Logan Cup 2013/14

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09 Dec 2013  Mashonaland Eagles v Mid West Rhinos Harare Sports Club, Harare f55208
09 Dec 2013  Southern Rocks v Matabeleland Tuskers Masvingo Sports Club, Masvingo f55209
17 Dec 2013  Mid West Rhinos v Southern Rocks Kwekwe Sports Club, Kwekwe f55241a
17 Dec 2013  Mountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles Mutare Sports Club, Mutare f55241b
24 Feb 2014  Matabeleland Tuskers v Mountaineers Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo f55457
24 Feb 2014  Southern Rocks v Mashonaland Eagles Masvingo Sports Club, Masvingo f55458
04 Mar 2014  Mid West Rhinos v Matabeleland Tuskers Kwekwe Sports Club, Kwekwe f55481
04 Mar 2014  Southern Rocks v Mountaineers Masvingo Sports Club, Masvingo f55482
10 Mar 2014  Matabeleland Tuskers v Mashonaland Eagles Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo f55498
10 Mar 2014  Mountaineers v Mid West Rhinos Mutare Sports Club, Mutare f55499
18 Mar 2014  Matabeleland Tuskers v Southern Rocks Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo f55520
18 Mar 2014  Mid West Rhinos v Mashonaland Eagles Kwekwe Sports Club, Kwekwe f55521
29 Mar 2014  Mashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers Harare Sports Club, Harare f55548
29 Mar 2014  Southern Rocks v Mid West Rhinos Masvingo Sports Club, Masvingo f55549
06 Apr 2014  Mashonaland Eagles v Southern Rocks Harare Sports Club, Harare f55566
06 Apr 2014  Mountaineers v Matabeleland Tuskers Mutare Sports Club, Mutare f55567
15 Apr 2014  Matabeleland Tuskers v Mid West Rhinos Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo f55593
15 Apr 2014  Mountaineers v Southern Rocks Mutare Sports Club, Mutare f55594
23 Apr 2014  Mashonaland Eagles v Matabeleland Tuskers Harare Sports Club, Harare f55608
23 Apr 2014  Mid West Rhinos v Mountaineers Kwekwe Sports Club, Kwekwe f55609





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