Cheshire County Cricket League Division Two 2007

 Points Table

21 Apr 2007  Burnage v Mobberley Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143304
21 Apr 2007  Grappenhall v Sale Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143302
21 Apr 2007  Hale Barns v Congleton Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143303
21 Apr 2007  Irby v Middlewich Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143301
21 Apr 2007  Tattenhall v Warrington Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143300
21 Apr 2007  Winnington Park v Cheadle Hulme Winnington Park, Northwich misc143299
28 Apr 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Hale Barns Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143293
28 Apr 2007  Congleton v Grappenhall Booth Street, Congleton misc143294
28 Apr 2007  Middlewich v Mobberley Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143295
28 Apr 2007  Sale v Irby Rookwood, Sale misc143296
28 Apr 2007  Tattenhall v Winnington Park Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143297
28 Apr 2007  #Warrington v Burnage Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143298
05 May 2007  #Burnage v Winnington Park Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143292
05 May 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Tattenhall Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143291
05 May 2007  #Grappenhall v Hale Barns Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143289
05 May 2007  Irby v Congleton Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143290
05 May 2007  Middlewich v Warrington Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143288
05 May 2007  Mobberley v Sale Church Lane, Mobberley misc143287
12 May 2007  Congleton v Middlewich Booth Street, Congleton misc143281
12 May 2007  #Hale Barns v Burnage Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143282
12 May 2007  Sale v Cheadle Hulme Rookwood, Sale misc143283
12 May 2007  Tattenhall v Grappenhall Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143284
12 May 2007  Warrington v Mobberley Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143285
12 May 2007  #Winnington Park v Irby Winnington Park, Northwich misc143286
19 May 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Warrington Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143280
19 May 2007  Congleton v Sale Booth Street, Congleton misc143279
19 May 2007  #Grappenhall v Burnage Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143278
19 May 2007  Hale Barns v Middlewich Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143276
19 May 2007  Irby v Tattenhall Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143277
19 May 2007  Mobberley v Winnington Park Church Lane, Mobberley misc143275
26 May 2007  Burnage v Cheadle Hulme Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143269
26 May 2007  #Grappenhall v Irby Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143270
26 May 2007  Hale Barns v Mobberley Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143271
26 May 2007  Middlewich v Tattenhall Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143272
26 May 2007  Warrington v Congleton Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143273
26 May 2007  Winnington Park v Sale Winnington Park, Northwich misc143274
02 Jun 2007  Congleton v Burnage Booth Street, Congleton misc143268
02 Jun 2007  Mobberley v Cheadle Hulme Church Lane, Mobberley misc143267
02 Jun 2007  Sale v Middlewich Rookwood, Sale misc143266
02 Jun 2007  Tattenhall v Hale Barns Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143265
02 Jun 2007  #Warrington v Irby Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143263
02 Jun 2007  #Winnington Park v Grappenhall Winnington Park, Northwich misc143264
09 Jun 2007  #Burnage v Tattenhall Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143258
09 Jun 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Grappenhall Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143259
09 Jun 2007  #Irby v Hale Barns Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143257
09 Jun 2007  Middlewich v Winnington Park Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143260
09 Jun 2007  Mobberley v Congleton Church Lane, Mobberley misc143261
09 Jun 2007  Sale v Warrington Rookwood, Sale misc143262
16 Jun 2007  Congleton v Winnington Park Booth Street, Congleton misc143253
16 Jun 2007  Grappenhall v Mobberley Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143254
16 Jun 2007  Irby v Cheadle Hulme Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143256a
16 Jun 2007  Middlewich v Burnage Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143255a
16 Jun 2007  Tattenhall v Sale Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143252
16 Jun 2007  #Warrington v Hale Barns Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143251
23 Jun 2007  #Burnage v Irby Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143248
23 Jun 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Congleton Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143247
23 Jun 2007  Grappenhall v Middlewich Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143245
23 Jun 2007  Hale Barns v Sale Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143246
23 Jun 2007  Tattenhall v Mobberley Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143249
23 Jun 2007  #Winnington Park v Warrington Winnington Park, Northwich misc143250
30 Jun 2007  Congleton v Tattenhall Booth Street, Congleton misc143244a
30 Jun 2007  Middlewich v Cheadle Hulme Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143242a
30 Jun 2007  Mobberley v Irby Church Lane, Mobberley misc143241a
30 Jun 2007  Sale v Burnage Rookwood, Sale misc143243a
30 Jun 2007  Warrington v Grappenhall Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143240a
30 Jun 2007  Winnington Park v Hale Barns Winnington Park, Northwich misc143239a
