Birmingham and District Premier League Premier Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

346-9Knowle and Dorridge v WalsallGorway, Walsallbirmp2411
334-6Berkswell v WolverhamptonMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2442
325-6Knowle and Dorridge v MoseleyStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2414
320-8Berkswell v SmethwickMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2376
313-5Smethwick v WalsallBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2357
311-8Knowle and Dorridge v WolverhamptonStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2384
305-7Barnt Green v Kenilworth WardensCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2424
302-7West Bromwich Dartmouth v MoseleySandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2447
299-7Barnt Green v OmbersleyCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2412
295-6Smethwick v ShrewsburyBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2445
294-6Shrewsbury v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2445
289-7Knowle and Dorridge v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2322
288-7Knowle and Dorridge v OmbersleyStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2361
285-8Kenilworth Wardens v WalsallGorway, Walsallbirmp2387
282-8Knowle and Dorridge v West Bromwich DartmouthSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2422
281-6Ombersley v Barnt GreenMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2349
281-9West Bromwich Dartmouth v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2382
273-9West Bromwich Dartmouth v Kenilworth WardensSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2344
272-9Berkswell v Barnt GreenMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2334
272Ombersley v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2412
270-8Shrewsbury v Barnt GreenLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2332
269-9Knowle and Dorridge v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2397
268-9Smethwick v Kenilworth WardensBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2367
267-9Wolverhampton v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2388
266-4Berkswell v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2430
263-7Barnt Green v WalsallCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2370
262-6Wolverhampton v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2410
262Smethwick v WolverhamptonBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2404
261-6Walsall v Barnt GreenGorway, Walsallbirmp2446
260-8Knowle and Dorridge v DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2372
257-9Moseley v DorridgeScorers, Shirleybirmp2431
255-8Barnt Green v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2434
251-6Berkswell v SmethwickBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2428
250-0West Bromwich Dartmouth v OmbersleySandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2405
250-6Barnt Green v BerkswellMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2334
250-8Shrewsbury v Knowle and DorridgeLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2379
249-8Ombersley v West Bromwich DartmouthSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2405
248West Bromwich Dartmouth v Knowle and DorridgeSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2422
247-5Wolverhampton v West Bromwich DartmouthDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2363
247-6Berkswell v West Bromwich DartmouthMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2395
246-9Walsall v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2370
245-8Wolverhampton v OmbersleyDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2399
244-5Berkswell v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2400
243-5Moseley v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2381
241-9Barnt Green v BerkswellCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2400
240-5Knowle and Dorridge v OmbersleyMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2432
239-7Ombersley v Kenilworth WardensMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2444
239-8Wolverhampton v Kenilworth WardensDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2327
238-6Kenilworth Wardens v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2327
237-7Knowle and Dorridge v SmethwickStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2329
237-8Dorridge v MoseleyEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2360
236-9Shrewsbury v Kenilworth WardensLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2415
236-9West Bromwich Dartmouth v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2440
235-7Berkswell v Knowle and DorridgeMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2364
235-7Ombersley v Knowle and DorridgeMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2432
235-7Dorridge v Knowle and DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2443
235Berkswell v Kenilworth WardensMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2359
234-4Ombersley v WalsallMain Road, Ombersleybirmp2378
234-7Knowle and Dorridge v BerkswellMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2364
234-8West Bromwich Dartmouth v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2373
231-9Knowle and Dorridge v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2443
231Moseley v West Bromwich DartmouthScorers, Shirleybirmp2373
231Knowle and Dorridge v ShrewsburyStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2426
230-5Walsall v ShrewsburyGorway, Walsallbirmp2362
230-8Moseley v WolverhamptonScorers, Shirleybirmp2427
229-4Wolverhampton v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2427
229-9Dorridge v SmethwickEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2406
229Kenilworth Wardens v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2415
225-2West Bromwich Dartmouth v DorridgeSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2380
225-7Smethwick v West Bromwich DartmouthBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2416
225-8Kenilworth Wardens v DorridgeEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2419
225-9Dorridge v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2337
224-7Dorridge v West Bromwich DartmouthSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2380
222-6West Bromwich Dartmouth v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2354
222-7Dorridge v Kenilworth WardensEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2419
222Smethwick v Barnt GreenBroomfield, Smethwickbirmp2434
220-7Dorridge v ShrewsburyEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2401
220Knowle and Dorridge v West Bromwich DartmouthStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2354
219-8Barnt Green v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2423
218Smethwick v Knowle and DorridgeStation Road, Dorridgebirmp2329
218Moseley v Barnt GreenScorers, Shirleybirmp2408
217Berkswell v MoseleyMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2418
217Wolverhampton v BerkswellMeeting House Lane, Balsall Commonbirmp2442
215-7Ombersley v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2439
215Moseley v WalsallScorers, Shirleybirmp2403
215West Bromwich Dartmouth v WolverhamptonSandwell Park, West Bromwichbirmp2435
213Berkswell v MoseleyScorers, Shirleybirmp2355
212-7Dorridge v OmbersleyEarlswood Road, Dorridgebirmp2324
212Barnt Green v Knowle and DorridgeCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2322
211-8Walsall v SmethwickGorway, Walsallbirmp2421
208-6Walsall v Knowle and DorridgeGorway, Walsallbirmp2411
208-8Walsall v MoseleyGorway, Walsallbirmp2338
207-7Smethwick v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2339
207-7West Bromwich Dartmouth v WolverhamptonDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2363
207-9Smethwick v WalsallGorway, Walsallbirmp2421
204-7Smethwick v Kenilworth WardensGlasshouse Park, Kenilworthbirmp2437
203-7Shrewsbury v WolverhamptonLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2410
203-9Knowle and Dorridge v ShrewsburyLondon Road, Shrewsburybirmp2379
203Wolverhampton v SmethwickDanescourt, Wolverhamptonbirmp2339
201Kenilworth Wardens v Barnt GreenCherry Hill Road, Barnt Greenbirmp2424





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