Saeed Ajmal reported with suspected illegal bowling action
by International Cricket Council

Ground:Dubai Sports City Stadium, Dubai
Player:Saeed Ajmal

DateLine: 26th April 2009


ICC Media Release - 26 April 2009


Pakistan bowler Saeed Ajmal has been reported because of a suspected illegal action.


The right-arm spinner was reported by Emirates Elite Panel umpires Asad Rauf and Billy Bowden as well as third umpire Zameer Haider and fourth umpire Nadeem Ghouri at the conclusion of Pakistan's second ODI against Australia in Dubai.


In their report the umpires explained they had concerns over the player's action and, having monitored it during both matches in the series so far, decided it was appropriate the action should be scrutinised further under the relevant ICC process.


That process is as follows:


- The ICC will obtain three copies of the relevant footage. One will go to the player, one to the relevant Board (in this case the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)) and one will be retained by the ICC
- The player is required to submit to an independent analysis of his action by a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, appointed in consultation with the PCB
- This analysis must take place within 21 days of the report being received by the PCB
- The report of the analysis must be filed with the ICC within 14 days of it occurring
- If a player is found to have bowled with an illegal action during the independent analysis then he will be banned from bowling until he undertakes remedial action and is reassessed
- If the independent analysis finds the player guilty of bowling with an illegal action for a specific type of delivery only then he can continue to bowl in international cricket with a warning that if he is reported again and found to be using an illegal action then he will be banned from bowling with immediate effect
- Until the receipt of the report of the independent analysis by the PCB then the player can continue to bowl


Details of the ICC regulations for the review of bowlers reported with suspected bowling actions can be found at

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