)
MarchJMS Burrow(Cumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland, Denstone College, Young Amateurs)
MarchJC Crwys-Williams(Oakham School)
MarchLTS Kelly(Durham)
MarchSLC Medrington(Radley College, Southport, Southport and Birkdale)
MarchGR Muirhead(Aldenham School)
MarchBS Poulson(Durham, Durham Coast Cricket League)
MarchBS Westmacott(Oundle School)
29th FebruaryAL Wilmot(Border, Eastern Province, Impalas)
28th FebruaryMG Mukherjee(umpire)
27th FebruaryWJ Peterson(Wairarapa)
26th FebruaryDTM Birks(Free Foresters)
26th FebruaryAM Ogiral(Vidarbha)
26th FebruaryALA Robinson(Wiltshire)
25th FebruaryJA Flavell(England, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, Worcestershire)
25th FebruaryLG Westaway(Australian Old Collegians, Queensland Colts, Queensland Country)
24th FebruaryNC Fuente(Dover College, Sussex, Sussex Home Guard, Sussex Second XI, Sussex XI)
23rd FebruaryEB Norton(Eastern Province)
21st FebruaryWJ Charles(West Ham United Football Club)
20th FebruaryF Brown(Burnley)
19th FebruaryLH McKeand(Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Richmond)
16th FebruaryDC Cleverley(Auckland, Central Districts, New Zealand)
12th FebruaryLC Dudman(Scotland)
11th FebruaryAJB Marsham(Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
8th FebruaryTBL Coghlan(Cambridge University)
7th FebruaryRHP Butler(Eton Ramblers)
7th FebruaryAI Taylor(South Africa, Transvaal)
6th FebruaryNS Hotchkin(Cambridge University, Europeans, Middlesex)
2nd FebruaryEJ Maker(New Zealand Women)
1st FebruaryWP Dunn(Western Australia)
1st FebruaryI Mackenzie(Cheshire, Neston, Somerset Second XI, Wallasey)
FebruaryRC Garman(Denstone College)
FebruaryRM Heaven(Essex)
31st JanuaryGV Brooks(South Australia)
30th JanuaryJJC Gibson(Norfolk)
30th JanuaryAA Matthews(umpire)
29th JanuaryEM Somerville(Invercargill Women, Southland Women)
26th JanuaryON Wilson(Orange Free State)
26th JanuaryAF Woollett(Kent)
20th JanuaryHM Forde(British Empire XI, London University, United Hospitals)
19th JanuaryDW Hookes(Australia, South Australia)
14th JanuaryEW Sturgess(The Rest)
13th JanuarySC Reid(Border)
12th JanuaryE Clark(Oxfordshire)
11th JanuaryOD Kember(Cambridge University, Surrey)
10th JanuaryCH Little(Ottawa Valley)
9th JanuaryAH Jinnah(North)
9th JanuaryDK Richardson(Bay of Plenty)
9th JanuaryEW Walters(Glamorgan, Glamorgan Second XI)
7th JanuaryGNG Kirby(South, Surrey)
5th JanuaryVGJ Jenkins(Glamorgan, Oxford University)
4th JanuaryJFN Hodgkinson(Sherborne School)
4th JanuaryHE Kelf(Griqualand West)
4th JanuaryGL Wight(British Guiana, West Indies)
2nd JanuaryGA Edrich(Lancashire, The Rest)
1st JanuaryCS Elliott(Derbyshire)
1st JanuaryGAW See(New South Wales Second XI)
JanuaryGA Baylis(Felsted School)
JanuaryAW Dodds(Gloucester Clergy, Taunton School)
JanuaryNF Dracopoli(Cheltenham College, Middlesex Second XI)
JanuaryJ Garne(Bourton Vale, Oxfordshire)
JanuaryRGT Speer(Eton College, The Forty Club)
JanuaryJ Spyvee(Lincolnshire, Universities Athletic Union)
JanuaryCMJB Timmins(Europeans, Travancore-Cochin)
JanuaryJH Trice(City of London School)
JanuaryHA Verney(Harrow School)
JanuaryGR Wilson(Ashington, Morpeth, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket Association, Northumberland Schools)
(unknown)JW Murphy(Cornwall)
(unknown)AR Ramsay(Harrow School)
(unknown)J Trapnell(St Fagans)
(unknown)SB Vaghjiani(Saurashtra)
(unknown)AD Witchell(The Forty Club)





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