Fuller's Surrey County League Division One 2013

 Points Table
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 Averages by [Team]

11 May 2013  Deando Ruxley v Whiteley Village Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336124
11 May 2013  Frimley v Lingfield Chobham Road, Frimley misc336125
11 May 2013  Long Ditton v Caterham Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336126
11 May 2013  Ripley v Putney The Green, Ripley misc336127
11 May 2013  Warlingham v Shepperton Church Lane, Warlingham misc336128
18 May 2013  Caterham v Deando Ruxley Park Avenue, Caterham misc336129
18 May 2013  Lingfield v Warlingham Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336130
18 May 2013  Putney v Frimley Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336131
18 May 2013  Shepperton v Long Ditton Manor Park, Shepperton misc336132
18 May 2013  Whiteley Village v Ripley Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336133
25 May 2013  Deando Ruxley v Long Ditton Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336134
25 May 2013  Lingfield v Whiteley Village Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336135
25 May 2013  Putney v Warlingham Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336136
25 May 2013  Ripley v Caterham The Green, Ripley misc336137a
25 May 2013  Shepperton v Frimley Manor Park, Shepperton misc336138
01 Jun 2013  Caterham v Putney Park Avenue, Caterham misc336139
01 Jun 2013  Frimley v Deando Ruxley Chobham Road, Frimley misc336140
01 Jun 2013  Long Ditton v Lingfield Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336141
01 Jun 2013  Warlingham v Ripley Church Lane, Warlingham misc336142
01 Jun 2013  Whiteley Village v Shepperton Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336143
08 Jun 2013  Caterham v Whiteley Village Park Avenue, Caterham misc336144
08 Jun 2013  Deando Ruxley v Warlingham Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336145
08 Jun 2013  Frimley v Ripley Chobham Road, Frimley misc336146
08 Jun 2013  Lingfield v Shepperton Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336147
08 Jun 2013  Long Ditton v Putney Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336148
15 Jun 2013  Putney v Lingfield Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336149
15 Jun 2013  Ripley v Deando Ruxley The Green, Ripley misc336150
15 Jun 2013  Shepperton v Caterham Manor Park, Shepperton misc336151
15 Jun 2013  Warlingham v Long Ditton Church Lane, Warlingham misc336152
15 Jun 2013  Whiteley Village v Frimley Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336153
22 Jun 2013  Caterham v Frimley Park Avenue, Caterham misc336154
22 Jun 2013  Deando Ruxley v Lingfield Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336155
22 Jun 2013  Long Ditton v Ripley Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336156
22 Jun 2013  Shepperton v Putney Manor Park, Shepperton misc336157
22 Jun 2013  Warlingham v Whiteley Village Church Lane, Warlingham misc336158
29 Jun 2013  Frimley v Warlingham Chobham Road, Frimley misc336159
29 Jun 2013  Lingfield v Caterham Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336160
29 Jun 2013  Putney v Deando Ruxley Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336161
29 Jun 2013  Ripley v Shepperton The Green, Ripley misc336162
29 Jun 2013  Whiteley Village v Long Ditton Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336163
06 Jul 2013  Caterham v Warlingham Park Avenue, Caterham misc336164
06 Jul 2013  Deando Ruxley v Shepperton Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336165
06 Jul 2013  Frimley v Long Ditton Chobham Road, Frimley misc336166
06 Jul 2013  Lingfield v Ripley Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336167
06 Jul 2013  Putney v Whiteley Village Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336168
13 Jul 2013  Caterham v Ripley Park Avenue, Caterham misc336169
13 Jul 2013  Frimley v Shepperton Chobham Road, Frimley misc336170
13 Jul 2013  Long Ditton v Deando Ruxley Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336171
13 Jul 2013  Warlingham v Putney Church Lane, Warlingham misc336172
13 Jul 2013  Whiteley Village v Lingfield Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336173
20 Jul 2013  Deando Ruxley v Frimley Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336174
20 Jul 2013  Lingfield v Long Ditton Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336175
20 Jul 2013  Putney v Caterham Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336176
20 Jul 2013  Ripley v Warlingham The Green, Ripley misc336177
20 Jul 2013  Shepperton v Whiteley Village Manor Park, Shepperton misc336178
27 Jul 2013  Caterham v Long Ditton Park Avenue, Caterham misc336179
27 Jul 2013  Lingfield v Frimley Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336180
27 Jul 2013  Putney v Ripley Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336181
27 Jul 2013  Shepperton v Warlingham Manor Park, Shepperton misc336182
27 Jul 2013  Whiteley Village v Deando Ruxley Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336183
03 Aug 2013  Deando Ruxley v Caterham Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336184
03 Aug 2013  Frimley v Putney Chobham Road, Frimley misc336185
03 Aug 2013  Long Ditton v Shepperton Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336186
03 Aug 2013  Ripley v Whiteley Village The Green, Ripley misc336187
03 Aug 2013  Warlingham v Lingfield Church Lane, Warlingham misc336188
10 Aug 2013  Putney v Long Ditton Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336189
10 Aug 2013  Ripley v Frimley The Green, Ripley misc336190
10 Aug 2013  Shepperton v Lingfield Manor Park, Shepperton misc336191
10 Aug 2013  Warlingham v Deando Ruxley Church Lane, Warlingham misc336192
10 Aug 2013  Whiteley Village v Caterham Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336193
17 Aug 2013  Caterham v Shepperton Park Avenue, Caterham misc336194
17 Aug 2013  Deando Ruxley v Ripley Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336195
17 Aug 2013  Frimley v Whiteley Village Chobham Road, Frimley misc336196
17 Aug 2013  Lingfield v Putney Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336197
17 Aug 2013  Long Ditton v Warlingham Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336198
24 Aug 2013  Frimley v Caterham Chobham Road, Frimley misc336199
24 Aug 2013  Lingfield v Deando Ruxley Godstone Road, Lingfield misc336200a
24 Aug 2013  Putney v Shepperton Putney Lower Common, Putney misc336201a
24 Aug 2013  Ripley v Long Ditton The Green, Ripley misc336202a
24 Aug 2013  Whiteley Village v Warlingham Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336203a
31 Aug 2013  Caterham v Lingfield Park Avenue, Caterham misc336204
31 Aug 2013  Deando Ruxley v Putney Old Haileyburyians Rugby Football Club Ground, West Ewell misc336205
31 Aug 2013  Long Ditton v Whiteley Village Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336206
31 Aug 2013  Shepperton v Ripley Manor Park, Shepperton misc336207
31 Aug 2013  Warlingham v Frimley Church Lane, Warlingham misc336208
07 Sep 2013  Long Ditton v Frimley Stokes Field, Long Ditton misc336209
07 Sep 2013  Ripley v Lingfield The Green, Ripley misc336210
07 Sep 2013  Shepperton v Deando Ruxley Manor Park, Shepperton misc336211
07 Sep 2013  Warlingham v Caterham Church Lane, Warlingham misc336212
07 Sep 2013  Whiteley Village v Putney Coombe Lane, Whiteley Village misc336213





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