Leinster League Premier Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

313North County v MerrionThe Inch, Dublinlein1753
304Merrion v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1753
299-8North County v PembrokeThe Inch, Dublinlein1743
293-5North County v LeinsterThe Inch, Dublinlein1738
279-3YMCA v North CountyClaremont Road, Dublinlein1733
278-7North County v YMCAThe Inch, Dublinlein1759
278-8Phoenix v LeinsterPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1728
278-8YMCA v PembrokeSydney Parade, Dublinlein1739
270-6The Hills v LeinsterObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1741
269-7The Hills v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1746
269-9Leinster v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1728
265North County v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1750
262-9North County v ClontarfThe Inch, Dublinlein1726
251-6Clontarf v PhoenixCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1757
250-8Phoenix v ClontarfCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1757
247-9YMCA v MerrionAnglesea Road, Dublinlein1721
245-6Merrion v YMCAAnglesea Road, Dublinlein1721
242-1Merrion v The HillsThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1751
240-6The Hills v MerrionThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1751
235Merrion v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1766
231Clontarf v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1726
229-6Clontarf v MerrionCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1737
227North County v YMCAClaremont Road, Dublinlein1733
223-9Pembroke v The HillsThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1732
223Merrion v ClontarfCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1737
223Leinster v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1738
220-5Merrion v LeinsterAnglesea Road, Dublinlein1758
219Leinster v MerrionAnglesea Road, Dublinlein1758
218The Hills v PembrokeThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1732
210-8YMCA v LeinsterObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1768
210-9Pembroke v The HillsSydney Parade, Dublinlein1760
208-2Pembroke v PhoenixSydney Parade, Dublinlein1747
208-8Phoenix v The HillsPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1740
207-3Merrion v YMCAClaremont Road, Dublinlein1748
207Phoenix v PembrokeSydney Parade, Dublinlein1747
206-8YMCA v MerrionClaremont Road, Dublinlein1748
206-9The Hills v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1740
205YMCA v PhoenixClaremont Road, Dublinlein1725
201-9The Hills v YMCAThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1729





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