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13 May 2006  Banbury v Oxford White Post Road, Bodicote hclp516
13 May 2006  Falkland v Reading Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp517
13 May 2006  High Wycombe v Slough London Road, High Wycombe hclp518
13 May 2006  Tring Park v Henley London Road, Tring hclp519
13 May 2006  West Herts v Finchampstead Park Avenue, Watford hclp520
20 May 2006  Finchampstead v High Wycombe Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp521
20 May 2006  Henley v Banbury The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp521a
20 May 2006  Oxford v Falkland Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp522
20 May 2006  Reading v West Herts Sonning Lane, Reading hclp522a
20 May 2006  Slough v Tring Park Upton Court Road, Slough hclp522b
27 May 2006  Banbury v Slough White Post Road, Bodicote hclp522c
27 May 2006  Falkland v Henley Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp522d
27 May 2006  High Wycombe v West Herts London Road, High Wycombe hclp523
27 May 2006  Reading v Oxford Sonning Lane, Reading hclp524
27 May 2006  Tring Park v Finchampstead London Road, Tring hclp524a
03 Jun 2006  Finchampstead v Banbury Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp525
03 Jun 2006  Henley v Oxford The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp526
03 Jun 2006  High Wycombe v Reading London Road, High Wycombe hclp527
03 Jun 2006  Slough v Falkland Upton Court Road, Slough hclp528
03 Jun 2006  West Herts v Tring Park Park Avenue, Watford hclp529
10 Jun 2006  Banbury v West Herts White Post Road, Bodicote hclp530
10 Jun 2006  Falkland v Finchampstead Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp531
10 Jun 2006  Oxford v Slough Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp532
10 Jun 2006  Reading v Henley Sonning Lane, Reading hclp533
10 Jun 2006  Tring Park v High Wycombe London Road, Tring hclp534
17 Jun 2006  Finchampstead v Oxford Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp535
17 Jun 2006  High Wycombe v Banbury London Road, High Wycombe hclp536
17 Jun 2006  Slough v Henley Upton Court Road, Slough hclp537
17 Jun 2006  Tring Park v Reading London Road, Tring hclp538
17 Jun 2006  West Herts v Falkland Park Avenue, Watford hclp539
24 Jun 2006  Banbury v Tring Park White Post Road, Bodicote hclp540
24 Jun 2006  Falkland v High Wycombe Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp541
24 Jun 2006  Henley v Finchampstead The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp542
24 Jun 2006  Oxford v West Herts Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp543
24 Jun 2006  Reading v Slough Sonning Lane, Reading hclp544
01 Jul 2006  Banbury v Reading White Post Road, Bodicote hclp545
01 Jul 2006  Finchampstead v Slough Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp546
01 Jul 2006  High Wycombe v Oxford London Road, High Wycombe hclp547
01 Jul 2006  Tring Park v Falkland London Road, Tring hclp548
01 Jul 2006  West Herts v Henley Park Avenue, Watford hclp549
08 Jul 2006  Falkland v Banbury Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp550
08 Jul 2006  Henley v High Wycombe The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp551
08 Jul 2006  Oxford v Tring Park Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp552
08 Jul 2006  Reading v Finchampstead Sonning Lane, Reading hclp553
08 Jul 2006  Slough v West Herts Upton Court Road, Slough hclp554
15 Jul 2006  Finchampstead v West Herts Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp555
15 Jul 2006  Henley v Tring Park The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp556
15 Jul 2006  Oxford v Banbury Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp557
15 Jul 2006  Reading v Falkland Sonning Lane, Reading hclp558
15 Jul 2006  Slough v High Wycombe Upton Court Road, Slough hclp559
22 Jul 2006  Banbury v Henley White Post Road, Bodicote hclp560
22 Jul 2006  Falkland v Oxford Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp561
22 Jul 2006  High Wycombe v Finchampstead London Road, High Wycombe hclp562
22 Jul 2006  Tring Park v Slough London Road, Tring hclp563
22 Jul 2006  West Herts v Reading Park Avenue, Watford hclp564
29 Jul 2006  Finchampstead v Tring Park Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp565
29 Jul 2006  Henley v Falkland The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp566
29 Jul 2006  Oxford v Reading Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp567
29 Jul 2006  Slough v Banbury Upton Court Road, Slough hclp568
29 Jul 2006  West Herts v High Wycombe Park Avenue, Watford hclp569
05 Aug 2006  Banbury v Finchampstead White Post Road, Bodicote hclp570
05 Aug 2006  Falkland v Slough Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp571
05 Aug 2006  Oxford v Henley Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp572
05 Aug 2006  Reading v High Wycombe Sonning Lane, Reading hclp573
05 Aug 2006  Tring Park v West Herts London Road, Tring hclp574
12 Aug 2006  Finchampstead v Falkland Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp575
12 Aug 2006  Henley v Reading The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp576
12 Aug 2006  High Wycombe v Tring Park London Road, High Wycombe hclp577
12 Aug 2006  Slough v Oxford Upton Court Road, Slough hclp578
12 Aug 2006  West Herts v Banbury Park Avenue, Watford hclp579
19 Aug 2006  Banbury v High Wycombe White Post Road, Bodicote hclp580
19 Aug 2006  Falkland v West Herts Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp580a
19 Aug 2006  Henley v Slough The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp580b
19 Aug 2006  Oxford v Finchampstead Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp581
19 Aug 2006  Reading v Tring Park Sonning Lane, Reading hclp581a
26 Aug 2006  Finchampstead v Henley Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp582
26 Aug 2006  High Wycombe v Falkland London Road, High Wycombe hclp583
26 Aug 2006  Slough v Reading Upton Court Road, Slough hclp584
26 Aug 2006  Tring Park v Banbury London Road, Tring hclp585
26 Aug 2006  West Herts v Oxford Park Avenue, Watford hclp586
02 Sep 2006  Falkland v Tring Park Enborne Lodge, Newbury hclp587
02 Sep 2006  Henley v West Herts The Brakspear Ground, Remenham hclp588
02 Sep 2006  Oxford v High Wycombe Rover Cowley Sports and Social Club Ground, Cowley hclp589
02 Sep 2006  Reading v Banbury Sonning Lane, Reading hclp590
02 Sep 2006  Slough v Finchampstead Upton Court Road, Slough hclp591
09 Sep 2006  Banbury v Falkland White Post Road, Bodicote hclp592
09 Sep 2006  Finchampstead v Reading Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead hclp593
09 Sep 2006  High Wycombe v Henley London Road, High Wycombe hclp594
09 Sep 2006  Tring Park v Oxford London Road, Tring hclp595
09 Sep 2006  West Herts v Slough Park Avenue, Watford hclp596





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