For security reasons, no free entry to Bangladeshi fans, says CEO
by Bipin Dani

Scorecard:Bangladesh v England
Event:England in Bangladesh 2016/17

DateLine: 23rd October 2016


Mumbai, Oct. 23 : Both teams - Bangladesh and the visiting England team have a sleepless night ahead in Chittangong where the Test match is evenly poised for the final day on Monday.


The visiting team needs two wickets while the host team 33 runs to win the first Test match.


The match is unlikely to go beyond few minutes on Monday. However, the public coming to watch on the final day will have to buy tickets, according to the CEO (Bangladesh Cricket Board) Nizam Chaudhary.


Speaking exclusively over his mobile on Sunday late evening, he confirmed, "no, the gates will not be open free for the public. For security reasons, no free entry is allowed".


Interestingly, England, was in a similar situation in 1998 and won the Nottingham, Leeds Test against South Africa.


Cronje-led South Africa team needed 34 to win while England sought 2 wickets on the final day and Alec Stewart-led England team finally won the Test by 23 runs.


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