Match report day 4: Lancs v Kent in Championship 2003
by Neil Adams

Scorecard:Lancashire v Kent

Summary for Day 4

In the local newspaper, Kent Captain David Fulton, claimed that the pitch at Stanley Park to be "Too good" and in need of "Attention". I wonder if Fulton would have taken the same view if Lancashire had batted first, and Kent needed to survive the later stages of the match. I very much doubt that Sky television, or the spectators present agreed with Fulton. Television coverage witnessed 4 fabulous days play, and the crowd soaked up both the sun and the tension. Fulton should remember the old saying "A bad workman never blames his tools". He failed to utilise his bowlers to best effect. His field placings were confusings, and his teams' batting tactics were baffling - no wonder Kent failed to convert this game into a victory. However, nothing should be taken away from Hooper, Schofield and Hegg. They all batted extremely well on a "Testing" surface to ensure Lancashire maintained their unbeaten record, albeit they suffered their first "Losing" draw of the campaign


Bowling Performance of the Day

Martin Saggers bowled a super spell from the North end during the morning session. However, as the game progressed and the ball aged, Kent appeared equally as unable to take a wicket as Lancashire did on the first 2 days. Fulton did not seem to know which of his bowlers provided the best opportunity (spin or pace). He kept switching the bowlers in the "Hope" that something would happen. Saggers finished with match figures of 6 for 124. Perhaps the result might have been different if Sami or Murali played!


Batting Performance of the Day

Carl Hooper scored his maiden hundred for Lancashire - very appropriately it came against his former county. His innings included 17 x 4 and 4 x 6 from 235 balls. The combination of restraint, aggression and finesse was a joy to watch. He batted for nearly 5 hours in a stifling heat and saved Lancashire from their first championship defeat of the season. He was very fortunate to survive a chance without a run to his name though. The ball rolled back toward his stumps and despite hitting the base, the bails remained in tact - at last some luck


Fielding Performance of the Day

Once again Kent's field placings were extremely confusing. A mixture of run saving and wicket taking fields were persistently varied throughout both of Lancashire's innings. Kent never went for the jugular from the word go and paid a heavy price


Highlights of the Day

  • Carl Hooper's match saving innings
  • A super captains' innings of 16 from Hegg from 96 balls - sheer grit and determination.
  • The weather, although some rain during the day would have been nice - the rain has worked against Lancashire on several occasions this year but failed to show up on another blisteringly hot day
  • Chris Schofield's innings of 40 from 64 balls, but not his dismissal shot!
  • Listening to Kent's "Noisy" supporters quietening down as the game progressed - it's never over to the fat lady sings!


Lowlights of the Day

  • Failing to collect all 5 batting points
  • The dismissal of Sajid Mahmood (Hit wicket) - he also injured his ankle at the same time. Mahmood has not performed well in any aspect of his game during the last couple of matches. His "Turn" will come again.
  • The tame morning collapse which allowed Kent to enforce the follow-on
  • The shocking decision which sent Stuart Law back to the dressing room with nought to his name
  • Alec Swann suffered another low score (2 and 1 in the match) He only faced a total of 13 balls and looked sadly out of touch - undoubtedly, he will rediscover his form in the near future


Contentious Discussion Point of the Day

Television replays confirmed that Stuart Law was not out leg before wicket with the score on 12. The ball was clearly missing leg stump - another cracking decision from umpire Harris - not!


Key Notes of the Day

  • 350 for 7 in the 100th over - Hegg 9* Martin 10*
  • Martin lbw bowled Sheriyar 18 - 361 for 8 in the 101st over - Hegg 9*
  • Wood lbw bowled Saggers 0 (First ball) - 362 for 9 in the 102nd over - Hegg 10*
  • Mahmood hit wicket bowled Sheriyar 2 - 365 all out from 105 overs - Hegg 10* - 11.31am
  • Kent enforced the follow-on, Lancashire trail by 237 runs
  • Swann caught Jones bowled Saggers 1 - 3 for 1 in the 3rd over - Chilton 2*
  • Chilton caught Jones bowled Saggers 2 - 4 for 2 in the 3rd over - Loye 0*
  • Law lbw bowled Saggers 0 - 12 for 3 in the 5th over - Loye 8*
  • Hooper 0* survives a chance as the ball rolls back into his stumps but the bails are not dislodged
  • Lunch - 47 for 3 in the 18th over - Loye 29* Hooper 14*
  • 51 for 3 in the 19th over - Loye 33* Hooper 14*
  • Loye lbw bowled Ealham 33 - 55 for 4 in the 21st over - Hooper 18*
  • 100 for 4 in the 36th over - Hooper 33* Schofield 25*
  • 50 partnership - 105 for in the 37th over - Hooper 34* Schofield 29*
  • Schofield caught Smith bowled Symonds 40 - 127 for 5 in the 41st over - Hooper 41*
  • 50 Hooper from 126 balls (9 x 4 & 1 x 6) - 146 for 5 in the 48th over - Chapple 8*
  • Tea - 147 for 5 in the 48th over - Hooper 53* Chapple 8* - 40 overs minimum remain
  • 150 for 5 in the 50th over - Hooper 58* Chapple 8*
  • Chapple caught Jones bowled Tredwell 9 - 163 for 6 in the 54th over - Hooper 64*
  • 204 for 6 in the 66th over - Hooper 93* Hegg 11*
  • 100 Hooper from 191 balls (15 x 4 & 2 x 6) - 218 for 6 in the 70th over - Hegg 11* - also 50 partnership
  • Last hour of play started at 5.20pm with over number 73
  • 5.45pm - Lancashire lead by 3 runs - 240 for 6 in the 80th over - Hooper 126* Hegg 14*
  • 5.54pm - Game finishes - 244 for 6 from 85 overs - Hooper 128* Hegg 16*
  • Match drawn - Lancashire 9 points, Kent 12 points


Lancashire Man of the Match

Not a difficult choice - Carl Hooper 188 runs, 3 wickets and a fabulous inspiration on the entire team


(Article: Copyright © 2004 Neil Adams


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