South Wales Cricket League Premier Division 2006

 Points Table

29 Apr 2006  Abergavenny v Croesyceiliog Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp479
29 Apr 2006  #Cardiff v Newport Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp480
29 Apr 2006  #Panteg v Usk Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp481
29 Apr 2006  #Penarth v Pentyrch Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp482
29 Apr 2006  St Fagans v Chepstow Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp483
29 Apr 2006  #Tondu v Sudbrook Bryn Road, Tondu swalp484
01 May 2006  #Chepstow v Cardiff Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp485
01 May 2006  #Newport v Panteg Spytty Park, Newport swalp486
01 May 2006  #Pentyrch v Abergavenny Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp487
01 May 2006  #Sudbrook v St Fagans Deepweir, Caldicot swalp488
01 May 2006  #Tondu v Croesyceiliog Bryn Road, Tondu swalp489
01 May 2006  #Usk v Penarth Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp490
06 May 2006  Abergavenny v Usk Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp491
06 May 2006  #Cardiff v Sudbrook Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp492
06 May 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Pentyrch The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp493
06 May 2006  #Panteg v Chepstow Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp494
06 May 2006  #Penarth v Newport Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp495
06 May 2006  #St Fagans v Tondu Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp496
13 May 2006  Chepstow v Penarth Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp497
13 May 2006  #Newport v Abergavenny Spytty Park, Newport swalp498
13 May 2006  #St Fagans v Cardiff Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp499
13 May 2006  #Sudbrook v Panteg Deepweir, Caldicot swalp500
13 May 2006  #Tondu v Pentyrch Bryn Road, Tondu swalp501
13 May 2006  #Usk v Croesyceiliog Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp502
20 May 2006  Abergavenny v Chepstow Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp502a
20 May 2006  Cardiff v Tondu Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp502b
20 May 2006  Croesyceiliog v Newport The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp502c
20 May 2006  Panteg v St Fagans Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp502d
20 May 2006  Penarth v Sudbrook Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp502e
20 May 2006  Pentyrch v Usk Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp502f
27 May 2006  #Cardiff v Panteg Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp503
27 May 2006  #Chepstow v Croesyceiliog Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp504
27 May 2006  #Newport v Pentyrch Spytty Park, Newport swalp505
27 May 2006  St Fagans v Penarth Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp505a
27 May 2006  Sudbrook v Abergavenny Deepweir, Caldicot swalp505b
27 May 2006  Tondu v Usk Bryn Road, Tondu swalp505c
03 Jun 2006  Abergavenny v St Fagans Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp506
03 Jun 2006  #Cardiff v Penarth Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp507
03 Jun 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Sudbrook The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp508
03 Jun 2006  #Panteg v Tondu Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp509
03 Jun 2006  #Pentyrch v Chepstow Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp510
03 Jun 2006  #Usk v Newport Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp511
10 Jun 2006  #Cardiff v Abergavenny Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp512
10 Jun 2006  Chepstow v Usk Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp513
10 Jun 2006  #Panteg v Penarth Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp514
10 Jun 2006  #St Fagans v Croesyceiliog Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp515
10 Jun 2006  #Sudbrook v Pentyrch Deepweir, Caldicot swalp516
10 Jun 2006  #Tondu v Newport Bryn Road, Tondu swalp517
17 Jun 2006  #Abergavenny v Panteg Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp518
17 Jun 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Cardiff The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp519
17 Jun 2006  #Newport v Chepstow Spytty Park, Newport swalp520
17 Jun 2006  #Penarth v Tondu Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp521
17 Jun 2006  #Pentyrch v St Fagans Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp522
17 Jun 2006  #Usk v Sudbrook Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp523
24 Jun 2006  #Cardiff v Pentyrch Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp524
24 Jun 2006  #Newport v Sudbrook Spytty Park, Newport swalp525
24 Jun 2006  #Panteg v Croesyceiliog Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp526
24 Jun 2006  Penarth v Abergavenny Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp527
24 Jun 2006  #St Fagans v Usk Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp528
24 Jun 2006  Tondu v Chepstow Bryn Road, Tondu swalp529
01 Jul 2006  Abergavenny v Tondu Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp530
01 Jul 2006  Chepstow v Sudbrook Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp531
01 Jul 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Penarth The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp532
01 Jul 2006  #Newport v St Fagans Spytty Park, Newport swalp533
01 Jul 2006  #Pentyrch v Panteg Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp534
01 Jul 2006  #Usk v Cardiff Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp535
