Lloyds TSB Scotland National Cricket League Premier Division 2009

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

25 Apr 2009  Uddingston v Scotland Under-19s Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2612
26 Apr 2009  Ayr v Scotland Under-19s Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2613
02 May 2009  Aberdeenshire v Clydesdale Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2614
02 May 2009  Ayr v Heriot's Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2615
02 May 2009  Grange v Uddingston Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2622
02 May 2009  Greenock v Carlton Glenpark, Greenock csl2622a
02 May 2009  West of Scotland v Watsonians Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2626
03 May 2009  Heriot's v Scotland Under-19s Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2627
09 May 2009  Aberdeenshire v West of Scotland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2628
09 May 2009  Carlton v Ayr Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2628b
09 May 2009  Clydesdale v Watsonians Titwood, Glasgow csl2628c
09 May 2009  Grange v Heriot's Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2629a
09 May 2009  Uddingston v Greenock Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2631a
10 May 2009  Grange v Scotland Under-19s Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2632
16 May 2009  Ayr v Aberdeenshire Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2634
16 May 2009  Carlton v Watsonians Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2635
16 May 2009  Greenock v Grange Glenpark, Greenock csl2643
16 May 2009  Heriot's v Uddingston Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2644
16 May 2009  West of Scotland v Clydesdale Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2646
17 May 2009  Carlton v Scotland Under-19s Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2647
23 May 2009  Aberdeenshire v Greenock Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2648
23 May 2009  Ayr v West of Scotland Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2649
23 May 2009  Clydesdale v Heriot's Titwood, Glasgow csl2650
23 May 2009  Grange v Carlton Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2653
23 May 2009  Uddingston v Watsonians Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2661
24 May 2009  Aberdeenshire v Scotland Under-19s Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2663
30 May 2009  Carlton v Aberdeenshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2665
30 May 2009  Greenock v Ayr Glenpark, Greenock csl2670
30 May 2009  Heriot's v West of Scotland Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2671
30 May 2009  Uddingston v Clydesdale Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2676
30 May 2009  Watsonians v Grange Myreside, Edinburgh csl2677
31 May 2009  Watsonians v Scotland Under-19s Myreside, Edinburgh csl2679
06 Jun 2009  Ayr v Clydesdale Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2680
06 Jun 2009  Grange v Aberdeenshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2686
06 Jun 2009  Uddingston v Carlton Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2690
06 Jun 2009  Watsonians v Heriot's Myreside, Edinburgh csl2691
06 Jun 2009  West of Scotland v Greenock Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2694
07 Jun 2009  Greenock v Scotland Under-19s Glenpark, Greenock csl2695
13 Jun 2009  Aberdeenshire v Heriot's Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2696
13 Jun 2009  Carlton v Clydesdale Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2697
13 Jun 2009  Grange v West of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2701
13 Jun 2009  Greenock v Watsonians Glenpark, Greenock csl2702
13 Jun 2009  Uddingston v Ayr Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2710
14 Jun 2009  Clydesdale v Scotland Under-19s Titwood, Glasgow csl2711
20 Jun 2009  Aberdeenshire v Watsonians Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2712
20 Jun 2009  Ayr v Grange Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2714
20 Jun 2009  Clydesdale v Greenock Titwood, Glasgow csl2715
20 Jun 2009  Heriot's v Carlton Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2721
20 Jun 2009  West of Scotland v Uddingston Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2726
27 Jun 2009  Carlton v West of Scotland Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2727
27 Jun 2009  Grange v Clydesdale Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2730a
27 Jun 2009  Heriot's v Greenock Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2731
27 Jun 2009  Uddingston v Aberdeenshire Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2736
27 Jun 2009  Watsonians v Ayr Myreside, Edinburgh csl2737
04 Jul 2009  Carlton v Greenock Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2740
04 Jul 2009  Clydesdale v Aberdeenshire Titwood, Glasgow csl2741
04 Jul 2009  Heriot's v Ayr Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2744
04 Jul 2009  Uddingston v Grange Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2751
04 Jul 2009  Watsonians v West of Scotland Myreside, Edinburgh csl2752
05 Jul 2009  West of Scotland v Scotland Under-19s Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2754
11 Jul 2009  Ayr v Carlton Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2755
11 Jul 2009  Greenock v Uddingston Glenpark, Greenock csl2763
11 Jul 2009  Heriot's v Grange Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2764
11 Jul 2009  Watsonians v Clydesdale Myreside, Edinburgh csl2766
11 Jul 2009  West of Scotland v Aberdeenshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2769
18 Jul 2009  Aberdeenshire v Ayr Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2769a
18 Jul 2009  Clydesdale v West of Scotland Titwood, Glasgow csl2770
18 Jul 2009  Grange v Greenock Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2772
18 Jul 2009  Uddingston v Heriot's Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2778
18 Jul 2009  Watsonians v Carlton Myreside, Edinburgh csl2778a
25 Jul 2009  Carlton v Grange Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2780
25 Jul 2009  Greenock v Aberdeenshire Glenpark, Greenock csl2787
25 Jul 2009  Heriot's v Clydesdale Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2788
25 Jul 2009  Watsonians v Uddingston Myreside, Edinburgh csl2791
25 Jul 2009  West of Scotland v Ayr Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2793
01 Aug 2009  Aberdeenshire v Carlton Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2793a
01 Aug 2009  Ayr v Greenock Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2794
01 Aug 2009  Clydesdale v Uddingston Titwood, Glasgow csl2795
01 Aug 2009  Grange v Watsonians Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2798
01 Aug 2009  West of Scotland v Heriot's Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2805
08 Aug 2009  Aberdeenshire v Grange Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2806
08 Aug 2009  Carlton v Uddingston Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2808
08 Aug 2009  Clydesdale v Ayr Titwood, Glasgow csl2809
08 Aug 2009  Greenock v West of Scotland Glenpark, Greenock csl2813
08 Aug 2009  Heriot's v Watsonians Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2814
15 Aug 2009  Ayr v Uddingston Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2821a
15 Aug 2009  Clydesdale v Carlton Titwood, Glasgow csl2821b
15 Aug 2009  Heriot's v Aberdeenshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl2821h
15 Aug 2009  Watsonians v Greenock Myreside, Edinburgh csl2822a
15 Aug 2009  West of Scotland v Grange Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2822d
22 Aug 2009  Carlton v Heriot's Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2823
22 Aug 2009  Grange v Ayr Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2827
22 Aug 2009  Greenock v Clydesdale Glenpark, Greenock csl2828
22 Aug 2009  Uddingston v West of Scotland Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2832
22 Aug 2009  Watsonians v Aberdeenshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl2833
29 Aug 2009  Aberdeenshire v Uddingston Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2834
29 Aug 2009  Ayr v Watsonians Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl2836
29 Aug 2009  Clydesdale v Grange Titwood, Glasgow csl2837
29 Aug 2009  Greenock v Heriot's Glenpark, Greenock csl2841a
29 Aug 2009  West of Scotland v Carlton Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2845





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