Fielding in Gillette Cup National Secondary Schoolboys Championship 2012/13 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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TC Taylor (CBHS)4718
HJ Hill (PN)47 7
TJ Donnelly (KC)4516
DJ Wakefield (CBHS)45 5
SJ Pulis (StP)44 4
TL Seifert (StP)4134
RTG Kapea (HVHS)4213
SK Klippel (KC)43 3
SS Wilson (PN)43 3
BC Hendry (OBHS)42 2
JS Hunter (OBHS)42 2
DM Myers (HVHS)42 2
AW Noema-Barnett (PN)42 2
JT Oakley (StP)42 2
MM Pike (HVHS)42 2
MH Price Moor (HVHS)42 2
CM Rowe (PN)42 2
JR Thomasen (StP)42 2
HSF Unasa (KC)42 2
BM Weal (StP)42 2
JD Whitley (StP)42 2
S Balajee (HVHS)41 1
RAA Bayly (OBHS)41 1
DJP Bradley (StP)41 1
TJ Braid (CBHS)41 1
AM Burnett (CBHS)41 1
JT Cannan (CBHS)41 1
SC Ellis (OBHS)41 1
MD Frost (OBHS)41 1
JL Gattsche (PN)41 1
CD Gibbons (KC)41 1
TES Griffin (OBHS)41 1
AT Hodgson (OBHS)41 1
SS Johnston (KC)41 1
MD Joubert (StP)41 1
JA Leenards (PN)41 1
HG Miller (CBHS)41 1
MJ Murray (KC)41 1
NA Patel (PN)41 1
JA Pike (HVHS)41 1
JD Renton (OBHS)41 1
AM Richards (CBHS)41 1
BT Richards (StP)41 1
MA Ross (CBHS)41 1
DC Slater (HVHS)41 1
HS Spencer (PN)41 1
DD Stanley (CBHS)41 1
SI Turner (KC)41 1
LC Williamson (KC)41 1





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