Fielding in Women's Australian Under-18 Championships 2012/13 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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J Doecke (SAus)721113
L Bardsley (NSW)7459
E Bates (Qld)7459
TS Parker (Vic)7538
A Price (SAus)77 7
P Taylor (ACT)7336
J Crockett-Grills (Vic)75 5
S Darney (ACT)75 5
K Pope (SAus)75 5
H Birkett (Qld)74 4
K Black (Vic)64 4
S Chancellor Goddard (Vic)74 4
TM Cooper (Qld)74 4
K Dempsey (Vic)6314
A Gardner (NSW)74 4
M Molloy (NSW)74 4
M Banting (WA)73 3
C Collins (Qld)63 3
Z Cooke (ACT)73 3
M Gibson (NSW)63 3
H Graham (WA)63 3
SM Johnson (Qld)73 3
A Kozma (WA)73 3
TM McGrath (SAus)73 3
E Newman (NSW)73 3
M Phillips (Tas)63 3
J Taffs (NSW)73 3
LG Battle (Tas)62 2
E Bowden (WA)72 2
M Brown (NSW)62 2
R Carter (Vic)72 2
P Cleary (WA)72 2
RA Davis (ACT)72 2
G Foote (Tas)52 2
AR Knight (SAus)72 2
C Moscript (Vic)72 2
C Piparo (WA)62 2
D Rooke (Tas)52 2
T Saville (SAus)72 2
AM Smith (Qld)72 2
MJ Turik (ACT)72 2
N Westenraad (ACT)72 2
B Wonders (ACT)72 2
TB Bailey (NSW)51 1
SM Betts (SAus)71 1
M Cameron (WA)71 1
ND Geddes (Qld)71 1
AE Godfrey (Qld)71 1
N Hancock (Vic)71 1
J Hicks (ACT)71 1
V King (ACT)71 1
H Merritt (WA)71 1
L Muller (Qld)71 1
S Nichols (Tas)51 1
T Noble (ACT)71 1
SL Oates (SAus)61 1
KC Perry (NSW)71 1
T Purton (Tas)61 1
C Ryan (Qld)71 1
S Seckold-McIntyre (ACT)41 1
LEM Smith (NSW)71 1
ME Thompson (WA)21 1
A Wellington (SAus)71 1





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