Pakistan legend Imran Khan calls for action against Hair
by AFP

Ground:Kennington Oval, Kennington
Scorecard:England v Pakistan
Event:Pakistan in British Isles 2006

DateLine: 29th September 2006


Pakistan legend Imran Khan Thursday called for action to be taken against Australian umpire Darrell Hair after Inzamam-ul-Haq was cleared on ball-tampering charges.


Khan welcomed Inzamam's acquittal and dismissed the International Cricket Council (ICC) decision to ban Inzamam for four matches on a charge of bringing the game into disrepute after the Oval Test fiasco last month.


"I welcome the acquittal of Inzamam and the team of ball tampering charges. Pakistan have been cleared of very serious allegations of cheating," Khan told AFP.


"The other offence is quite minor and I think the punishment is also minor."


Pakistan forfeited the fourth Test at The Oval after refusing to take the field after tea on the fourth day in protest at the decision of umpires Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove to penalise them five runs for ball-tampering.


Khan, who branded Hair a "mini-Hitler" in a newspaper column after the Oval Test, added: "Now the next question is what to do with the man who created the whole controversy at the first place.


"If Inzamam is cleared of ball tampering allegations, now clearly some sort of action should be taken against the man who was responsible for such serious allegations.


"That allegation caused the big incident where Pakistan ended up forefeiting the match."


Former Pakistan captain Ramuz Raja agreed that the ICC needed to take action against the umpire.


"The ICC need to pull up their socks and take a firm decision now on Darrell Hair," he said, adding that he thought Pakistan should appeal against the verdict.


"Pakistan's lawyers now would be arguing that if he was not guilty of ball tampering, why has he been handed out a four-match ban punishment? I think this case is not over yet and Pakistan should contest this decision agressively because they are in the right."

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