Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Premier League Whiting and Partners Division One 2018 - Four Wickets in an Innings

8-32A HancockSaffron Walden v KimboltonThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782829
7-21KASN RajaguruMarch Town v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782806
7-34A WrightMarch Town v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782827
6-34A StaffordSawston and Babraham v FoxtonSpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782830
6-39CM ParkFoxton v Wisbech TownHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782841
5-7M ChandrakerSaffron Walden v KimboltonAnglo-American Playing Fields, Saffron Waldenmisc782775
5-8JS SykesGodmanchester Town v WaresleyThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782783
5-12JS SykesGodmanchester Town v KimboltonThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782763
5-14D ManamperiSawston and Babraham v RamseySpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782850
5-16S AndersonFoxton v March TownRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782832
5-17A StaffordSawston and Babraham v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782780
5-24S AndersonFoxton v Eaton SoconRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782752a
5-25C ClarkWisbech Town v March TownThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782795
5-27JS DawbornEaton Socon v March TownThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782819
5-27M SmithSawston and Babraham v Godmanchester TownSpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782761
5-29M MooreKimbolton v Eaton SoconPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782852
5-37SK BrahmbhattMarch Town v Godmanchester TownThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782773
5-37KASN RajaguruMarch Town v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782846
5-38H AtapattuKimbolton v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782763
5-38K HaynesWisbech Town v Godmanchester TownHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782836
5-41W LezarEaton Socon v Wisbech TownHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782791
5-42A ReddyWaresley v Saffron WaldenWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782815
5-43KASN RajaguruMarch Town v KimboltonThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782754
5-59H AtapattuKimbolton v Godmanchester TownThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782818
5-69M PickardEaton Socon v Saffron WaldenAnglo-American Playing Fields, Saffron Waldenmisc782849
4-8RG MahendraFoxton v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782855
4-9S AndersonFoxton v Sawston and BabrahamSpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782830
4-14PA SwannellGodmanchester Town v March TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782827
4-15JP van de PeerSawston and Babraham v KimboltonThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782838
4-17B GowlingEaton Socon v WaresleyPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782771
4-17A CousinsGodmanchester Town v RamseyThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782858
4-18R FrancisFoxton v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782824
4-19JS DawbornEaton Socon v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782833
4-20S SmithFoxton v WaresleyRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782767
4-20TJ WestRamsey v Sawston and BabrahamCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782796
4-21JS DawbornEaton Socon v March TownPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782762
4-21S SmithFoxton v Sawston and BabrahamRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782772
4-22EM BaldwinGodmanchester Town v HistonThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782793
4-23Y ElliotFoxton v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782753
4-24JS SykesGodmanchester Town v March TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782827
4-25R DeamerSaffron Walden v Godmanchester TownAnglo-American Playing Fields, Saffron Waldenmisc782789
4-25D ManamperiSawston and Babraham v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782796
4-25DJ NobleHiston v Wisbech TownThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782758
4-26C GilthorpeKimbolton v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782790
4-26JS SykesGodmanchester Town v HistonThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782793
4-27S StevensonHiston v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782756
4-27JS SykesGodmanchester Town v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782840
4-30GD FreearWisbech Town v Sawston and BabrahamHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782757
4-30J DouglasFoxton v Wisbech TownRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782782
4-30A HancockSaffron Walden v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782815
4-31W GowlerWisbech Town v March TownThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782795
4-33JS DawbornEaton Socon v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782798
4-33W BrownHiston v March TownThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782853
4-34J ColemanFoxton v Godmanchester TownRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782807
4-37W LezarEaton Socon v FoxtonRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782752a
4-38M SmithSawston and Babraham v Eaton SoconPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782857
4-39JM CarpenterEaton Socon v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782831
4-39JS SykesGodmanchester Town v Saffron WaldenThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782844
4-41DV CarlawRamsey v Godmanchester TownCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782804
4-42KASN RajaguruMarch Town v Eaton SoconThe Avenue Sports Club Ground, Marchmisc782819
4-45EM BaldwinGodmanchester Town v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782848
4-46A StaffordSawston and Babraham v Wisbech TownHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782757
4-46W BrownHiston v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782774
4-49M SmithSawston and Babraham v March TownSpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782825
4-54C ChauhanWaresley v RamseyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782821
4-57MC CafferkeyRamsey v WaresleyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782764
4-58PA SwannellGodmanchester Town v Eaton SoconPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782822





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