A profile of Don Bradman
by Dave Liverman

Player:DG Bradman

Probably the best batsman to have played the modern game, Sir Donald Bradman was a relentless accumulator of runs, often at a rapid rate. His Test record was such that he needed to score only 4 in his final innings against England at The Oval in 1948 to average 100, but he was bowled by Eric Hollies second ball for a duck.

"The Don" took few risks, but was proficient with all strokes. His best scoring shot was probably the pull, played all along the ground in the arc from mid-on to backward square leg. He was also an excellent fielder, particularly in the covers, and a capable leg-break bowler.

Bradman made 19 hundreds against England between 1928 and 1948, including two triple centuries and six double centuries. He was Australia's captain between 1936 and 1948, during which time his side won 11 Tests to England's three. He kept the Ashes through four series. Sir Donald died at the age of 92 on the 25th February, 2001.

(Article: Copyright © 2001 Dave Liverman)


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