Liverpool and District Cricket Competition 2018 - Highest Team Totals

291-6dLeigh v LythamChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18388
287-3dColwyn Bay v HighfieldPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18355
275-7Lytham v LeighChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18388
269-5dColwyn Bay v New BrightonPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18373
264-4Colwyn Bay v BootlePenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18427
263-6Bootle v RainhillWadham Road, Bootlelivp18433
262-5dRainhill v BootleWadham Road, Bootlelivp18433
261-8dBootle v Colwyn BayPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18427
258-3dOrmskirk v RainhillRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18389
256-8New Brighton v BootleWadham Road, Bootlelivp18385
254-5dBootle v New BrightonWadham Road, Bootlelivp18385
252-4dNorthern v FormbyMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18447
252-5dOrmskirk v Colwyn BayBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18328
248-5dOrmskirk v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18353
246-5dLeigh v New BrightonBeech Walk, Leighlivp18338
246-8Lytham v RainfordJubilee Recreation Ground, Rainfordlivp18384
246-9dWallasey v RainfordThe Kevin McCullagh Oval, Wallaseylivp18432
245-5dFormby v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18381
244-7dBootle v OrmskirkBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18339
243-5dRainford v LythamJubilee Recreation Ground, Rainfordlivp18384
239-6dNorthern v Colwyn BayMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18382
239-7dRainford v Colwyn BayPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18386
238-5dFormby v RainhillCricket Path, Formbylivp18351
237-2dLeigh v RainfordBeech Walk, Leighlivp18435
237-7dOrmskirk v RainfordBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18364
237-8dLytham v HighfieldChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18412
236-3dOrmskirk v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18439
236-8dNorthern v LythamMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18442
235-5dNorthern v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18401
234-8Colwyn Bay v RainfordPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18386
234-8dLeigh v WallaseyBeech Walk, Leighlivp18440
233-8dHighfield v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18347
232-9Lytham v NorthernMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18442
230-9dHighfield v RainfordJubilee Recreation Ground, Rainfordlivp18418
229-4dRainford v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18335
229-6dRainhill v HighfieldRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18402
228-8dRainhill v Colwyn BayRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18341
228-8dRainhill v LeighBeech Walk, Leighlivp18380
228Rainhill v FormbyRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18419
227-4New Brighton v BootleRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18446
227-7dFormby v LeighCricket Path, Formbylivp18399
226-6dColwyn Bay v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18434
226-8dBootle v New BrightonRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18446
225Formby v RainhillRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18419
224-2dFormby v HighfieldCricket Path, Formbylivp18428
224-3dOrmskirk v LythamChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18346
224-5dNorthern v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18403
224-7New Brighton v HighfieldRake Lane, Wallaseylivp18347
223-5dLeigh v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18423
223-7dOrmskirk v BootleWadham Road, Bootlelivp18409
223-8dBootle v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18379
223-9dBootle v WallaseyThe Kevin McCullagh Oval, Wallaseylivp18420
222-5dRainhill v WallaseyRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18348
222-9dLytham v WallaseyChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18400
220-4dRainhill v OrmskirkBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18448
220-5dNorthern v RainfordMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18414
220-7Highfield v LythamChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18412
220-8dLytham v Colwyn BayChurch Road, Lytham St Anneslivp18416
220-9dNorthern v RainhillRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18431
219-3Leigh v HighfieldBeech Walk, Leighlivp18362
218-9dFormby v BootleWadham Road, Bootlelivp18438
217Colwyn Bay v NorthernMoor Park, Great Crosbylivp18382
215-9dHighfield v LeighBeech Walk, Leighlivp18362
213-8dOrmskirk v LythamBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18394
211-9dColwyn Bay v RainhillPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18410
210-7dFormby v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18368
210Ormskirk v New BrightonBrook Lane, Ormskirklivp18417
209-8dRainhill v HighfieldBillinge Road, Highfieldlivp18325
204Highfield v Colwyn BayPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Baylivp18355
204Wallasey v BootleThe Kevin McCullagh Oval, Wallaseylivp18420
203Northern v FormbyCricket Path, Formbylivp18387
202-8dWallasey v New BrightonThe Kevin McCullagh Oval, Wallaseylivp18360
201-5Wallasey v RainhillRainhill Recreation Ground, Rainhilllivp18348
201-9Leigh v BootleBeech Walk, Leighlivp18404





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