North Wales Cricket League Premier Division 2014

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26 Apr 2014  Bangor v Pwllheli Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1565
26 Apr 2014  Connah's Quay v Llanrwst Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1566
26 Apr 2014  Mochdre v Brymbo Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1567
26 Apr 2014  Mold v Llandudno Chester Road, Mold nwalp1568
26 Apr 2014  Pontblyddyn v Menai Bridge Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1569
26 Apr 2014  St Asaph v Hawarden Park Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1570
03 May 2014  Bangor v Pontblyddyn Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1571
03 May 2014  Brymbo v Llanrwst Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1572
03 May 2014  Hawarden Park v Connah's Quay Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1573
03 May 2014  Llandudno v St Asaph The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1574
03 May 2014  Menai Bridge v Mochdre Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1575
03 May 2014  Pwllheli v Mold Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1576
10 May 2014  Connah's Quay v Brymbo Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1577
10 May 2014  Hawarden Park v Llandudno Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1578
10 May 2014  Llanrwst v Menai Bridge Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1578a
10 May 2014  Mochdre v Bangor Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1579
10 May 2014  Mold v Pontblyddyn Chester Road, Mold nwalp1580
10 May 2014  St Asaph v Pwllheli Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1581
17 May 2014  Bangor v Llanrwst Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1582
17 May 2014  Llandudno v Connah's Quay The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1583
17 May 2014  Menai Bridge v Brymbo Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1584
17 May 2014  Mold v Mochdre Chester Road, Mold nwalp1585
17 May 2014  Pontblyddyn v St Asaph Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1586
17 May 2014  Pwllheli v Hawarden Park Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1587
24 May 2014  Brymbo v Bangor Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1587a
24 May 2014  Connah's Quay v Menai Bridge Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1587b
24 May 2014  Hawarden Park v Pontblyddyn Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1587c
24 May 2014  Llandudno v Pwllheli The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1588
24 May 2014  Llanrwst v Mold Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1588a
24 May 2014  St Asaph v Mochdre Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1589
31 May 2014  Bangor v Menai Bridge Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1590
31 May 2014  Mochdre v Hawarden Park Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1591
31 May 2014  Mold v Brymbo Chester Road, Mold nwalp1592
31 May 2014  Pontblyddyn v Llandudno Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1593
31 May 2014  Pwllheli v Connah's Quay Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1594
31 May 2014  St Asaph v Llanrwst Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1595
07 Jun 2014  Brymbo v St Asaph Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1595a
07 Jun 2014  Connah's Quay v Bangor Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1596
07 Jun 2014  Hawarden Park v Llanrwst Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1596a
07 Jun 2014  Llandudno v Mochdre The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1597
07 Jun 2014  Menai Bridge v Mold Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1598
07 Jun 2014  Pwllheli v Pontblyddyn Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1599
14 Jun 2014  Hawarden Park v Brymbo Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1600
14 Jun 2014  Llanrwst v Llandudno Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1601
14 Jun 2014  Mochdre v Pwllheli Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1602
14 Jun 2014  Mold v Bangor Chester Road, Mold nwalp1603
14 Jun 2014  Pontblyddyn v Connah's Quay Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1604
14 Jun 2014  St Asaph v Menai Bridge Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1605
21 Jun 2014  Bangor v St Asaph Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1606
21 Jun 2014  Connah's Quay v Mold Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1607
21 Jun 2014  Llandudno v Brymbo The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1608
21 Jun 2014  Menai Bridge v Hawarden Park Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1609
21 Jun 2014  Pontblyddyn v Mochdre Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1610
21 Jun 2014  Pwllheli v Llanrwst Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1611
28 Jun 2014  Brymbo v Pwllheli Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1612
28 Jun 2014  Hawarden Park v Bangor Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1613
28 Jun 2014  Llandudno v Menai Bridge The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1614
28 Jun 2014  Llanrwst v Pontblyddyn Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1615
28 Jun 2014  Mochdre v Connah's Quay Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1615a
28 Jun 2014  St Asaph v Mold Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1616
05 Jul 2014  Bangor v Llandudno Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1617
05 Jul 2014  Connah's Quay v St Asaph Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1618
05 Jul 2014  Mochdre v Llanrwst Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1619
