Cheshire County Cricket League Premier Division 2000

22 Apr 2000  Birkenhead Park v Oxton Park Drive, Birkenhead
22 Apr 2000  Bowdon v Toft South Downs Road, Bowdon
22 Apr 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Macclesfield Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
22 Apr 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Neston Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
22 Apr 2000  Didsbury v Hyde Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
22 Apr 2000  Nantwich v Alsager Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
29 Apr 2000  Alsager v Bowdon Fairview Avenue, Alsager
29 Apr 2000  Hyde v Cheadle Hulme Werneth Low, Hyde
29 Apr 2000  Macclesfield v Didsbury Victoria Road, Macclesfield
29 Apr 2000  Neston v Birkenhead Park Parkgate, Neston
29 Apr 2000  Oxton v Chester Boughton Hall Townfield Lane, Oxton
29 Apr 2000  Toft v Nantwich Booth Park, Toft
06 May 2000  Alsager v Toft Fairview Avenue, Alsager
06 May 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Birkenhead Park Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
06 May 2000  Didsbury v Cheadle Hulme Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
06 May 2000  Macclesfield v Hyde Victoria Road, Macclesfield
06 May 2000  Nantwich v Bowdon Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
06 May 2000  Oxton v Neston Townfield Lane, Oxton
13 May 2000  Birkenhead Park v Alsager Park Drive, Birkenhead
13 May 2000  Bowdon v Oxton South Downs Road, Bowdon
13 May 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Toft Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
13 May 2000  Didsbury v Chester Boughton Hall Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
13 May 2000  Hyde v Nantwich Werneth Low, Hyde
13 May 2000  Neston v Macclesfield Parkgate, Neston
20 May 2000  Alsager v Cheadle Hulme Fairview Avenue, Alsager
20 May 2000  Bowdon v Birkenhead Park South Downs Road, Bowdon
20 May 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Hyde Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
20 May 2000  Macclesfield v Oxton Victoria Road, Macclesfield
20 May 2000  Nantwich v Didsbury Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
20 May 2000  Toft v Neston Booth Park, Toft
27 May 2000  Birkenhead Park v Cheadle Hulme Park Drive, Birkenhead
27 May 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Alsager Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
27 May 2000  Didsbury v Bowdon Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
27 May 2000  Macclesfield v Toft Victoria Road, Macclesfield
27 May 2000  Neston v Hyde Parkgate, Neston
27 May 2000  Oxton v Nantwich Townfield Lane, Oxton
03 Jun 2000  Alsager v Didsbury Fairview Avenue, Alsager
03 Jun 2000  Bowdon v Macclesfield South Downs Road, Bowdon
03 Jun 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Oxton Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
03 Jun 2000  Hyde v Birkenhead Park Werneth Low, Hyde
03 Jun 2000  Nantwich v Neston Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
03 Jun 2000  Toft v Chester Boughton Hall Booth Park, Toft
10 Jun 2000  Birkenhead Park v Toft Park Drive, Birkenhead
10 Jun 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Bowdon Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
10 Jun 2000  Hyde v Alsager Werneth Low, Hyde
10 Jun 2000  Macclesfield v Nantwich Victoria Road, Macclesfield
10 Jun 2000  Neston v Cheadle Hulme Parkgate, Neston
10 Jun 2000  Oxton v Didsbury Townfield Lane, Oxton
17 Jun 2000  Alsager v Macclesfield Fairview Avenue, Alsager
17 Jun 2000  Bowdon v Hyde South Downs Road, Bowdon
17 Jun 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Chester Boughton Hall Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
17 Jun 2000  Didsbury v Neston Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
17 Jun 2000  Nantwich v Birkenhead Park Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
17 Jun 2000  Toft v Oxton Booth Park, Toft
24 Jun 2000  Birkenhead Park v Macclesfield Park Drive, Birkenhead
24 Jun 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Bowdon Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
24 Jun 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Nantwich Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
24 Jun 2000  Didsbury v Toft Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
24 Jun 2000  Hyde v Oxton Werneth Low, Hyde
24 Jun 2000  Neston v Alsager Parkgate, Neston
01 Jul 2000  Birkenhead Park v Didsbury Park Drive, Birkenhead
01 Jul 2000  Bowdon v Neston South Downs Road, Bowdon
01 Jul 2000  Macclesfield v Chester Boughton Hall Victoria Road, Macclesfield
01 Jul 2000  Nantwich v Cheadle Hulme Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
01 Jul 2000  Oxton v Alsager Townfield Lane, Oxton
