Liverpool and District Cricket Competition 1933

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

15 Apr 1933  Oxton v Sefton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213163
15 Apr 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Formby Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213164
17 Apr 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Sefton Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213165
22 Apr 1933  Bootle v Southport and Birkdale Wadham Road, Bootle misc213166
22 Apr 1933  Formby v Oxton Cricket Path, Formby misc213167
22 Apr 1933  Hightown v Sefton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213168
22 Apr 1933  Huyton v Wallasey Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213169
22 Apr 1933  Neston v Ormskirk Parkgate, Neston misc213170
29 Apr 1933  Birkenhead Park v Huyton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213171
29 Apr 1933  Formby v Bootle Cricket Path, Formby misc213172
29 Apr 1933  Liverpool v Boughton Hall Aigburth, Liverpool misc213173
29 Apr 1933  Northern v Hightown Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213174
29 Apr 1933  Ormskirk v New Brighton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213175
29 Apr 1933  Sefton v Southport and Birkdale Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213176
29 Apr 1933  Wallasey v Oxton The Oval, Wallasey misc213177
06 May 1933  Formby v Ormskirk Cricket Path, Formby misc213178a
06 May 1933  Hightown v Neston Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213179
06 May 1933  Liverpool v Sefton Aigburth, Liverpool misc213180
06 May 1933  New Brighton v Southport and Birkdale Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213181a
06 May 1933  Northern v Huyton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213182
06 May 1933  Oxton v Bootle Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213183
06 May 1933  Wallasey v Birkenhead Park The Oval, Wallasey misc213184
10 May 1933  New Brighton v Neston Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213185
13 May 1933  Hightown v Formby Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213186
13 May 1933  Huyton v Boughton Hall Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213187
13 May 1933  Liverpool v Northern Aigburth, Liverpool misc213188
13 May 1933  Neston v Sefton Parkgate, Neston misc213189
13 May 1933  New Brighton v Wallasey Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213190
13 May 1933  Ormskirk v Bootle Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213191
13 May 1933  Oxton v Birkenhead Park Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213192
20 May 1933  Birkenhead Park v Formby Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213193
20 May 1933  Boughton Hall v Northern Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213194
20 May 1933  Ormskirk v Neston Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213195
20 May 1933  Oxton v Hightown Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213196
20 May 1933  Sefton v New Brighton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213197
20 May 1933  Wallasey v Liverpool The Oval, Wallasey misc213198
27 May 1933  Bootle v Oxton Wadham Road, Bootle misc213199a
27 May 1933  Formby v Hightown Cricket Path, Formby misc213200
27 May 1933  Neston v Huyton Parkgate, Neston misc213201
27 May 1933  New Brighton v Liverpool Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213202a
27 May 1933  Sefton v Birkenhead Park Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213203
27 May 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Ormskirk Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213204
27 May 1933  Wallasey v Boughton Hall The Oval, Wallasey misc213205a
31 May 1933  Boughton Hall v Oxton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213206
31 May 1933  New Brighton v Bootle Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213208
31 May 1933  Ormskirk v Sefton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213207
03 Jun 1933  Bootle v Hightown Wadham Road, Bootle misc213209
03 Jun 1933  Boughton Hall v Wallasey Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213210
03 Jun 1933  Huyton v Liverpool Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213211
03 Jun 1933  New Brighton v Oxton Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213212
03 Jun 1933  Northern v Birkenhead Park Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213213
03 Jun 1933  Ormskirk v Formby Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213214
03 Jun 1933  Sefton v Neston Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213215
05 Jun 1933  Bootle v Birkenhead Park Wadham Road, Bootle misc213216
05 Jun 1933  Hightown v Southport and Birkdale Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213217
05 Jun 1933  Huyton v Formby Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213218
05 Jun 1933  Neston v Liverpool Parkgate, Neston misc213219
05 Jun 1933  Ormskirk v Northern Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213221
