Liverpool and District Cricket Competition Division One 2000

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

15 Apr 2000  Bolton v Sefton Park Green Lane, Bolton misc272973
15 Apr 2000  Caldy v Orrell Red Triangle Paton Field, Caldy misc272974
15 Apr 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Liverpool Sea Cop, Southport misc272975
15 Apr 2000  Hightown v Huyton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc272976
15 Apr 2000  Maghull v Worsley Old Hall Field, Maghull misc272977
15 Apr 2000  Newton-le-Willows v St Helens Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc272978
22 Apr 2000  Bolton v Liverpool Green Lane, Bolton misc272979a
22 Apr 2000  Caldy v Worsley Paton Field, Caldy misc272980a
22 Apr 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v St Helens Recreation Sea Cop, Southport misc272981a
22 Apr 2000  Hightown v St Helens Sandy Lane, Hightown misc272982
22 Apr 2000  Maghull v Sefton Park Old Hall Field, Maghull misc272983
22 Apr 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Orrell Red Triangle Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc272984
29 Apr 2000  Huyton v Hightown Huyton Lane, Huyton misc272985a
29 Apr 2000  Liverpool v Fleetwood Hesketh Aigburth, Liverpool misc272986
29 Apr 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Caldy YMCA Ground, Billinge misc272987
29 Apr 2000  Sefton Park v Bolton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc272989a
29 Apr 2000  St Helens v Newton-le-Willows Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc272988
29 Apr 2000  Worsley v Maghull Walkden Road, Worsley misc
01 May 2000  Liverpool v Bolton Aigburth, Liverpool misc272991
01 May 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Newton-le-Willows YMCA Ground, Billinge misc272992
01 May 2000  Sefton Park v Maghull Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc272995
01 May 2000  St Helens v Hightown Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc272993
01 May 2000  St Helens Recreation v Fleetwood Hesketh The Oval, St Helens misc272994
01 May 2000  Worsley v Caldy Walkden Road, Worsley misc272996
06 May 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Maghull Sea Cop, Southport misc272997
06 May 2000  Liverpool v Newton-le-Willows Aigburth, Liverpool misc272998
06 May 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v St Helens YMCA Ground, Billinge misc272999
06 May 2000  Sefton Park v Hightown Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273001
06 May 2000  St Helens Recreation v Caldy The Oval, St Helens misc273000
06 May 2000  Worsley v Huyton Walkden Road, Worsley misc273002
13 May 2000  Bolton v Fleetwood Hesketh Green Lane, Bolton misc273003
13 May 2000  Caldy v Liverpool Paton Field, Caldy misc273004
13 May 2000  Hightown v Worsley Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273005
13 May 2000  Huyton v Orrell Red Triangle Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273006
13 May 2000  Maghull v St Helens Recreation Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273007
13 May 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Sefton Park Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273008
20 May 2000  Liverpool v Maghull Aigburth, Liverpool misc273009
20 May 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Hightown YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273010
20 May 2000  Sefton Park v Caldy Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273013a
20 May 2000  St Helens v Huyton Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273011
20 May 2000  St Helens Recreation v Bolton The Oval, St Helens misc273012
20 May 2000  Worsley v Newton-le-Willows Walkden Road, Worsley misc273014
27 May 2000  Bolton v Worsley Green Lane, Bolton misc273015a
27 May 2000  Caldy v St Helens Paton Field, Caldy misc273016
27 May 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Sefton Park Sea Cop, Southport misc273017
27 May 2000  Maghull v Orrell Red Triangle Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273018
27 May 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Huyton Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273019
27 May 2000  St Helens Recreation v Liverpool The Oval, St Helens misc273020a
29 May 2000  Bolton v St Helens Green Lane, Bolton misc273021
29 May 2000  Caldy v Hightown Paton Field, Caldy misc273022
29 May 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Orrell Red Triangle Sea Cop, Southport misc273023
29 May 2000  Liverpool v Sefton Park Aigburth, Liverpool misc273024
29 May 2000  Maghull v Huyton Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273025
