MCC v Scotland 22 & 23 July 1880
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood
Scorecard:Marylebone Cricket Club v Scotland
Event:Scotland in England 1880

DateLine: 30th January 2013




Day 1:
This match was begun yesterday at Lord's London. The captain of the English team won the toss and sent in Messrs Miller and Holt to oppose the bowling of Messrs J. Robertson and Craig.


A bad start was made as the first two wickets were secured for twelve runs. Mr O.J. Thornton however, of Middlesex fame, effected a change in the appearance of the game. His hitting was, as usual, remarkable for considerable freedom, and while he was in runs came very fast. After several big drives, he hit one of Mr Robertson's clean out of the ground for 6, but after making 40 out of 63 he was bowled, the third wicket falling at 75.


Colonel Slaney and Mr Miller added 22 before the former was caught at the wicket, just as the luncheon hour arrived. After the usual interval of forty minutes, play was resumed, and the Scotchmen found some difficulty in getting rid of Mr A.J. Ford of the Cambridge eleven, and Viscount Anson, and runs came freely from these two batsmen.


Mr Ford's 42 was the highest score of the side, and Lord Anson was not out, with 38 runs to his credit, when the innings finally came to an end for 208. Mr Craig was the most successful bowler among the Scotchmen, taking seven wickets.


The Scotchmen opened their first innings at twenty minutes past four o'clock, with Messrs Balfour and Chalmers, to whom were opposed as bowlers Messrs Ford and Bovill, The two first batsmen were got rid off without difficulty, and Mr Cotterill after hitting Mr Bovill to leg for four, and driving Mr Ford for the same sum, was caught by that bowler.


Three wickets were down for 14, and indeed no stand was made until Messrs Lang and Wood became partners. The former, who will be remembered as an old Cliftonian, and subsequently a member of the Oxford University Eleven, played well, but he was the only batsman able to do much with Mr Ford's bowling, and he ultimately carried his bat for 36, out of a total of 95.


As the Scotchmen were in a minority of 113 runs, they had of course to follow on, and Messrs Chalmers and Wood were deputed to commence the second innings. Messrs Ford and Bovill were again the bowlers, and when play ceased two wickets were down for 31 The Scotchmen have therefore to make 82 runs to save defeat by an innings.


Day 2:
This match was concluded at Lord's yesterday. At 11.45, Messrs Sharp and Cotterill resumed the second innings of the Scotchmen, who had overnight made 31 runs for two wickets, after following on in a minority of 113.


The English bowling was led by Messrs Ford and Bovill, and the latter soon succeeded getting rid of Mr Cotterill who was caught. Mr Balfour now joined Mr Sharp, and the pair made a determined stand, the score being raised to 79 before the latter was bowled for a very careful and well played 32.


Mr Lang came next, and two big hits for four and two respectively in one over off Mr Studd brought up the hundred at a quarter to one. Mr Balfour soon afterwards was missed by Colonel Slaney at point from Mr Ford, but in the following over of the same bowler he lost Mr Lang, caught at the wicket. Five for 117.


Messrs Maclagan and Balfour added 14 before the latter was caught at short leg, having made 45 at a very opportune time. Six for 131. With his next ball Mr Ford bowled Mr Russel , but Messrs Maclagan and Robertson hit freely, and the Scotch score had been increased by more than forty runs when Mr Robertson was bowled for a finely got 22, leaving Mr Maclagan not out on 23, when the luncheon interval took place. After the renewal 33 runs were added before the last wicket fell, the innings closing at 3.10 for 205 (Mr Maclagan not out 33)


England was left with 93 to win, and at 3.25 Messrs Thornton and Miller opposed the delivery of Messrs Craig and Macnair. Mr Thornton, after making eight out of nine, was well caught at long on and Mr Studd came in. He hit with great freedom having made 61 out of the 93 wanted, thus leaving England winners by nine wickets.

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