All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League Premier Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

368-6Townville v East BierleyPoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp310
357-6Hanging Heaton v LightcliffeBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp301
345-6Hanging Heaton v CleckheatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp355
343-4Farsley v LightcliffeWakefield Road, Lightcliffebradp295
306-7Woodlands v FarsleyAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp357
297-6Pudsey St Lawrence v Bradford and BingleyTofts Road, Pudseybradp308
288-5Hanging Heaton v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp253
287-5Pudsey St Lawrence v Hanging HeatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp349
286-7Hanging Heaton v Pudsey St LawrenceBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp349
285-9Bradford and Bingley v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp276
274-6Cleckheaton v Pudsey St LawrenceTofts Road, Pudseybradp321
272-4Cleckheaton v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp259
272-5Woodlands v TownvillePoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp304
272-8Cleckheaton v MethleyMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp323
270-9Methley v CleckheatonLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp259
268-8Farsley v CleckheatonRed Lane, Farsleybradp300
266-6New Farnley v TownvilleThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp332
266-7Hanging Heaton v CleckheatonMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp305
266-8Methley v WoodlandsLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp331
265-6Townville v New FarnleyThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp332
265-7Woodlands v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp331
264-8Farsley v WoodlandsRed Lane, Farsleybradp306
263Hanging Heaton v TownvilleBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp258
258-8Farsley v Bradford and BingleyRed Lane, Farsleybradp288
256-8Scholes v Bradford and BingleyNew Popplewell Lane, Scholesbradp322
256Lightcliffe v Bradford and BingleyWakefield Road, Lightcliffebradp326
254-8Cleckheaton v LightcliffeMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp335
253-7New Farnley v Hanging HeatonThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp344
252-4New Farnley v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp324
252-5Bradford and Bingley v CleckheatonMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp263
251-6New Farnley v East BierleyThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp260
251-6Woodlands v Bradford and BingleyAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp340
250-6Scholes v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp299
250-9Cleckheaton v Bradford and BingleyMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp263
250Townville v WoodlandsPoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp304
249-7Methley v Hanging HeatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp289
248-6Hanging Heaton v FarsleyBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp330
248-7Lightcliffe v Bradford and BingleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp257
247-9East Bierley v ScholesSouth View Close, East Bierleybradp299
246Hanging Heaton v MethleyBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp289
246Cleckheaton v Hanging HeatonMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp305
245-6Hanging Heaton v East BierleyBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp318
245-8Methley v LightcliffeLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp319
244-9Woodlands v Hanging HeatonAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp316
242-5Lightcliffe v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp347
241Methley v New FarnleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp296
240-6East Bierley v Hanging HeatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp318
238Townville v MethleyPoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp279
238Methley v Bradford and BingleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp311
235-7Farsley v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp284
235-7Pudsey St Lawrence v WoodlandsAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp328
233-7Pudsey St Lawrence v Bradford and BingleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp353
233-8Pudsey St Lawrence v East BierleySouth View Close, East Bierleybradp264
232-6Lightcliffe v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp319
231-7Woodlands v ScholesAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp292
231-8New Farnley v Bradford and BingleyThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp302
231-9Methley v Pudsey St LawrenceTofts Road, Pudseybradp303
230-2New Farnley v Pudsey St LawrenceThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp290
229-8Cleckheaton v New FarnleyThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp249
228-9Pudsey St Lawrence v New FarnleyThe Barry Jackson Ground, New Farnleybradp290
227-8Methley v Bradford and BingleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp248
227-9Townville v Hanging HeatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp258
226-8Bradford and Bingley v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp248
226-8Cleckheaton v Hanging HeatonBennett Lane, Hanging Heatonbradp355
225-4Pudsey St Lawrence v ScholesNew Popplewell Lane, Scholesbradp297
225-8Methley v LightcliffeWakefield Road, Lightcliffebradp254
224-9Lightcliffe v WoodlandsAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp280
219-9Bradford and Bingley v ScholesNew Popplewell Lane, Scholesbradp322
219Woodlands v MethleyAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp268
219Cleckheaton v New FarnleyMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp312
217-5Cleckheaton v East BierleyMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp359
215-9Scholes v FarsleyNew Popplewell Lane, Scholesbradp262
214-7New Farnley v TownvillePoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp267
214-8Farsley v Bradford and BingleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp358
214East Bierley v CleckheatonMoorend, Cleckheatonbradp359
213-9Bradford and Bingley v Pudsey St LawrenceWagon Lane, Bingleybradp353
212-8Bradford and Bingley v FarsleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp358
210-4Woodlands v LightcliffeWakefield Road, Lightcliffebradp342
209Pudsey St Lawrence v MethleyTofts Road, Pudseybradp303
208-8Woodlands v New FarnleyAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp256
206Hanging Heaton v TownvillePoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp327
205-6Lightcliffe v WoodlandsWakefield Road, Lightcliffebradp342
204-6Townville v Bradford and BingleyWagon Lane, Bingleybradp281
203Bradford and Bingley v LightcliffeWagon Lane, Bingleybradp257
202-2Woodlands v CleckheatonAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp352
202-8Farsley v LightcliffeRed Lane, Farsleybradp365
202Woodlands v East BierleyAlbert Terrace, Oakenshawbradp298
202Hanging Heaton v MethleyLittle Church Lane, Methleybradp361
201Townville v Hanging HeatonPoplar Avenue, Townvillebradp327





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