29 May 2000  St Helens Recreation v Worsley The Oval, St Helens misc273026
03 Jun 2000  Hightown v Newton-le-Willows Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273027
03 Jun 2000  Huyton v Caldy Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273028
03 Jun 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Bolton YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273029
03 Jun 2000  Sefton Park v St Helens Recreation Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273031
03 Jun 2000  St Helens v Maghull Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273030a
03 Jun 2000  Worsley v Fleetwood Hesketh Walkden Road, Worsley misc273032a
10 Jun 2000  Hightown v Maghull Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273033
10 Jun 2000  Huyton v Bolton Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273034
10 Jun 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Caldy Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273035
10 Jun 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v St Helens Recreation YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273036
10 Jun 2000  St Helens v Fleetwood Hesketh Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273037
10 Jun 2000  Worsley v Liverpool Walkden Road, Worsley misc273038
17 Jun 2000  Bolton v Hightown Green Lane, Bolton misc273039
17 Jun 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Huyton Sea Cop, Southport misc273040
17 Jun 2000  Liverpool v Orrell Red Triangle Aigburth, Liverpool misc273041
17 Jun 2000  Maghull v Newton-le-Willows Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273042
17 Jun 2000  Sefton Park v Worsley Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273044
17 Jun 2000  St Helens Recreation v St Helens The Oval, St Helens misc273043
24 Jun 2000  Caldy v Maghull Paton Field, Caldy misc273045
24 Jun 2000  Hightown v Fleetwood Hesketh Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273046
24 Jun 2000  Huyton v St Helens Recreation Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273047
24 Jun 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Bolton Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273048
24 Jun 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Sefton Park YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273049
24 Jun 2000  St Helens v Liverpool Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273050
01 Jul 2000  Bolton v Caldy Green Lane, Bolton misc273051
01 Jul 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Newton-le-Willows Sea Cop, Southport misc273052
01 Jul 2000  Liverpool v Huyton Aigburth, Liverpool misc273053
01 Jul 2000  Sefton Park v St Helens Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273055
01 Jul 2000  St Helens Recreation v Hightown The Oval, St Helens misc273054
01 Jul 2000  Worsley v Orrell Red Triangle Walkden Road, Worsley misc273056
08 Jul 2000  Caldy v Fleetwood Hesketh Paton Field, Caldy misc273057
08 Jul 2000  Hightown v Liverpool Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273058
08 Jul 2000  Huyton v Sefton Park Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273059
08 Jul 2000  Maghull v Bolton Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273060
08 Jul 2000  Newton-le-Willows v St Helens Recreation Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273061
08 Jul 2000  St Helens v Worsley Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273062
15 Jul 2000  Caldy v St Helens Recreation Paton Field, Caldy misc273063
15 Jul 2000  Hightown v Sefton Park Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273064
15 Jul 2000  Huyton v Worsley Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273065
15 Jul 2000  Maghull v Fleetwood Hesketh Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273066
15 Jul 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Liverpool Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273067
15 Jul 2000  St Helens v Orrell Red Triangle Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273068
22 Jul 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Bolton Sea Cop, Southport misc273069
22 Jul 2000  Liverpool v Caldy Aigburth, Liverpool misc273070
22 Jul 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Huyton YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273071
22 Jul 2000  Sefton Park v Newton-le-Willows Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273073
22 Jul 2000  St Helens Recreation v Maghull The Oval, St Helens misc273072
22 Jul 2000  Worsley v Hightown Walkden Road, Worsley misc273074
29 Jul 2000  Bolton v St Helens Recreation Green Lane, Bolton misc273075
29 Jul 2000  Caldy v Sefton Park Paton Field, Caldy misc273076
