Surrey Championship Premier Division 2014

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

10 May 2014  Banstead v Sunbury Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1303
10 May 2014  Reigate Priory v Leatherhead Park Lane, Reigate surrp1304
10 May 2014  Spencer v Sutton Field View, Wandsworth surrp1305
10 May 2014  Weybridge v Valley End The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1306
10 May 2014  Wimbledon v Guildford Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1307
17 May 2014  Guildford v Banstead Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1308
17 May 2014  Leatherhead v Spencer Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1309
17 May 2014  Sunbury v Reigate Priory Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1310
17 May 2014  Sutton v Weybridge Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1311
17 May 2014  Valley End v Wimbledon Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1312
24 May 2014  Banstead v Spencer Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1312a
24 May 2014  Guildford v Valley End Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1312b
24 May 2014  Reigate Priory v Weybridge Park Lane, Reigate surrp1313
24 May 2014  Sunbury v Leatherhead Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1314
24 May 2014  Wimbledon v Sutton Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1314a
31 May 2014  Banstead v Leatherhead Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1315
31 May 2014  Guildford v Weybridge Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1316
31 May 2014  Sunbury v Valley End Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1317
31 May 2014  Sutton v Reigate Priory Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1318
31 May 2014  Wimbledon v Spencer Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1319
07 Jun 2014  Leatherhead v Guildford Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1320
07 Jun 2014  Reigate Priory v Banstead Park Lane, Reigate surrp1321
07 Jun 2014  Spencer v Sunbury Field View, Wandsworth surrp1322
07 Jun 2014  Valley End v Sutton Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1323
07 Jun 2014  Weybridge v Wimbledon The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1324
14 Jun 2014  Guildford v Reigate Priory Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1325
14 Jun 2014  Sutton v Banstead Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1326
14 Jun 2014  Valley End v Spencer Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1327
14 Jun 2014  Weybridge v Leatherhead The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1328
14 Jun 2014  Wimbledon v Sunbury Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1329
21 Jun 2014  Banstead v Weybridge Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1330
21 Jun 2014  Leatherhead v Wimbledon Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1331
21 Jun 2014  Reigate Priory v Valley End Park Lane, Reigate surrp1332
21 Jun 2014  Spencer v Guildford Field View, Wandsworth surrp1333
21 Jun 2014  Sunbury v Sutton Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1334
28 Jun 2014  Leatherhead v Sunbury Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1335
28 Jun 2014  Spencer v Banstead Field View, Wandsworth surrp1336
28 Jun 2014  Sutton v Wimbledon Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1337
28 Jun 2014  Valley End v Guildford Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1338
28 Jun 2014  Weybridge v Reigate Priory The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1339
05 Jul 2014  Banstead v Valley End Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1340
05 Jul 2014  Guildford v Sunbury Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1341
05 Jul 2014  Leatherhead v Sutton Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1342
05 Jul 2014  Reigate Priory v Wimbledon Park Lane, Reigate surrp1343
05 Jul 2014  Weybridge v Spencer The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1344
12 Jul 2014  Spencer v Reigate Priory Field View, Wandsworth surrp1345
12 Jul 2014  Sunbury v Weybridge Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1346
12 Jul 2014  Sutton v Guildford Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1347
12 Jul 2014  Valley End v Leatherhead Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1348
12 Jul 2014  Wimbledon v Banstead Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1349
19 Jul 2014  Banstead v Guildford Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1350
19 Jul 2014  Reigate Priory v Sunbury Park Lane, Reigate surrp1351
19 Jul 2014  Spencer v Leatherhead Field View, Wandsworth surrp1352
19 Jul 2014  Weybridge v Sutton The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1353
19 Jul 2014  Wimbledon v Valley End Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1354
26 Jul 2014  Leatherhead v Banstead Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1355
26 Jul 2014  Reigate Priory v Sutton Park Lane, Reigate surrp1356
26 Jul 2014  Spencer v Wimbledon Field View, Wandsworth surrp1357
26 Jul 2014  Valley End v Sunbury Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1358
26 Jul 2014  Weybridge v Guildford The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1359
02 Aug 2014  Guildford v Wimbledon Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1360
02 Aug 2014  Leatherhead v Reigate Priory Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1361
02 Aug 2014  Sunbury v Banstead Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1362
02 Aug 2014  Sutton v Spencer Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1363
02 Aug 2014  Valley End v Weybridge Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1364
09 Aug 2014  Banstead v Reigate Priory Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1365
09 Aug 2014  Guildford v Leatherhead Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1366
09 Aug 2014  Sunbury v Spencer Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1367
09 Aug 2014  Sutton v Valley End Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1368
09 Aug 2014  Wimbledon v Weybridge Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1369
16 Aug 2014  Guildford v Spencer Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1370
16 Aug 2014  Sutton v Sunbury Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1371
16 Aug 2014  Valley End v Reigate Priory Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1372
16 Aug 2014  Weybridge v Banstead The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1373
16 Aug 2014  Wimbledon v Leatherhead Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1374
23 Aug 2014  Banstead v Wimbledon Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1375
23 Aug 2014  Guildford v Sutton Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1376
23 Aug 2014  Leatherhead v Valley End Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1377
23 Aug 2014  Reigate Priory v Spencer Park Lane, Reigate surrp1378
23 Aug 2014  Weybridge v Sunbury The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1379
30 Aug 2014  Banstead v Sutton Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1380
30 Aug 2014  Leatherhead v Weybridge Fetcham Grove, Leatherhead surrp1381
30 Aug 2014  Reigate Priory v Guildford Park Lane, Reigate surrp1382
30 Aug 2014  Spencer v Valley End Field View, Wandsworth surrp1383
30 Aug 2014  Sunbury v Wimbledon Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1384
06 Sep 2014  Spencer v Weybridge Field View, Wandsworth surrp1385
06 Sep 2014  Sunbury v Guildford Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1386
06 Sep 2014  Sutton v Leatherhead Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1387
06 Sep 2014  Valley End v Banstead Windlesham Road, Valley End surrp1388
06 Sep 2014  Wimbledon v Reigate Priory Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1389





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