North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Four Wickets in an Innings

10-39SB WaghStokesley v MiddlesbroughBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp1004
7-35J MarsayGreat Ayton v RichmondshireLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp983
6-16PASS JeewanthaGreat Ayton v Seaton CarewLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp948
6-20G CreedonBarnard Castle v HartlepoolVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp965
6-22T RathnayakeThornaby v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp990
6-25DC MulhollandHartlepool v StokesleyPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp955
6-30MH McKiernanRichmondshire v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp944
6-42DRF WeerasingheDarlington v Great AytonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp966
6-49H WilliamsMiddlesbrough v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp975
6-53M CroftGreat Ayton v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp956
6-60S BerryMarske v Bishop AucklandWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp967
5-14CNV SilvaBishop Auckland v Barnard CastleKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp1017
5-16MH McKiernanRichmondshire v StokesleyHugill Road, Richmondnysdp969
5-18AWO ApplebyBarnard Castle v StokesleyVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp993
5-20A WardellMarton v MarskeStokesley Road, Martonnysdp989
5-23CNV SilvaBishop Auckland v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp998
5-30LP HarperThornaby v Great AytonMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp964
5-31H PeirsonMarske v Seaton CarewHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp945
5-31SB WaghStokesley v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp984
5-31M CroftGreat Ayton v MartonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp994
5-34CNV SilvaBishop Auckland v HartlepoolKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp982
5-36D ChillingworthStokesley v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp971
5-37PA BraithwaiteSeaton Carew v RichmondshireHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp976
5-37A WardellMarton v Seaton CarewHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp985
5-42LJ HodgsonMarske v ThornabyWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1020
5-46MH McKiernanRichmondshire v Bishop AucklandHugill Road, Richmondnysdp962
5-49LP HarperThornaby v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp974
5-52C MarshallRichmondshire v HartlepoolHugill Road, Richmondnysdp950
5-56M DaviesHartlepool v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp982
5-56G SowerbyDarlington v Great AytonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1006
5-68D ChillingworthStokesley v Barnard CastleVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp993
4-15J PickardMarske v MiddlesbroughWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp975
4-16B Van RensburgMarske v ThornabyWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1020
4-19DC MulhollandHartlepool v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp960
4-19LR BeaumontMiddlesbrough v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1008
4-20CNV SilvaBishop Auckland v StokesleyKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp971
4-20R WatsonBarnard Castle v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1002
4-21MH McKiernanRichmondshire v Barnard CastleHugill Road, Richmondnysdp991
4-21C MarshallRichmondshire v ThornabyHugill Road, Richmondnysdp1003
4-23LP HarperThornaby v Seaton CarewMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp970
4-23T RathnayakeThornaby v StokesleyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp1016
4-24M CroftGreat Ayton v Barnard CastleLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp973
4-25JP BousfieldBarnard Castle v Bishop AucklandVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp947
4-25L CrooksThornaby v MarskeMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp952
4-27SB WaghStokesley v ThornabyBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp946
4-27J MarsayGreat Ayton v Seaton CarewLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp948
4-27B Van RensburgMarske v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1000
4-28SDP ReevesMiddlesbrough v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp953
4-28AWO ApplebyBarnard Castle v MarskeVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp959
4-29J LaceyBishop Auckland v MiddlesbroughKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp953
4-29LD CoatesDarlington v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp986
4-29O KingDarlington v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp986
4-30D ChillingworthStokesley v RichmondshireHugill Road, Richmondnysdp969
4-30MH McKiernanRichmondshire v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp1019
4-31Aamer SajjadMarton v HartlepoolStokesley Road, Martonnysdp960
4-32LD CoatesDarlington v Barnard CastleFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp942
4-32R ChandlerStokesley v DarlingtonBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp963
4-34N WhitworthSeaton Carew v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp999
4-35DRF WeerasingheDarlington v MartonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp972
4-36PA BraithwaiteSeaton Carew v Barnard CastleHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp958
4-36D ChillingworthStokesley v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp1016
4-37LR BeaumontMiddlesbrough v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp943
4-37A ShrindalMiddlesbrough v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1018
4-38LJ HodgsonMarske v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1000
4-39F HussainMarton v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp968
4-39LR BeaumontMiddlesbrough v MartonAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp968
4-39LD CoatesDarlington v MartonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp972
4-41AWO ApplebyBarnard Castle v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp942
4-41DRF WeerasingheDarlington v Bishop AucklandFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp987
4-41LD CoatesDarlington v MiddlesbroughFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1018
4-42A WardellMarton v MiddlesbroughStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1008
4-43DC MulhollandHartlepool v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp1014
4-43J MarsayGreat Ayton v Seaton CarewHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp1022
4-45LP HarperThornaby v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp957
4-46M CroftGreat Ayton v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp964
4-46N WhitworthSeaton Carew v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1013
4-47PASS JeewanthaGreat Ayton v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp1001
4-49JP BousfieldBarnard Castle v MiddlesbroughVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp981
4-49SA WoodRichmondshire v MartonHugill Road, Richmondnysdp1015
4-52D ChillingworthStokesley v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp955
4-58PASS JeewanthaGreat Ayton v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp1006
4-60RG NicholsonBishop Auckland v MarskeKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp1005
4-62DC MulhollandHartlepool v Barnard CastleVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp965





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