MCC v Scotland 20 & 21 July 1874
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Ground:Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood
Scorecard:Marylebone Cricket Club v Scotland
Event:Scotland in England 1874

DateLine: 30th January 2013




Day 1:
Yesterday this match (originally fixed as a Marylebone Club v Gentlemen of West of Scotland) was commenced on the ground of the Marylebone Club at Lord's. The weather was almost too sultry for cricket, but the play was generally up to the mark. The Marylebone Club was only very poorly represented, and indeed the eleven that represented it was so poor as to make the compliment rather doubtful to the Scotchmen.


The English club won the toss, and chose as usual to go to the wicket, Messrs Cambridge and Duncan opposing the bowling of Messrs D. Buchanan and W.J. Laidlay, both slow round arm. The former proved a great acquisition to the Scottish Eleven, and, indeed it was to his efficiency with the ball that they owe the present very successful state of this contest.


The Marylebone batsmen did not make a very good show, as only three of them reached double figures, Mr Cambridge being the highest scorer with 22. The wickets fell thus, one for 23, two for 32, three for 33, four for 54, five for 54, six for 62, seven for 76, eight for 90, nine for 94. The Scotchmen then went in, the bowlers of Marylebone being West and Mr Turner, and the batsmen Messrs Bannerman and Wright.


The opening was inauspicious, as when ten runs had been made a splendid catch by Mr Fitzgerald at short leg dismissed Mr Wright, and a similar though not so good a piece of fielding overcame Mr Speid, his successor without any addition to the score.


Another sum of 10 runs followed when Mr Bannerman was well stumped, and only another run succeeded before Mr Marshall was clean bowled by West, the third wicket going for 20, and the fourth for 21.


Messrs Dove and Balfour, principally by the help of the former carried the total to 32 when Mr Balfour was given out leg before wicket, and so half the wickets were down for 32 runs. Matters looked rather badly for Scotland at this stage, but Messrs Dove and Sharp effectually altered the aspect of affairs. Both batsmen played excellent cricket, and a change in the bowling was necessitated, Mr Duncan displacing Mr Turner.


The alteration was not, however, a success, as Mr Duncan's three overs cost 17 runs, and Mr Turner resumed. At last, after the score had been raised from 32 to 91, West found his way to Mr Sharp's wicket, though not until he had made 30 by good cricket. Mr Dove then had Mr McNeill as his partner, but the latter was bowled when he had made 10, and with the total at 108 Mr Dove, after playing a really excellent innings of 45, was bowled by West.


The next to retire was Mr Buchanan, who was caught at the wicket, his fall showing 123 for 9 wickets. Messrs Laidlay and J.H. Sharp were the last batsmen, but they were not easily separated. They put on 19 runs before they parted, the innings closing at twenty minutes to six o'clock for 142.


With 41 runs to the bad, Marylebone Club entered on its second innings with the same batsmen, to the same bowlers as before. Mr Buchanan was soon at work, as he bowled Mr Duncan when only one run had been scored, and his successor, Major Battye, was bowled by the first ball he had, two wickets down for two runs. The next two batsmen were equally unfortunate, as Mr Cambridge was bowled at 9, and at 10 a similar fate befell Col. Bathurst.


Captain Young made a fine hit to leg for 6, and he had made 15 when a fine catch at cover point dismissed him, 32 runs here being the score, with half the wickets down. Messrs Fitzgerald and Bovill together made 16, when the latter was bowled, and Mr Fitzgerald was beginning to look dangerous when he was dismissed from a fine drive by a magnificent catch low down by Mr Marshall. Eight wickets for 52.


Without any change Mr Roxburgh was bowled, and just as play ceased for the day Davey was caught, and the innings was over for 76. So the match remains, Scotland having the day to get 36 runs to win.


Day 2:
Yesterday play in this match was resumed at Lord's, the Scotchmen requiring 36 runs to win. To commence this task Messrs Balfour and Bannerman were deputed to face the bowling of West and Mr Bovill.


The victory was not easily accomplished, and indeed it began to look like a doubtful thing for Scotland. Mr Bannerman played steadily, but he lost his partner Mr Balfour when eleven runs had been made. Mr Dove followed, but he was bowled without scoring; and in the next over from Mr Bovill, Mr Sharp also fell.


Mr Wright then came in, but he gave little trouble, Mr Bovill bowling three wickets in three succeeding overs. Mr Marshall also retired with the total at 19 and Messrs Speid and Laidlay both succumbed to West, seven wickets being down for 24 runs.


Matters now looked a little doubtful for Scotland, but Mr Bannerman soon brought matters to an issue and Scotland won a close match by three wickets.

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