Brief profile of J.M.Clayton
by Don Ambrose

Player:JM Clayton

CLAYTON, John Morton.
Born at Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 17th November 1857.
Died at West Southbourne, Hampshire, 1st April 1938.
He played for Derbyshire in two matches, the first in 1881 and the second in 1883.
He was the son of Joseph Clayton, founder of Clayton & Company - Tanners and Curriers of Clayton Street Chesterfield. He was born in Chesterfield, and jointly ran Clayton & Co (after the death of their father) with his brother Joseph Edward Clayton - until the early 20th Century. John Morton Clayton was Mayor of Chesterfield from 1890 to 1892 and was succeeded as the Mayor by his father-in-law; William Bradbury Robinson (of Robinson's of Chesterfield). John was married to Maria Robinson in 1884.


(with thanks to Roy Smith)

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