North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Most Fielder Catches in Innings

4N BallBlythe v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2238
4N BallLongton v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2244
4E ParrishHem Heath v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2283
3CF HughesHem Heath v LongtonDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2211
3G HawbrookLongton v StoneTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2217
3N BallHem Heath v Ashcombe ParkBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2220
3T HodsonJ and G Meakin v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2228
3WA WhiteAshcombe Park v LeekHighfield, Leeknsscp2229
3B MackPorthill Park v LongtonKnutton Road, Wolstantonnsscp2237
3A HeslopAshcombe Park v BlytheBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2238
3N HuntHem Heath v CheckleyFour Trees, Checkleynsscp2239
3CF HughesAshcombe Park v LongtonBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2244
3S TuckerPorthill Park v BurslemGreyhound Way, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2246
3K GhulamLongton v BurslemTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2252
3C GrimleyWhitmore v BlytheCresswell Sports Ground, Cresswellnsscp2257
3M RogersonBlythe v Hem HeathDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2275
3J AllenbyAshcombe Park v BurslemBasford Bridge Lane, Cheddletonnsscp2280
3RK BallardBlythe v ElworthLondon Road, Elworthnsscp2294
3S GuyHem Heath v CheckleyDennis Viollet Avenue, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2301
3JJ CobbLongton v Ashcombe ParkTrentham Road, Stoke-on-Trentnsscp2305





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