05 Jun 1933  Oxton v New Brighton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213220
05 Jun 1933  Wallasey v Sefton The Oval, Wallasey misc213222
10 Jun 1933  Bootle v Neston Wadham Road, Bootle misc213223
10 Jun 1933  Hightown v Birkenhead Park Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213224
10 Jun 1933  Liverpool v Ormskirk Aigburth, Liverpool misc213225
10 Jun 1933  Northern v New Brighton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213226
10 Jun 1933  Oxton v Formby Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213227
10 Jun 1933  Sefton v Wallasey Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213228
10 Jun 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Huyton Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213229
12 Jun 1933  Birkenhead Park v Neston Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213230
17 Jun 1933  Birkenhead Park v Liverpool Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213231
17 Jun 1933  Hightown v Oxton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213232
17 Jun 1933  Huyton v Ormskirk Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213233
17 Jun 1933  Neston v Boughton Hall Parkgate, Neston misc213234
17 Jun 1933  New Brighton v Sefton Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213235
17 Jun 1933  Northern v Formby Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213236
17 Jun 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Bootle Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213237
19 Jun 1933  Birkenhead Park v Sefton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213239
19 Jun 1933  Hightown v New Brighton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213238
21 Jun 1933  Hightown v Huyton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213241
24 Jun 1933  Bootle v Sefton Wadham Road, Bootle misc213242
24 Jun 1933  Boughton Hall v Huyton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213243
24 Jun 1933  Formby v Birkenhead Park Cricket Path, Formby misc213244
24 Jun 1933  Liverpool v Neston Aigburth, Liverpool misc213245
24 Jun 1933  New Brighton v Northern Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213246
24 Jun 1933  Ormskirk v Oxton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213247
24 Jun 1933  Wallasey v Hightown The Oval, Wallasey misc213248
26 Jun 1933  Bootle v Ormskirk Wadham Road, Bootle misc213240
01 Jul 1933  Birkenhead Park v New Brighton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213249
01 Jul 1933  Bootle v Liverpool Wadham Road, Bootle misc213250
01 Jul 1933  Formby v Southport and Birkdale Cricket Path, Formby misc213251
01 Jul 1933  Huyton v Northern Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213252
01 Jul 1933  Neston v Oxton Parkgate, Neston misc213253
01 Jul 1933  Ormskirk v Wallasey Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213254
01 Jul 1933  Sefton v Hightown Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213255
05 Jul 1933  Sefton v Ormskirk Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213256
06 Jul 1933  Liverpool v Wallasey Aigburth, Liverpool misc335929
08 Jul 1933  Birkenhead Park v Ormskirk Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213257
08 Jul 1933  Bootle v New Brighton Wadham Road, Bootle misc213258
08 Jul 1933  Formby v Sefton Cricket Path, Formby misc213259
08 Jul 1933  Hightown v Liverpool Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213260
08 Jul 1933  Northern v Boughton Hall Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213261
08 Jul 1933  Oxton v Huyton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213262
08 Jul 1933  Wallasey v Southport and Birkdale The Oval, Wallasey misc213263
11 Jul 1933  Wallasey v New Brighton The Oval, Wallasey misc213264
15 Jul 1933  Boughton Hall v Birkenhead Park Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213265
15 Jul 1933  Hightown v Bootle Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213266
15 Jul 1933  Huyton v Sefton Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213267
15 Jul 1933  Neston v Wallasey Parkgate, Neston misc213268a
15 Jul 1933  New Brighton v Formby Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213269
15 Jul 1933  Ormskirk v Liverpool Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213270
15 Jul 1933  #Oxton v Northern Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213271
17 Jul 1933  Birkenhead Park v Wallasey Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213272
22 Jul 1933  Boughton Hall v Neston Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213273
22 Jul 1933  Formby v Northern Cricket Path, Formby misc213274
22 Jul 1933  Hightown v Wallasey Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213275
22 Jul 1933  Liverpool v Bootle Aigburth, Liverpool misc213276
22 Jul 1933  New Brighton v Birkenhead Park Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213277
22 Jul 1933  Ormskirk v Huyton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213278
22 Jul 1933  Sefton v Oxton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213279
