North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

317-4dJ and G Meakin v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2228
281-8Porthill Park v LongtonKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2237
280-9J and G Meakin v StoneDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2272
273-7Longton v J and G MeakinDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2260
272-2dBurslem v WhitmoreGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2233
272J and G Meakin v LongtonDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2260
270-3dHem Heath v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2264
265-9dJ and G Meakin v WhitmoreDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2200
263-8Blythe v J and G MeakinCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2232
260-5dPorthill Park v WhitmoreKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2303
259-5dElworth v StoneLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2258
259-6Ashcombe Park v LeekBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2292
258-6Elworth v CheckleyFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2250
258-6Blythe v Porthill ParkKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2265
257-7Porthill Park v BlytheKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2265
252-9dBlythe v ElworthCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2226
249-6Hem Heath v LeekDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2203
249-9Blythe v WhitmoreCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2257
248-6Longton v ElworthTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2241
248-9Whitmore v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2257
247-6Stone v LeekHighfield, Leeknsscp2249
246-4dPorthill Park v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2196
246-6Stone v CheckleyFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2198
243-4Blythe v Hem HeathCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2197
243Blythe v Ashcombe ParkCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2298
241-7Burslem v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2280
240-6Hem Heath v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2197
239-3dJ and G Meakin v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2286
239-8Leek v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2262
238-6dPorthill Park v WhitmoreBent Lane, Whitmorensscp2243
238-7Porthill Park v StoneSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2296
237-2Elworth v LeekLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2223
237-7Checkley v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2204
236-6Leek v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2223
235-5Stone v BurslemSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2242
234-7Ashcombe Park v LongtonBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2244
234-8Stone v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2217
234-9Burslem v StoneSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2242
234Hem Heath v J and G MeakinDave Kettle Memorial Ground, Hanleynsscp2295
233-9Blythe v LeekCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2281
230-6Blythe v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2289
230Leek v WhitmoreBent Lane, Whitmorensscp2255
229-7dCheckley v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2301
227-7Blythe v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2238
226-9Whitmore v Porthill ParkBent Lane, Whitmorensscp2243
225-4Burslem v J and G MeakinGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2286
224-5Checkley v StoneFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2198
223Ashcombe Park v BlytheBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2238
223Ashcombe Park v StoneSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2266
221-7Whitmore v LeekHighfield, Leeknsscp2189
221Stone v Porthill ParkSwynnerton Park, Stonensscp2296
220-6Leek v WhitmoreHighfield, Leeknsscp2189
220-6Porthill Park v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2271
218-9Porthill Park v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2209
212-4Elworth v BurslemLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2199
212-5Blythe v LongtonCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2221
211-5Burslem v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2199
211Longton v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2221
211Blythe v CheckleyCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2245
210-4Burslem v StoneGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2299
210-8Longton v Porthill ParkKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2237
210Checkley v BurslemFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2293
208Ashcombe Park v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2214
205-5dPorthill Park v CheckleyKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2290
205Whitmore v Ashcombe ParkBent Lane, Whitmorensscp2207
205Leek v Ashcombe ParkHighfield, Leeknsscp2229
204-5Checkley v Ashcombe ParkFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2191
204-6Longton v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2300
201-5dAshcombe Park v LongtonTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2305
201-9J and G Meakin v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2184
201-9dElworth v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2274





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