Deaths of Cricketers in 2014

16th OctoberBF Bath(Transvaal, Transvaal B)
1st OctoberRW Young(Scotland)
30th SeptemberP Rowley(Lechlade)
28th SeptemberA West(scorer)
23rd SeptemberM Craddock(Australia Women)
19th SeptemberCD Williams(Oxford University)
17th SeptemberL Thomas(New South Wales Women)
16th SeptemberLT Subbu(Madhya Pradesh, Mysore)
14th SeptemberPN Ashworth(Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall)
2nd SeptemberN Gordon(South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal)
SeptemberRC Isherwood(umpire)
28th AugustPC Adams(Devon, North Devon)
21st AugustCEN Wyatt(Felsted School)
14th AugustGLL Linton(Barbados)
10th AugustSG Gedye(Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
9th AugustIM Watts(Norfolk, Norfolk Young Amateurs, Norwich Wanderers)
8th AugustHT Stratford(umpire)
7th AugustSA Rahim(Central Provinces and Berar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Chief Minister's XI, Vidarbha)
6th AugustN Dalton(Belper Amateurs)
5th AugustAL Apte(Bombay, Cricket Club of India, Dungarpur XI, India, Maharaj Yeshwant Rao Cricket Club, Rajasthan)
30th JulyIG Burns(Irish Schools, South Leinster)
30th JulyB Ganguli(umpire, referee)
24th JulyVG Sreekumar(Kerala)
20th JulyIJ Brune(Orange Free State)
19th JulyH Pougher(Lincolnshire)
16th JulyPC Das(Assam)
16th JulyA Douglas(Eastern Province)
14th JulyHaleema Rafique(Multan Under-19s Women, Multan Women)
12th JulyDJ Crighton(Scotland XI, Strathmore, Strathmore Union)
12th JulyPJ Sainsbury(Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
5th JulyR Bachan(South and Central Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
1st JulyJC Muller(Border)
29th JuneDB D'Oliveira(Worcestershire)
29th JuneB Roe(Minor Counties South, Somerset)
27th JuneE Whalley(Rishton)
23rd JuneEJ Lewis(Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
18th JuneMC Frederick(Barbados, Derbyshire, Jamaica, West Indies)
18th JuneC Renwick(Auckland)
16th JuneD Crimp(Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI)
14th JuneIL Mendonca(British Guiana, West Indies)
12th JuneD Bennett(Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
10th JuneGJ Gilmour(Australia, New South Wales)
10th JuneVS Patil(Bombay)
9th JuneT Barua(Assam)
8th JuneJN Bartlett(Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Sussex)
5th JuneCGD Burger(Free Foresters, Natal, Natal B, South Africa)
1st JuneEM Ntikinca(South Africa African XI)
JuneE Pratt(scorer)
30th MayPJ Hall(Cambridge University, Otago)
26th MayPH Williams(Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Natal, Natal B)
25th MayG Ratheesh(umpire)
25th MayBW Savill(scorer, umpire)
24th MayDA Allen(England, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, The Rest)
23rd MayMK Mantri(Associated Cement Company, Bombay, Cricket Club of India, Hindus, India, Maharashtra)
23rd MayHNP Roy(Western Province)
19th MayPJ Sharpe(Derbyshire, England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Minor Counties, Norfolk, The Rest, Yorkshire)
16th MayCAR Duckworth(Natal, Rhodesia, South Africa)
15th MayMD Mence(Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Minor Counties South, Warwickshire)
14th MayBL Bowley(South Australia)
12th MayJA Mence(Berkshire)
11th MayIM Wingreen(Western Province, Western Province B)
1st MayR Jowsey(Alnwick, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket League, Percy Main, Tynemouth)
29th AprilD Ayriss(scorer)
29th AprilGM Bizzell(Queensland)
28th AprilRR Kershaw(Cheltenham College)
28th AprilMP Pande(Vidarbha)
27th AprilS Kamalakara Rao(scorer)
25th AprilDH de Silva(Ceylon, State Services)
24th AprilVC Thool(Vidarbha)
22nd AprilHD Bell(Durham, Durham County Cricket League, Middlesbrough, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket League, South Northumberland)
22nd AprilN Chanmugam(Ceylon, Ceylon Cricket Association, Hyderabad Blues, Mercantile Cricket Association)
19th AprilGC Downton(Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
17th AprilKMA Aiyappa(Karnataka)
16th AprilCEB Anthony(umpire)
16th AprilPA Char(umpire)
15th AprilW Hird(Tasmania)
14th AprilM Chapman(Marston Green, Water Orton)
12th AprilRL Capell(Eastern Province)
29th MarchT Robertson(South Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago A, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
24th MarchRN Dinshaw(Sind)
14th MarchS McConnell(umpire)
13th MarchRD Flood(Hampshire)
8th MarchFH Terry(Christ's Hospital)
7th MarchPG Laker(Sussex)
6th MarchGC Hoyer Millar(Oxford University)
2nd MarchRS Borner(Haileybury College)
2nd MarchJB Foulkes(umpire)
MarchJ Marston(Berkshire and Hampshire Over-70s, Berkshire Over-50s, Berkshire Over-50s Second XI, Berkshire Over-60s)
28th FebruaryDH Murdoch(Otago)
23rd FebruaryNH Whiting(Worcestershire)
22nd FebruaryJS Sterry(Leprechauns)
21st FebruaryGT Doyle(umpire)
21st FebruaryPJG Flay(Swindon British Rail, Wiltshire)
18th FebruaryH Martin(Ireland)
17th FebruaryRP van Graan(Western Province)
17th FebruaryRW Walker(Club Cricket Conference, Gravesend, Kent Cricket League, Kent Juniors, Kent Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Professionals, Middlesex Second XI)
15th FebruaryOGR Reynolds(Eastern Province)
14th FebruaryWR Duff(Cheltenham College)
14th FebruaryO Smith(Australia Women)
13th FebruaryPJ James(Gloucestershire Second XI)
13th FebruaryJB Mortimore(England, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, The Rest)
11th FebruaryLJH Gunn(Canada)
11th FebruaryR Helyar(Kent Over-60s, Kent Over-60s Second XI, The Forty Club)
9th FebruaryWA Goodreds(Worcestershire)
8th FebruaryB Hedges(Glamorgan)
8th FebruaryMEL Melluish(Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
6th FebruaryJ Kettleborough(Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire Colts, Huntingdonshire)
6th FebruarySandeep Singh(Haryana, Services)
5th FebruaryGV Giles(Northern Districts)
FebruaryI Denning(Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
31st JanuaryBS Groves(Border, Natal, Natal B)
27th JanuaryM Govender(Natal)
27th JanuaryDP Medh(Associated Cement Company, Gujarat, Mysore)
27th JanuaryA Townsend(Marylebone Cricket Club, Warwickshire)
26th JanuaryRF Kingdon(Association of Middlesex Cricket Clubs, Brentham, Club Cricket Conference, Middlesex County Cricket League, South Hampstead)
21st JanuaryGB Stevenson(England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire, Yorkshire, Young England)
20th JanuaryP Hansraj(Saurashtra)
13th JanuaryT McCloy(Ireland)
8th JanuaryVR Bondre(Associated Cement Company, Bandodkar's XI, Bombay, Dungarpur XI, KM Rangnekar's XI)
7th JanuaryJGMW Murphy(Leprechauns)
6th JanuaryE Cooke(umpire)
6th JanuaryR Galant(Transvaal)
6th JanuaryHC Munro(Oxford University)
3rd JanuaryDWH Whitefield(Western Province)





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