The Cricketer Cup 1992

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31 May 1992 First RoundBradfield Waifs v Uppingham Rovers Bradfield College, Reading misc107577
31 May 1992 First RoundDownside Wanderers v Sherborne Pilgrims Downside School, Stratton-on-the-Fosse misc104414
31 May 1992 First RoundEton Ramblers v Charterhouse Friars Upper Club, Eton College misc107575
31 May 1992 First RoundHaileybury Hermits v Old Cheltonians Haileybury College Ground, Hertford misc107572
31 May 1992 First RoundHarrow Wanderers v Old Cholmeleians Harrow School Cricket Ground, Harrow-on-the-Hill misc
31 May 1992 First RoundLancing Rovers v Old Cliftonians Lancing College Ground, Lancing misc107570
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Alleynians v Oundle Rovers Dulwich College Ground, Dulwich misc107581
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Brightonians v Rugby Meteors Brighton College Ground, Brighton misc107574
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Malvernians v Old Wellingtonians Malvern College Ground, Malvern misc107567
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Westminsters v Old Blundellians Vincent Square, Westminster misc107568
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Whitgiftians v Radley Rangers Whitgift School, Croydon misc107576
31 May 1992 First RoundOld Wykehamists v Marlborough Blues Ridding Field, Winchester misc107569
31 May 1992 First RoundRepton Pilgrims v Old Merchant Taylors Repton School Ground, Repton misc107573
31 May 1992 First RoundShrewsbury Saracens v Felsted Robins Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury misc107580
31 May 1992 First RoundSt Edward's Martyrs v Old Amplefordians St Edward's School Ground, Oxford misc107578
31 May 1992 First RoundStowe Templars v Old Tonbridgians Stowe School Ground, Stowe misc107579
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundHaileybury Hermits v Repton Pilgrims Haileybury College Ground, Hertford misc107584
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundMarlborough Blues v Sherborne Pilgrims Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough misc104415
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundOld Amplefordians v Stowe Templars Ampleforth College, Ampleforth misc107587
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundOld Brightonians v Eton Ramblers Brighton College Ground, Brighton misc107585
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundOld Cliftonians v Harrow Wanderers Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton misc107583
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundOld Wellingtonians v Old Blundellians Wellington College, Crowthorne misc107582
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundRadley Rangers v Uppingham Rovers Radley College Bigside Ground, Abingdon misc107586
21 Jun 1992 Second RoundShrewsbury Saracens v Old Alleynians Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury misc107588
05 Jul 1992 Quarter-FinalEton Ramblers v Uppingham Rovers Upper Club, Eton College misc107591
05 Jul 1992 Quarter-FinalOld Cliftonians v Repton Pilgrims Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton misc107590
05 Jul 1992 Quarter-FinalOld Wellingtonians v Marlborough Blues Wellington College, Crowthorne misc
05 Jul 1992 Quarter-FinalStowe Templars v Shrewsbury Saracens Stowe School Ground, Stowe misc107592
12 Jul 1992 Quarter-Final (replay)Marlborough Blues v Old Wellingtonians Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough misc107593
19 Jul 1992 Semi-FinalEton Ramblers v Shrewsbury Saracens Upper Club, Eton College misc107595
19 Jul 1992 Semi-FinalMarlborough Blues v Repton Pilgrims Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough misc107594
09 Aug 1992 FinalEton Ramblers v Repton Pilgrims Vincent Square, Westminster misc107596





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