29 Jul 2000  Hightown v Orrell Red Triangle Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273077
29 Jul 2000  Huyton v St Helens Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273078
29 Jul 2000  Maghull v Liverpool Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273079
29 Jul 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Worsley Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273080
05 Aug 2000  Huyton v Newton-le-Willows Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273081
05 Aug 2000  Liverpool v St Helens Recreation Aigburth, Liverpool misc273082
05 Aug 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Maghull YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273083
05 Aug 2000  Sefton Park v Fleetwood Hesketh Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273085
05 Aug 2000  St Helens v Caldy Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273084
05 Aug 2000  Worsley v Bolton Walkden Road, Worsley misc273086
12 Aug 2000  Bolton v Orrell Red Triangle Green Lane, Bolton misc273087
12 Aug 2000  Caldy v Huyton Paton Field, Caldy misc273088
12 Aug 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Worsley Sea Cop, Southport misc273089
12 Aug 2000  Maghull v St Helens Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273090
12 Aug 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Hightown Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273091
12 Aug 2000  St Helens Recreation v Sefton Park The Oval, St Helens misc273092
19 Aug 2000  Hightown v Bolton Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273093
19 Aug 2000  Huyton v Fleetwood Hesketh Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273094
19 Aug 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Maghull Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273095
19 Aug 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Liverpool YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273096
19 Aug 2000  St Helens v St Helens Recreation Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273097
19 Aug 2000  Worsley v Sefton Park Walkden Road, Worsley misc273098
26 Aug 2000  Bolton v Huyton Green Lane, Bolton misc273099
26 Aug 2000  Caldy v Newton-le-Willows Paton Field, Caldy misc273100
26 Aug 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v St Helens Sea Cop, Southport misc273101
26 Aug 2000  Liverpool v Worsley Aigburth, Liverpool misc273102
26 Aug 2000  Maghull v Hightown Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273103
26 Aug 2000  St Helens Recreation v Orrell Red Triangle The Oval, St Helens misc273104
28 Aug 2000  Hightown v Caldy Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273105
28 Aug 2000  Huyton v Maghull Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273106
28 Aug 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Fleetwood Hesketh YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273107
28 Aug 2000  Sefton Park v Liverpool Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273109
28 Aug 2000  St Helens v Bolton Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273108a
28 Aug 2000  Worsley v St Helens Recreation Walkden Road, Worsley misc273110
02 Sep 2000  Bolton v Newton-le-Willows Green Lane, Bolton misc273111
02 Sep 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Hightown Sea Cop, Southport misc273112
02 Sep 2000  Liverpool v St Helens Aigburth, Liverpool misc273113
02 Sep 2000  Maghull v Caldy Old Hall Field, Maghull misc273114
02 Sep 2000  Sefton Park v Orrell Red Triangle Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273116
02 Sep 2000  St Helens Recreation v Huyton The Oval, St Helens misc273115
03 Sep 2000  Orrell Red Triangle v Worsley YMCA Ground, Billinge misc273117
09 Sep 2000  Caldy v Bolton Paton Field, Caldy misc273118
09 Sep 2000  Hightown v St Helens Recreation Sandy Lane, Hightown misc273119
09 Sep 2000  Huyton v Liverpool Huyton Lane, Huyton misc273120
09 Sep 2000  Newton-le-Willows v Fleetwood Hesketh Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc273121
09 Sep 2000  St Helens v Sefton Park Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc273122
16 Sep 2000  Bolton v Maghull Green Lane, Bolton misc273123
16 Sep 2000  Fleetwood Hesketh v Caldy Sea Cop, Southport misc273124
16 Sep 2000  Liverpool v Hightown Aigburth, Liverpool misc273125
16 Sep 2000  Sefton Park v Huyton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc273127
16 Sep 2000  St Helens Recreation v Newton-le-Willows The Oval, St Helens misc273126
16 Sep 2000  Worsley v St Helens Walkden Road, Worsley misc273128





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