Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Premier League Whiting and Partners Division One 2018 - Highest Team Totals

372-6Sawston and Babraham v RamseySpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782850
350-6Sawston and Babraham v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782817
325-3Foxton v RamseyRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782797
315-7Godmanchester Town v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782848
314-8Godmanchester Town v RamseyThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782858
306-7Histon v Eaton SoconThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782784
297-8Sawston and Babraham v March TownSpicer's Sports Ground, Sawstonmisc782825
295-5Ramsey v Godmanchester TownCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782804
295-9March Town v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782846
292-6Histon v RamseyThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782828
292-7Foxton v March TownRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782832
289Histon v KimboltonThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782799
282-7Sawston and Babraham v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782813
279-4Eaton Socon v Saffron WaldenAnglo-American Playing Fields, Saffron Waldenmisc782849
278-5Eaton Socon v March TownPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782762
278-9Ramsey v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782821
278Godmanchester Town v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782804
277-4Eaton Socon v Godmanchester TownThe Parks, Godmanchestermisc782798
274-8Ramsey v WaresleyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782764
273-4Foxton v Wisbech TownHarecroft Road, Wisbechmisc782841
273Ramsey v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782828
272-7Foxton v Eaton SoconPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782812
268Eaton Socon v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782784
265Godmanchester Town v KimboltonThe Park, Kimboltonmisc782818
263-4Saffron Walden v Sawston and BabrahamAnglo-American Playing Fields, Saffron Waldenmisc782854
263-8Saffron Walden v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782815
262-8Ramsey v KimboltonCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782814
261-3Kimbolton v RamseyCricketfield Lane, Ramseymisc782814
259-4Eaton Socon v WaresleyWaresley Park, Waresleymisc782831
257-6Saffron Walden v FoxtonRecreation Ground, Foxtonmisc782802
256-9Eaton Socon v Godmanchester TownPeppercorns Lane, Eaton Soconmisc782822
254-4Foxton v HistonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782787
252-5Histon v FoxtonThe Recreation Ground, Impingtonmisc782787





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