North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Centuries

156  P WilshawJ and G Meakin v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2228
143  G PrimeHem Heath v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2264
133*G PrimeHem Heath v LeekDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2203
129*DP BrierleyJ and G Meakin v StoneDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2272
127*A WilsonAshcombe Park v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2305
122  J BeechPorthill Park v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2196
122  SL ElstoneCheckley v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2301
120*J AllenbyBurslem v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2199
120  M HillWhitmore v StoneSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2225
119*A HeslopBlythe v WhitmoreCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2257
117*Jalat KhanBlythe v Hem HeathCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2197
115  WA WhiteLeek v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2262
114  M HillWhitmore v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2257
112*G PrimeHem Heath v LongtonDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2211
110  SL ElstoneCheckley v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2204
110  JP HancockPorthill Park v WhitmoreBent Lane, Whitmorensscp2243
109*K GhulamBurslem v WhitmoreGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2233
107*A GrahamJ and G Meakin v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2286
106*M CoxonStone v Porthill ParkSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2296
103*J AllenbyBurslem v WhitmoreGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2233
103  TA SteeleLongton v StoneSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2285
100  J PokoraStone v CheckleyFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2198
100*E JonesLongton v Ashcombe ParkTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2305





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