08 Jul 2006  #Chepstow v Panteg Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp536
08 Jul 2006  #Newport v Penarth Spytty Park, Newport swalp537
08 Jul 2006  #Pentyrch v Croesyceiliog Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp538
08 Jul 2006  #Sudbrook v Cardiff Deepweir, Caldicot swalp539
08 Jul 2006  #Tondu v St Fagans Bryn Road, Tondu swalp540
08 Jul 2006  Usk v Abergavenny Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp541
15 Jul 2006  #Abergavenny v Newport Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp542
15 Jul 2006  #Cardiff v St Fagans Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp543
15 Jul 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Usk The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp544
15 Jul 2006  #Panteg v Sudbrook Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp545
15 Jul 2006  Penarth v Chepstow Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp546
15 Jul 2006  #Pentyrch v Tondu Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp547
22 Jul 2006  #Chepstow v Abergavenny Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp548
22 Jul 2006  #Newport v Croesyceiliog Spytty Park, Newport swalp549
22 Jul 2006  #St Fagans v Panteg Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp550
22 Jul 2006  #Sudbrook v Penarth Deepweir, Caldicot swalp551
22 Jul 2006  #Tondu v Cardiff Bryn Road, Tondu swalp552
22 Jul 2006  #Usk v Pentyrch Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp553
29 Jul 2006  Abergavenny v Sudbrook Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp554
29 Jul 2006  Croesyceiliog v Chepstow The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp555
29 Jul 2006  Panteg v Cardiff Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp555a
29 Jul 2006  Penarth v St Fagans Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp555b
29 Jul 2006  Pentyrch v Newport Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp555c
29 Jul 2006  Usk v Tondu Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp555d
05 Aug 2006  Chepstow v Pentyrch Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp556
05 Aug 2006  #Newport v Usk Spytty Park, Newport swalp557
05 Aug 2006  Penarth v Cardiff Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp557a
05 Aug 2006  #St Fagans v Abergavenny Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp558
05 Aug 2006  #Sudbrook v Croesyceiliog Deepweir, Caldicot swalp559
05 Aug 2006  #Tondu v Panteg Bryn Road, Tondu swalp560
12 Aug 2006  #Abergavenny v Cardiff Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp561
12 Aug 2006  #Croesyceiliog v St Fagans The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp562
12 Aug 2006  #Newport v Tondu Spytty Park, Newport swalp563
12 Aug 2006  #Penarth v Panteg Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp564
12 Aug 2006  #Pentyrch v Sudbrook Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp565
12 Aug 2006  Usk v Chepstow Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp566
19 Aug 2006  #Cardiff v Croesyceiliog Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp567
19 Aug 2006  Chepstow v Newport Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp567a
19 Aug 2006  #Panteg v Abergavenny Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp568
19 Aug 2006  #St Fagans v Pentyrch Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp569
19 Aug 2006  #Sudbrook v Usk Deepweir, Caldicot swalp570
19 Aug 2006  Tondu v Penarth Bryn Road, Tondu swalp570a
26 Aug 2006  Abergavenny v Penarth Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp571
26 Aug 2006  Chepstow v Tondu Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp572
26 Aug 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Panteg The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp573
26 Aug 2006  #Pentyrch v Cardiff Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp574
26 Aug 2006  #Sudbrook v Newport Deepweir, Caldicot swalp575
26 Aug 2006  #Usk v St Fagans Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp576
28 Aug 2006  Abergavenny v Pentyrch Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny swalp577
28 Aug 2006  #Cardiff v Chepstow Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp578
28 Aug 2006  #Croesyceiliog v Tondu The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp579
28 Aug 2006  #Panteg v Newport Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp580
28 Aug 2006  #Penarth v Usk Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp581
28 Aug 2006  #St Fagans v Sudbrook Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp582
02 Sep 2006  Chepstow v St Fagans Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp582a
02 Sep 2006  Croesyceiliog v Abergavenny The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp582b
02 Sep 2006  Newport v Cardiff Spytty Park, Newport swalp582c
02 Sep 2006  Pentyrch v Penarth Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp582d
02 Sep 2006  Sudbrook v Tondu Deepweir, Caldicot swalp582e
02 Sep 2006  Usk v Panteg Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp582f
09 Sep 2006  #Cardiff v Usk Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp583
09 Sep 2006  #Panteg v Pentyrch Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp584
09 Sep 2006  #Penarth v Croesyceiliog Recreation Ground, Penarth swalp585
09 Sep 2006  #St Fagans v Newport Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp586
09 Sep 2006  Sudbrook v Chepstow Deepweir, Caldicot swalp587
09 Sep 2006  Tondu v Abergavenny Bryn Road, Tondu swalp588

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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