Woolwich Kent Cricket League Premier Division 1997 - Highest Team Totals

290-6dThe Mote v Gore CourtMote Park, Maidstonekcl2495
277-2Dartford v HolmesdaleHesketh Park, Dartfordkcl2537
277-5dBeckenham v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2698
275-6Holmesdale v DartfordHesketh Park, Dartfordkcl2537
273-3The Mote v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2518
273-5Holmesdale v DoverCrabble Athletic Ground, Doverkcl2489
267-3dSt Lawrence and Highland Court v GravesendHighland Court, Bridgekcl2884
262-4Blackheath v AshfordThe Rectory Field, Blackheathkcl2511
258-7Beckenham v BexleyManor Way, Bexleykcl2805
257-4dBexley v BeckenhamManor Way, Bexleykcl2805
257-6Chestfield v Midland BankMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2547
253-8Ashford v Midland BankMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2702
251-2The Mote v Bickley ParkMote Park, Maidstonekcl2738
251-9Bickley Park v The MoteMote Park, Maidstonekcl2738
250-4RACS v Gore CourtThe Grove, Sittingbournekcl2837
248-3Hayes v Bickley ParkBarnet Wood Road, Hayeskcl2493
248-4Folkestone v HayesCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2517
248-4Dartford v AshfordBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2665
248-4dBexley v GravesendManor Way, Bexleykcl2718
248-6Midland Bank v ChestfieldMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2547
248-8The Mote v Midland BankMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2843
247-4Gore Court v RACSThe Grove, Sittingbournekcl2837
247-5Bexley v ChestfieldManor Way, Bexleykcl2755
247-5dBexley v DoverManor Way, Bexleykcl2877
246-2Blackheath v HayesBarnet Wood Road, Hayeskcl2625
246-4Ashford v Sevenoaks VineBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2715
245-2St Lawrence and Highland Court v Tunbridge WellsHighland Court, Bridgekcl2580
245-7Tunbridge Wells v BexleyThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2555
241-8Bickley Park v Midland BankBickley Park Road, Bickleykcl2757
239-5Bexley v FolkestoneManor Way, Bexleykcl2668
239-7Folkestone v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2572
239Bickley Park v BeckenhamFoxgrove Road, Beckenhamkcl2508
238-4Dartford v BlackheathThe Rectory Field, Blackheathkcl2565
238-4dBlackheath v DoverCrabble Athletic Ground, Doverkcl2834
238-8Midland Bank v Gore CourtMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2646
237-4dTunbridge Wells v ChestfieldThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2530
237-9Ashford v DoverCrabble Athletic Ground, Doverkcl2810
237Gravesend v FolkestoneBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2572
234-6Blackheath v DartfordThe Rectory Field, Blackheathkcl2565
233-8Bickley Park v AshfordBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2533
231-5Ashford v Bickley ParkBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2533
229-7Blackheath v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2765
228-6Tunbridge Wells v The MoteThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2713
227-4Gravesend v AshfordBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2865
227-5Bromley v FolkestoneCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2621
227-5Gravesend v BeckenhamBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2698
227-6Folkestone v Gore CourtCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2811
227-8Tunbridge Wells v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2491
227-9Gravesend v BlackheathBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2765
226-8Gore Court v FolkestoneCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2811
226-9Dartford v RACSMetrogas Sports Ground, New Elthamkcl2794
225-5Gravesend v BexleyManor Way, Bexleykcl2718
223-6Ashford v Gore CourtBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2752
223The Mote v HayesBarnet Wood Road, Hayeskcl2543
222-4Dartford v FolkestoneHesketh Park, Dartfordkcl2697
222-5Tunbridge Wells v DartfordThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2885
222-6Blackheath v FolkestoneCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2540
222-9Ashford v FolkestoneCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2490
221-6Gore Court v HayesThe Grove, Sittingbournekcl2727
220-5Holmesdale v Midland BankMontreal Park, Sevenoakskcl2868
220-6RACS v HolmesdaleMontreal Park, Sevenoakskcl2521
219Hayes v Gore CourtThe Grove, Sittingbournekcl2727
218-9Folkestone v DartfordHesketh Park, Dartfordkcl2697
218Midland Bank v The MoteMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2843
217-4Bexley v BromleyPlaistow Lane, Bromleykcl2487
216-9Sevenoaks Vine v AshfordBall Lane, Ashfordkcl2715
216Dartford v Tunbridge WellsThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2885
215-3The Mote v BexleyManor Way, Bexleykcl2612
213-8The Mote v Tunbridge WellsThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2713
213-9Folkestone v AshfordCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2490
212-3Gore Court v Bickley ParkBickley Park Road, Bickleykcl2564
211-6dBromley v DartfordPlaistow Lane, Bromleykcl2720
211-7Bexley v The MoteManor Way, Bexleykcl2612
210-2dBromley v GravesendPlaistow Lane, Bromleykcl2831
210-9The Mote v AshfordMote Park, Maidstonekcl2608
209-7Beckenham v The MoteMote Park, Maidstonekcl2749
208-7Midland Bank v AshfordMidland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenhamkcl2702
205-3Dover v Midland BankCrabble Athletic Ground, Doverkcl2724
205-3Sevenoaks Vine v Bickley ParkBickley Park Road, Bickleykcl2878
204-6dMidland Bank v DoverCrabble Athletic Ground, Doverkcl2724
204-9Bickley Park v Sevenoaks VineBickley Park Road, Bickleykcl2878
203-6Bexley v Tunbridge WellsThe Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wellskcl2555
203-7Bickley Park v HayesBarnet Wood Road, Hayeskcl2493
202-5Gravesend v RACSBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2812
202-8Bickley Park v FolkestoneCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestonekcl2836
201-7Gravesend v Tunbridge WellsBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2491
201-8Beckenham v HolmesdaleFoxgrove Road, Beckenhamkcl2666
201-9RACS v GravesendBat and Ball Ground, Gravesendkcl2812





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