Home Counties Premier League Division Two East 2008

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10 May 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Hertford Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112881
10 May 2008  Harpenden v Langleybury The Common, Harpenden misc112882
10 May 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Potters Bar Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc87415
10 May 2008  Stevenage v Hemel Hempstead Town Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112883
10 May 2008  West Herts v North Mymms Park Avenue, Watford misc112884
17 May 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v West Herts Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112885
17 May 2008  Hertford v Harpenden Balls Park, Hertford misc112886
17 May 2008  Langleybury v Sawbridgeworth Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112887
17 May 2008  North Mymms v Bishop's Stortford Home Farm, North Mymms misc112888
17 May 2008  Potters Bar v Stevenage The Walk, Potters Bar misc87416
24 May 2008  Harpenden v Bishop's Stortford The Common, Harpenden misc112889
24 May 2008  North Mymms v Hemel Hempstead Town Home Farm, North Mymms misc112890
24 May 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Hertford Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112891
24 May 2008  Stevenage v Langleybury Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112892
24 May 2008  West Herts v Potters Bar Park Avenue, Watford misc87417
31 May 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Sawbridgeworth Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112893
31 May 2008  Harpenden v North Mymms The Common, Harpenden misc112894
31 May 2008  Hertford v Stevenage Balls Park, Hertford misc112895
31 May 2008  Langleybury v West Herts Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112896
31 May 2008  Potters Bar v Hemel Hempstead Town The Walk, Potters Bar misc87418
07 Jun 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Langleybury Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112897
07 Jun 2008  North Mymms v Potters Bar Home Farm, North Mymms misc87419
07 Jun 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Harpenden Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112898
07 Jun 2008  Stevenage v Bishop's Stortford Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112899
07 Jun 2008  West Herts v Hertford Park Avenue, Watford misc112900
14 Jun 2008  Bishop's Stortford v West Herts Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112901
14 Jun 2008  Harpenden v Stevenage The Common, Harpenden misc112902
14 Jun 2008  Hertford v Hemel Hempstead Town Balls Park, Hertford misc112903
14 Jun 2008  Langleybury v Potters Bar Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc87421
14 Jun 2008  Sawbridgeworth v North Mymms Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112904
21 Jun 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Bishop's Stortford Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112905
21 Jun 2008  North Mymms v Langleybury Home Farm, North Mymms misc112906
21 Jun 2008  Potters Bar v Hertford The Walk, Potters Bar misc87422
21 Jun 2008  Stevenage v Sawbridgeworth Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112907
21 Jun 2008  West Herts v Harpenden Park Avenue, Watford misc112908
28 Jun 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Potters Bar Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc87423
28 Jun 2008  Harpenden v Hemel Hempstead Town The Common, Harpenden misc112909
28 Jun 2008  Hertford v Langleybury Balls Park, Hertford misc112910
28 Jun 2008  Sawbridgeworth v West Herts Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112911
28 Jun 2008  Stevenage v North Mymms Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112912
05 Jul 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Sawbridgeworth Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112913
05 Jul 2008  Langleybury v Bishop's Stortford Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112914
05 Jul 2008  North Mymms v Hertford Home Farm, North Mymms misc112915
05 Jul 2008  Potters Bar v Harpenden The Walk, Potters Bar misc87424
05 Jul 2008  West Herts v Stevenage Park Avenue, Watford misc112916
12 Jul 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Stevenage Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112917a
12 Jul 2008  Hertford v Bishop's Stortford Balls Park, Hertford misc112918
12 Jul 2008  Langleybury v Harpenden Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112919
12 Jul 2008  North Mymms v West Herts Home Farm, North Mymms misc112920
12 Jul 2008  Potters Bar v Sawbridgeworth The Walk, Potters Bar misc87426
19 Jul 2008  Bishop's Stortford v North Mymms Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112921
19 Jul 2008  Harpenden v Hertford The Common, Harpenden misc112922
19 Jul 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Langleybury Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112923
19 Jul 2008  Stevenage v Potters Bar Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc87427
19 Jul 2008  West Herts v Hemel Hempstead Town Park Avenue, Watford misc112924
26 Jul 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Harpenden Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112925
26 Jul 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v North Mymms Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112926
26 Jul 2008  Hertford v Sawbridgeworth Balls Park, Hertford misc112927
26 Jul 2008  Langleybury v Stevenage Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112928
26 Jul 2008  Potters Bar v West Herts The Walk, Potters Bar misc87428
02 Aug 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Potters Bar Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc87429
02 Aug 2008  North Mymms v Harpenden Home Farm, North Mymms misc112929
02 Aug 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Bishop's Stortford Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112930
02 Aug 2008  Stevenage v Hertford Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112931
02 Aug 2008  West Herts v Langleybury Park Avenue, Watford misc112932
09 Aug 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Stevenage Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112933
09 Aug 2008  Harpenden v Sawbridgeworth The Common, Harpenden misc112934
09 Aug 2008  Hertford v West Herts Balls Park, Hertford misc112935
09 Aug 2008  Langleybury v Hemel Hempstead Town Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112936
09 Aug 2008  Potters Bar v North Mymms The Walk, Potters Bar misc87430
16 Aug 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Hertford Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112937
16 Aug 2008  North Mymms v Sawbridgeworth Home Farm, North Mymms misc112938
16 Aug 2008  Potters Bar v Langleybury The Walk, Potters Bar misc87431
16 Aug 2008  Stevenage v Harpenden Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112939
16 Aug 2008  West Herts v Bishop's Stortford Park Avenue, Watford misc112940
23 Aug 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Hemel Hempstead Town Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112941
23 Aug 2008  Harpenden v West Herts The Common, Harpenden misc112942
23 Aug 2008  Hertford v Potters Bar Balls Park, Hertford misc87432
23 Aug 2008  Langleybury v North Mymms Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112943
23 Aug 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Stevenage Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112944
30 Aug 2008  Hemel Hempstead Town v Harpenden Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc112945
30 Aug 2008  Langleybury v Hertford Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc112946
30 Aug 2008  North Mymms v Stevenage Home Farm, North Mymms misc112947
30 Aug 2008  Potters Bar v Bishop's Stortford The Walk, Potters Bar misc87433
30 Aug 2008  West Herts v Sawbridgeworth Park Avenue, Watford misc112948
06 Sep 2008  Bishop's Stortford v Langleybury Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc112949
06 Sep 2008  Harpenden v Potters Bar The Walk, Potters Bar misc87434a
06 Sep 2008  Hertford v North Mymms Balls Park, Hertford misc112950
06 Sep 2008  Sawbridgeworth v Hemel Hempstead Town Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc112951a
06 Sep 2008  Stevenage v West Herts Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc112952a





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