24 Jul 1933  Birkenhead Park v Hightown Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213280
25 Jul 1933  Wallasey v Bootle The Oval, Wallasey misc213281
29 Jul 1933  Bootle v Formby Wadham Road, Bootle misc213283
29 Jul 1933  Boughton Hall v Hightown Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213282
29 Jul 1933  Huyton v Birkenhead Park Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213284
29 Jul 1933  Liverpool v Oxton Aigburth, Liverpool misc213285
29 Jul 1933  Neston v New Brighton Parkgate, Neston misc213286
29 Jul 1933  Northern v Sefton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213287
29 Jul 1933  Wallasey v Ormskirk The Oval, Wallasey misc213288
05 Aug 1933  Formby v Huyton Cricket Path, Formby misc213289
05 Aug 1933  Neston v Birkenhead Park Parkgate, Neston misc213290
05 Aug 1933  New Brighton v Ormskirk Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213291
05 Aug 1933  Northern v Liverpool Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213292
05 Aug 1933  Oxton v Boughton Hall Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213293
05 Aug 1933  Sefton v Bootle Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213294
05 Aug 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Hightown Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213295
07 Aug 1933  Birkenhead Park v Oxton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213296
07 Aug 1933  Bootle v Wallasey Wadham Road, Bootle misc213297
07 Aug 1933  Liverpool v Huyton Aigburth, Liverpool misc213298
07 Aug 1933  Neston v Hightown Parkgate, Neston misc213300
07 Aug 1933  New Brighton v Boughton Hall Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213299
07 Aug 1933  Northern v Ormskirk Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213301
07 Aug 1933  Sefton v Formby Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213302
09 Aug 1933  Northern v Neston Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213303
12 Aug 1933  Birkenhead Park v Bootle Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213304
12 Aug 1933  Boughton Hall v Sefton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213305
12 Aug 1933  Formby v Liverpool Cricket Path, Formby misc213306
12 Aug 1933  Hightown v Northern Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213307
12 Aug 1933  Huyton v New Brighton Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213308
12 Aug 1933  Ormskirk v Southport and Birkdale Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213309
12 Aug 1933  Oxton v Neston Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213310
19 Aug 1933  Hightown v Boughton Hall Sandy Lane, Hightown misc213311
19 Aug 1933  Liverpool v Birkenhead Park Aigburth, Liverpool misc213312
19 Aug 1933  Neston v Formby Parkgate, Neston misc213313
19 Aug 1933  New Brighton v Huyton Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213314
19 Aug 1933  Northern v Bootle Moor Park, Great Crosby misc213315
19 Aug 1933  Oxton v Ormskirk Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213316
19 Aug 1933  Southport and Birkdale v Wallasey Trafalgar Road, Southport misc213317
26 Aug 1933  Birkenhead Park v Boughton Hall Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213318
26 Aug 1933  Bootle v Northern Wadham Road, Bootle misc213319
26 Aug 1933  Formby v New Brighton Cricket Path, Formby misc213320
26 Aug 1933  Huyton v Neston Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213321
26 Aug 1933  Oxton v Wallasey Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213322
26 Aug 1933  Sefton v Liverpool Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213323
30 Aug 1933  Wallasey v Huyton The Oval, Wallasey misc213324
02 Sep 1933  Formby v Neston Cricket Path, Formby misc213325
02 Sep 1933  Huyton v Southport and Birkdale Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213326
02 Sep 1933  New Brighton v Hightown Rake Lane, Wallasey misc213327
02 Sep 1933  Ormskirk v Birkenhead Park Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc213328
02 Sep 1933  Oxton v Liverpool Townfield Lane, Oxton misc213329
02 Sep 1933  Sefton v Boughton Hall Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213330
02 Sep 1933  Wallasey v Northern The Oval, Wallasey misc213331
09 Sep 1933  Birkenhead Park v Northern Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213332
09 Sep 1933  Boughton Hall v New Brighton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester misc213333
09 Sep 1933  Formby v Wallasey Cricket Path, Formby misc213334
09 Sep 1933  Liverpool v Hightown Aigburth, Liverpool misc213335
09 Sep 1933  Neston v Bootle Parkgate, Neston misc213336
09 Sep 1933  Sefton v Huyton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213337
16 Sep 1933  Birkenhead Park v Southport and Birkdale Park Drive, Birkenhead misc213338
16 Sep 1933  Huyton v Hightown Huyton Lane, Huyton misc213339
16 Sep 1933  Sefton v Northern Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc213340
16 Sep 1933  Wallasey v Neston The Oval, Wallasey misc213341

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