05 Jul 2014  Mold v Hawarden Park Chester Road, Mold nwalp1620
05 Jul 2014  Pontblyddyn v Brymbo Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1621
05 Jul 2014  Pwllheli v Menai Bridge Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1622
12 Jul 2014  Brymbo v Mochdre Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1623
12 Jul 2014  Hawarden Park v St Asaph Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1624
12 Jul 2014  Llandudno v Mold The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1625
12 Jul 2014  Llanrwst v Connah's Quay Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1626
12 Jul 2014  Menai Bridge v Pontblyddyn Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1627
12 Jul 2014  Pwllheli v Bangor Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1628
19 Jul 2014  Connah's Quay v Hawarden Park Central Park, Connah's Quay
19 Jul 2014  Llanrwst v Brymbo Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1629a
19 Jul 2014  Mochdre v Menai Bridge Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1630
19 Jul 2014  Mold v Pwllheli Chester Road, Mold nwalp1630a
19 Jul 2014  Pontblyddyn v Bangor Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1630b
19 Jul 2014  St Asaph v Llandudno Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1630c
26 Jul 2014  Bangor v Mochdre Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1631
26 Jul 2014  Brymbo v Connah's Quay Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1632
26 Jul 2014  Llandudno v Hawarden Park The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1633
26 Jul 2014  Menai Bridge v Llanrwst Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1634
26 Jul 2014  Pontblyddyn v Mold Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1635
26 Jul 2014  Pwllheli v St Asaph Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1636
02 Aug 2014  Brymbo v Menai Bridge Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1636a
02 Aug 2014  Connah's Quay v Llandudno Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1636b
02 Aug 2014  Hawarden Park v Pwllheli Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1636c
02 Aug 2014  Llanrwst v Bangor Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1637
02 Aug 2014  Mochdre v Mold Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1638
02 Aug 2014  St Asaph v Pontblyddyn Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1639
09 Aug 2014  Bangor v Brymbo Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1640
09 Aug 2014  Menai Bridge v Connah's Quay Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1641
09 Aug 2014  Mochdre v St Asaph Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1642
09 Aug 2014  Mold v Llanrwst Chester Road, Mold nwalp1643
09 Aug 2014  Pontblyddyn v Hawarden Park Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn nwalp1644
09 Aug 2014  Pwllheli v Llandudno Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli nwalp1645
16 Aug 2014  Brymbo v Mold Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1646
16 Aug 2014  Connah's Quay v Pwllheli Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1647
16 Aug 2014  Hawarden Park v Mochdre Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1648
16 Aug 2014  Llandudno v Pontblyddyn The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1649
16 Aug 2014  Llanrwst v St Asaph Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1650
16 Aug 2014  Menai Bridge v Bangor Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1651
23 Aug 2014  Bangor v Connah's Quay Ty Newydd, Bangor
23 Aug 2014  Llanrwst v Hawarden Park Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
23 Aug 2014  Mochdre v Llandudno Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
23 Aug 2014  Mold v Menai Bridge Chester Road, Mold
23 Aug 2014  Pontblyddyn v Pwllheli Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn
23 Aug 2014  St Asaph v Brymbo Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
25 Aug 2014  Brymbo v Pontblyddyn Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
25 Aug 2014  Hawarden Park v Mold Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
25 Aug 2014  Llandudno v Bangor The Oval, Llandudno
25 Aug 2014  Llanrwst v Mochdre Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
25 Aug 2014  Menai Bridge v Pwllheli Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
25 Aug 2014  St Asaph v Connah's Quay Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
30 Aug 2014  Bangor v Mold Ty Newydd, Bangor
30 Aug 2014  Brymbo v Hawarden Park Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
30 Aug 2014  Connah's Quay v Pontblyddyn Central Park, Connah's Quay
30 Aug 2014  Llandudno v Llanrwst The Oval, Llandudno
30 Aug 2014  Menai Bridge v St Asaph Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
30 Aug 2014  Pwllheli v Mochdre Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli
06 Sep 2014  Brymbo v Llandudno Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
06 Sep 2014  Hawarden Park v Menai Bridge Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
06 Sep 2014  Llanrwst v Pwllheli Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
06 Sep 2014  Mochdre v Pontblyddyn Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
06 Sep 2014  Mold v Connah's Quay Chester Road, Mold
06 Sep 2014  St Asaph v Bangor Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
13 Sep 2014  Bangor v Hawarden Park Ty Newydd, Bangor
13 Sep 2014  Connah's Quay v Mochdre Central Park, Connah's Quay
13 Sep 2014  Menai Bridge v Llandudno Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
13 Sep 2014  Mold v St Asaph Chester Road, Mold
13 Sep 2014  Pontblyddyn v Llanrwst Alder Meadow, Pontblyddyn
13 Sep 2014  Pwllheli v Brymbo Parc Bodegroes, Pwllheli

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