Sri Lanka Cricket Inter-Provincial Limited Over Tournament 2012/13 - Four Wickets in an Innings

5-33BMDK MendisKandurata and Uva v BasnahiraMoors Sports Club Ground, Colomboa22341
5-35UMA PrasadKandurata and Uva v Neganahira and UthuraMoors Sports Club Ground, Colomboa22339
5-42SS PathiranaRuhuna v WayambaSinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colomboa22348
5-45BSM WarnapuraBasnahira v Neganahira and UthuraMoors Sports Club Ground, Colomboa22347
5-46ANPR FernandoWayamba v Kandurata and UvaNondescripts Cricket Club Ground, Colomboa22361
4-52SKC RandunuWayamba v BasnahiraSinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colomboa22338





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