01 Jul 2000  Toft v Hyde Booth Park, Toft
08 Jul 2000  Alsager v Birkenhead Park Fairview Avenue, Alsager
08 Jul 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Didsbury Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
08 Jul 2000  Macclesfield v Neston Victoria Road, Macclesfield
08 Jul 2000  Nantwich v Hyde Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
08 Jul 2000  Oxton v Bowdon Townfield Lane, Oxton
08 Jul 2000  Toft v Cheadle Hulme Booth Park, Toft
15 Jul 2000  Birkenhead Park v Bowdon Park Drive, Birkenhead
15 Jul 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Alsager Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
15 Jul 2000  Didsbury v Nantwich Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
15 Jul 2000  Hyde v Chester Boughton Hall Werneth Low, Hyde
15 Jul 2000  Neston v Toft Parkgate, Neston
15 Jul 2000  Oxton v Macclesfield Townfield Lane, Oxton
22 Jul 2000  Alsager v Chester Boughton Hall Fairview Avenue, Alsager
22 Jul 2000  Bowdon v Didsbury South Downs Road, Bowdon
22 Jul 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Birkenhead Park Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
22 Jul 2000  Hyde v Neston Werneth Low, Hyde
22 Jul 2000  Nantwich v Oxton Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
22 Jul 2000  Toft v Macclesfield Booth Park, Toft
29 Jul 2000  Alsager v Hyde Fairview Avenue, Alsager
29 Jul 2000  Bowdon v Chester Boughton Hall South Downs Road, Bowdon
29 Jul 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Neston Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
29 Jul 2000  Didsbury v Oxton Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
29 Jul 2000  Nantwich v Macclesfield Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
29 Jul 2000  Toft v Birkenhead Park Booth Park, Toft
05 Aug 2000  Birkenhead Park v Hyde Park Drive, Birkenhead
05 Aug 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Toft Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
05 Aug 2000  Didsbury v Alsager Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
05 Aug 2000  Macclesfield v Bowdon Victoria Road, Macclesfield
05 Aug 2000  Neston v Nantwich Parkgate, Neston
05 Aug 2000  Oxton v Cheadle Hulme Townfield Lane, Oxton
12 Aug 2000  Birkenhead Park v Nantwich Park Drive, Birkenhead
12 Aug 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Cheadle Hulme Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
12 Aug 2000  Hyde v Bowdon Werneth Low, Hyde
12 Aug 2000  Macclesfield v Alsager Victoria Road, Macclesfield
12 Aug 2000  Neston v Didsbury Parkgate, Neston
12 Aug 2000  Oxton v Toft Townfield Lane, Oxton
19 Aug 2000  Alsager v Neston Fairview Avenue, Alsager
19 Aug 2000  Bowdon v Cheadle Hulme South Downs Road, Bowdon
19 Aug 2000  Macclesfield v Birkenhead Park Victoria Road, Macclesfield
19 Aug 2000  Nantwich v Chester Boughton Hall Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
19 Aug 2000  Oxton v Hyde Townfield Lane, Oxton
19 Aug 2000  Toft v Didsbury Booth Park, Toft
26 Aug 2000  Alsager v Oxton Fairview Avenue, Alsager
26 Aug 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Nantwich Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
26 Aug 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Macclesfield Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
26 Aug 2000  Didsbury v Birkenhead Park Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
26 Aug 2000  Hyde v Toft Werneth Low, Hyde
26 Aug 2000  Neston v Bowdon Parkgate, Neston
02 Sep 2000  Alsager v Nantwich Fairview Avenue, Alsager
02 Sep 2000  Hyde v Didsbury Werneth Low, Hyde
02 Sep 2000  Macclesfield v Cheadle Hulme Victoria Road, Macclesfield
02 Sep 2000  Neston v Chester Boughton Hall Parkgate, Neston
02 Sep 2000  Oxton v Birkenhead Park Townfield Lane, Oxton
02 Sep 2000  Toft v Bowdon Booth Park, Toft
09 Sep 2000  Birkenhead Park v Neston Park Drive, Birkenhead
09 Sep 2000  Bowdon v Alsager South Downs Road, Bowdon
09 Sep 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Hyde Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
09 Sep 2000  Chester Boughton Hall v Oxton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
09 Sep 2000  Didsbury v Macclesfield Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
09 Sep 2000  Nantwich v Toft Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
16 Sep 2000  Birkenhead Park v Chester Boughton Hall Park Drive, Birkenhead
16 Sep 2000  Bowdon v Nantwich South Downs Road, Bowdon
16 Sep 2000  Cheadle Hulme v Didsbury Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme
16 Sep 2000  Hyde v Macclesfield Werneth Low, Hyde
16 Sep 2000  Neston v Oxton Parkgate, Neston
16 Sep 2000  Toft v Alsager Booth Park, Toft





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