Fielding in Lees Brewery Lancashire County League 2006 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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TPA Standing (Den)2411718
MSM Wake (DSL)225510
I Alleyne (CH)19819
L Shufflebottom (FF)12268
M Harrop (Tho)14527
IT Walker (Pres)22066
D Ashworth (Duk)23325
LK Parkinson (Irl)24415
GD Penchion (Stand)195 5
G Tuson (Ws)20055
Ali Raza (CH)114 4
B Cullen (RG)10224
P Jackson (DW)6134
A Moore (DW)13314
B Williams (DSL)22224
J Lucas (Wk)93 3
A Lyon (FF)11033
N Ridehaugh (Wk)21033
JR Stopford (Gl)21033
AR Beirne (Stand)112 2
M Dyson (FF)212 2
C Feakes (FF)4112
D Pennington (Gl)7022
Saeed Wasif (CH)202 2
P Shah (Irl)222 2
A Afzal (CH)21 1
SDJ Allen (DSL)201 1
MA Batty (DW)31 1
MP Berry (DW)221 1
A Burton (Irl)18011
D Dickin (FF)151 1
D Eyre (FF)241 1
I Gilbertson (Tho)201 1
A Graham (Tho)221 1
S Haughton (FF)131 1
MS Khan (Irl)161 1
M Lee (Tho)6011
JA Maurice-Scott (Tho)201 1
DK Mayne (Duk)111 1
D Morrell (DSL)231 1
A Norse (RG)131 1
SR Orrell (Pres)21011
T Rexstraw (Duk)101 1
C Rhodes (RG)13011
A Riaz (CH)141 1
DM Scott (Tho)111 1
GRC Senior (DW)23011
S Shah (Wk)171 1
DL Taylor (Stand)20011
S Walton (DSL)241 1
D Williams (FF)151 1





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