Match report day 3: Lancs v Kent in Championship 2003
by Neil Adams

Scorecard:Lancashire v Kent

Summary for Day 3

Following two days of blistering heat, the rain returned to Blackpool to temporarily delay this division one encounter. The hold-up suited Lancashire more than Kent, and served as further punishment to David Fulton's poor captaincy and tactics during the course of the first two days. Under difficult batting conditions (Kent have been blessed with all the good luck in this match) Lancashire's players grafted hard to attain batting points and avoid the follow-on. Everyone made a contribution and regular partnerships were formed. Unfortunately, wickets tumbled periodically. By the close of play, Lancashire were 53 runs short of maximum batting points and 106 adrift of avoiding the follow-on with just three wickets remaining. The game is likely to finish in a draw, especially if the weather intervenes on the fourth day. A suitable punishment for Kent, who Ed Smith excluded, have provided very little entertainment


Bowling Performance of the Day

James Tredwell bowled the best delivery of the day to remove Stuart Law. The ball pitched outside off stump and turned sharply between bat and pad.


Batting Performance of the Day

Mark Chilton scored his fourth championship hundred of the season. He scored his hundred from 172 balls and included 17 boundaries. Mark demonstrated his versatility within Lancashire's batting line-up. Previous hundreds have been scored lower down the order. Chilton showed a gritty determination. He also possessed a confidence at the crease not previously on show. His footwork to the spinners was excellent, although it did also prove to be his undoing - never mind!


Fielding Performance of the Day

Nothing special - the ball persistently pitched short of the slip cordon, but "super" captain Fulton, reacted too slowly. The ball persistently found the gap in the slip/gully region - no sympathy, Fulton should have set more attacking fields - And as for Sheriyar - did he actually make one stop on the boundary? - a very poor fielder


Highlight of the Day

Watching Kent's clueless captain set ridiculous field placings with over 600 runs on the board. The all out attack policy never played any part. Surely the batsmen should have been crowded with close fielders and a large slip cordon, rather than deep set fields/run saving fields. Following on from Kent's poor batting performance over the first two days, David Fulton made yet another fine mess!! - Kent do not deserve to win


Lowlights of the Day

  • The rain delay for just over 2 hours
  • Mark Chilton did not go on to make a big hundred
  • The umpires not using common sense and stopping play sooner


Contentious Discussion Point of the Day

The umpires failed to offer Lancashire the light just after 5pm. The conditions were clearly unfit. Ironically enough, the umpires were not in possession of light meters until Jamie Haynes collected them from the dressing room. One can only assume the indirect influence of Sky television played on the Umpires minds. They were also influenced by David Fulton the Kent captain who offered to bowl spin just before asking the Hegg's opinion. Without any question, weak umpiring cost Lancashire two wickets as both Schofield and Chapple were unable to cope with the new ball in such poor light - thanks!


Key Notes of the Day

  • Play delayed until 2pm due to rain - 37 overs lost
  • Hooper caught Smith bowled Saggers (Full toss hit to mid-on) 60 - 143 for 3 in the 43rd over - Chilton 57*
  • 150 for 3 in the 44th over - Chilton 61* Law 4*
  • 50 partnership - 193 for 3 in the 52nd over - Chilton 83* Law 24*
  • 200 for 3 in the 54th over - Chilton 87* Law 29*
  • Law bowled Tredwell 29 - 203 for 4 in the 55th over - Chilton 88*
  • 100 Chilton from 172 balls (17 x 4) - 226 for 4 in the 61st over - Schofield 11*
  • 252 for 4 in the 72nd over - Chilton 114* Schofield 19*
  • 50 partnership - 256 for 4 in the 72nd over - Chilton 114* Schofield 23*
  • Chilton caught Key bowled Tredwell 114 - 256 for 5 in the 73rd over - Schofield 23*
  • Tea 279 for 5 from 76 overs - Schofield 39* Chapple 7*
  • Schofield 44 - missed stumping by Jones - 283 for 5 in the 77th over - Chapple 9*
  • Symonds bowls spin from North End in the 78th over
  • Chapple 12 - missed stumping by Jones - 292 for 5 in the 85th over - Schofield 46*
  • 300 for 5 in the 88th over - Schofield 51* Chapple 18*
  • 50 partnership - 306 for 5 in the 90th over - Schofield 53* Chapple 18*
  • New ball taken despite bad light conditions - also light rain in the air
  • Chapple caught Jones bowled Sheriyar 33 - 330 for 6 in the 95th over - Schofield 62*
  • Schofield bowled Saggers 66 - 334 for 7 in the 96th over - Hegg 0*
  • Umpires confer regarding light and rain - Kent offer to bowl spinners 5.45pm bad light and rain stop play - 347 for 7 in the 99th over - Martin 8* Hegg 5*
  • Lancashire 4 points, Kent 6 points


(Article: Copyright © 2004 Neil Adams


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