07 Jul 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Winnington Park Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143234a
07 Jul 2007  Congleton v Hale Barns Booth Street, Congleton misc143233
07 Jul 2007  Middlewich v Irby Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143235
07 Jul 2007  Mobberley v Burnage Church Lane, Mobberley misc143237
07 Jul 2007  Sale v Grappenhall Rookwood, Sale misc143236
07 Jul 2007  Warrington v Tattenhall Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143238
14 Jul 2007  Burnage v Warrington Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143231a
14 Jul 2007  Grappenhall v Congleton Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143229
14 Jul 2007  Hale Barns v Cheadle Hulme Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143228a
14 Jul 2007  Irby v Sale Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143230
14 Jul 2007  Mobberley v Middlewich Church Lane, Mobberley misc143227
14 Jul 2007  Winnington Park v Tattenhall Winnington Park, Northwich misc143232
21 Jul 2007  Congleton v Irby Booth Street, Congleton misc143221
21 Jul 2007  Hale Barns v Grappenhall Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143222a
21 Jul 2007  #Sale v Mobberley Rookwood, Sale misc143224
21 Jul 2007  Tattenhall v Cheadle Hulme Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143223a
21 Jul 2007  Warrington v Middlewich Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143225a
21 Jul 2007  #Winnington Park v Burnage Winnington Park, Northwich misc143226
28 Jul 2007  #Burnage v Hale Barns Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143219
28 Jul 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Sale Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143220
28 Jul 2007  Grappenhall v Tattenhall Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143218
28 Jul 2007  #Irby v Winnington Park Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143217
28 Jul 2007  Middlewich v Congleton Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143216
28 Jul 2007  Mobberley v Warrington Church Lane, Mobberley misc143215
04 Aug 2007  #Burnage v Grappenhall Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143209
04 Aug 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Warrington Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143214
04 Aug 2007  Middlewich v Hale Barns Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143210
04 Aug 2007  Sale v Congleton Rookwood, Sale misc143212
04 Aug 2007  Tattenhall v Irby Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143211
04 Aug 2007  Winnington Park v Mobberley Winnington Park, Northwich misc143213
11 Aug 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Burnage Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143207
11 Aug 2007  Congleton v Warrington Booth Street, Congleton misc143208
11 Aug 2007  #Irby v Grappenhall Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143206
11 Aug 2007  Mobberley v Hale Barns Church Lane, Mobberley misc143203
11 Aug 2007  Sale v Winnington Park Rookwood, Sale misc143204
11 Aug 2007  Tattenhall v Middlewich Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143205
18 Aug 2007  Burnage v Congleton Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143198
18 Aug 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Mobberley Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143197
18 Aug 2007  Grappenhall v Winnington Park Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143199a
18 Aug 2007  Hale Barns v Tattenhall Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143200a
18 Aug 2007  Irby v Warrington Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143201a
18 Aug 2007  Middlewich v Sale Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143202a
25 Aug 2007  Congleton v Mobberley Booth Street, Congleton misc143196
25 Aug 2007  Grappenhall v Cheadle Hulme Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143194
25 Aug 2007  #Hale Barns v Irby Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143195
25 Aug 2007  Tattenhall v Burnage Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143191
25 Aug 2007  Warrington v Sale Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143192
25 Aug 2007  Winnington Park v Middlewich Winnington Park, Northwich misc143193
01 Sep 2007  Burnage v Middlewich Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143185
01 Sep 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Irby Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143186
01 Sep 2007  #Hale Barns v Warrington Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143187
01 Sep 2007  Mobberley v Grappenhall Church Lane, Mobberley misc143189
01 Sep 2007  Sale v Tattenhall Rookwood, Sale misc143190
01 Sep 2007  Winnington Park v Congleton Winnington Park, Northwich misc143188
08 Sep 2007  Congleton v Cheadle Hulme Booth Street, Congleton misc143184
08 Sep 2007  #Irby v Burnage Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143183
08 Sep 2007  Middlewich v Grappenhall Haddon Field, Middlewich misc143182
08 Sep 2007  Mobberley v Tattenhall Church Lane, Mobberley misc143180
08 Sep 2007  Sale v Hale Barns Rookwood, Sale misc143179
08 Sep 2007  #Warrington v Winnington Park Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc143181
15 Sep 2007  Burnage v Sale Mauldeth Road, Burnage misc143173
15 Sep 2007  Cheadle Hulme v Middlewich Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme misc143174
15 Sep 2007  #Grappenhall v Warrington Broad Lane, Grappenhall misc143175
15 Sep 2007  #Hale Barns v Winnington Park Brooks Drive, Hale Barns misc143176
15 Sep 2007  Irby v Mobberley Mill Hill Road, Irby misc143177
15 Sep 2007  Tattenhall v Congleton Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc143178

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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