Birmingham and District Premier League Premier Division 2018 - Four Wickets in an Innings

8-28PN MankadKenilworth Wardens v OmbersleyGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2371
8-34Yadvinder SinghMoseley v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2325
8-49GM AndrewOmbersley v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2356
8-53A JavidBerkswell v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2383
7-34GM AndrewOmbersley v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2371
7-34RO GordonSmethwick v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2374
7-53A ThomsonMoseley v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2381
7-62AJ PatelWolverhampton v ShrewsburyDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2345
6-18JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2348
6-29GH WorkerKnowle and Dorridge v Barnt GreenStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2389
6-48MR BarnardShrewsbury v Knowle and DorridgeLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2379
6-51BS PhaguraWest Bromwich Dartmouth v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2354
6-54Ali AwanMoseley v West Bromwich DartmouthScorers, Shirleybirmp2373
6-55PN MankadKenilworth Wardens v DorridgeGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2353
6-69AJ PatelWolverhampton v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2388
5-6MA SheikhSmethwick v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2390
5-8TP MilnesBerkswell v OmbersleyMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2341
5-11PA ByrneWalsall v DorridgeGorway, Walsallbirmp2398
5-15C WrightDorridge v WolverhamptonEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2346
5-19A ThomsonMoseley v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2396
5-23A KapilWolverhampton v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2346
5-24I AhmadDorridge v OmbersleyMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2391
5-27J BulpittWolverhampton v WalsallGorway, Walsallbirmp2368
5-29Usman AwanMoseley v Kenilworth WardensScorers, Shirleybirmp2330
5-29NA JamesBerkswell v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2355
5-33Usman AwanMoseley v OmbersleyMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2366
5-35GM AndrewOmbersley v MoseleyMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2366
5-36MA SheikhSmethwick v DorridgeBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2343
5-38JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2372
5-39L EvansShrewsbury v DorridgeLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2337
5-46A JavidBerkswell v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2375
5-53Ali AwanMoseley v BerkswellScorers, Shirleybirmp2355
5-54JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v WolverhamptonStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2384
5-58JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v WalsallStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2342
5-59DG BallDorridge v WolverhamptonEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2346
4-10L LoftsShrewsbury v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2347
4-11A HinesBarnt Green v WolverhamptonCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2352
4-13PT WickerWalsall v WolverhamptonGorway, Walsallbirmp2368
4-14DG BallDorridge v MoseleyEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2360
4-16J HarrisDorridge v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2337
4-17BM CoxWalsall v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2328
4-18MR BarnardShrewsbury v Barnt GreenLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2332
4-19A BowyerWolverhampton v OmbersleyDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2399
4-21A ThomsonMoseley v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2340
4-21GM AndrewOmbersley v WalsallMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2378
4-23FD EburahMoseley v WalsallGorway, Walsallbirmp2338
4-23DR MousleyKenilworth Wardens v WolverhamptonGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2388
4-25J BantonBarnt Green v West Bromwich DartmouthCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2382
4-26Gurinder SinghSmethwick v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2358
4-27C CheslinKnowle and Dorridge v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2397
4-28ND SladeOmbersley v WolverhamptonMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2331
4-28K ShahWest Bromwich Dartmouth v Kenilworth WardensSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2344
4-29MR BarnardShrewsbury v BerkswellMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2323
4-31MR BarnardShrewsbury v MoseleyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2320
4-31JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v OmbersleyStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2361
4-32L LoftsShrewsbury v MoseleyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2320
4-32R ByrneWalsall v DorridgeGorway, Walsallbirmp2398
4-33DG BallDorridge v OmbersleyMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2391
4-34PN MankadKenilworth Wardens v Knowle and DorridgeGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2335
4-34MR BarnardShrewsbury v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2345
4-34NA JamesBerkswell v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2392
4-36Q ShahSmethwick v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2339
4-36Babar KhanWolverhampton v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2352
4-36GM AndrewOmbersley v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2386
4-40C CheslinKnowle and Dorridge v OmbersleyStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2361
4-40MJ HancockKenilworth Wardens v Barnt GreenGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2377
4-41AP SuttonBarnt Green v MoseleyCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2340
4-42ND SladeOmbersley v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2324
4-43MT PidgeonKenilworth Wardens v BerkswellMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2359
4-44DR WilliamsBarnt Green v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2365
4-44L StynesWalsall v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2403
4-45GM AndrewOmbersley v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2361
4-46MR BarnardShrewsbury v West Bromwich DartmouthSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2369
4-49PN MankadKenilworth Wardens v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2327
4-49JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v Barnt GreenStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2389
4-50ND SladeOmbersley v Barnt GreenMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2349
4-51MT PidgeonKenilworth Wardens v West Bromwich DartmouthSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2344
4-52J HaynesOmbersley v WalsallMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2378
4-52M JohalWest Bromwich Dartmouth v OmbersleySandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2405
4-53AJ PatelWolverhampton v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2352
4-54N ChauhanBarnt Green v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2365
4-55AP SuttonBarnt Green v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2332
4-55TP MilnesBerkswell v Kenilworth WardensMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2359
4-55Sukhjit SinghSmethwick v Knowle and DorridgeBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2397
4-55RO GordonSmethwick v WolverhamptonBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2404
4-56A EbadDorridge v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2353
4-56BS PhaguraWest Bromwich Dartmouth v WalsallSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2393
4-59HC BlofieldShrewsbury v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2385
4-61ZA MalikWolverhampton v BerkswellDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2375
4-62C WrightDorridge v ShrewsburyEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2401
4-63PN MankadKenilworth Wardens v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2367
4-67DG BallDorridge v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2372
4-67OJ UffindallOmbersley v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2399
4-68Babar KhanWolverhampton v West Bromwich DartmouthDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2363
4-71JO GrundyKnowle and Dorridge v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2379
4-73J BulpittWolverhampton v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2384





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