North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

309-4Barnard Castle v DarlingtonVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp1011
292-4Stokesley v Great AytonBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp992
283-3Thornaby v Seaton CarewHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp1009
267-2Seaton Carew v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1013
260-4Great Ayton v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp979
258-7Barnard Castle v HartlepoolVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp965
258-7Barnard Castle v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1002
253-6Great Ayton v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp956
250-7Marton v StokesleyStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1021
248-2Stokesley v MartonBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp951
244-5Barnard Castle v MarskeVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp959
243-4dMarton v MarskeStokesley Road, Martonnysdp989
243-8Great Ayton v DarlingtonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp966
240-7Richmondshire v DarlingtonFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlingtonnysdp954
237-7Marske v Great AytonWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp956
235-7Hartlepool v StokesleyPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp955
232-9Stokesley v MiddlesbroughBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp1004
231-6Thornaby v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp974
230-4Seaton Carew v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp988
230-6Great Ayton v MartonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp994
229-8Richmondshire v MartonHugill Road, Richmondnysdp1015
226-6Hartlepool v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp1014
225-7dMiddlesbrough v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp953
218-7Barnard Castle v StokesleyVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp993
213-5Great Ayton v RichmondshireLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp983
213-7Middlesbrough v DarlingtonAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp949
212-5Great Ayton v Bishop AucklandLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp1012
212-8Marton v RichmondshireHugill Road, Richmondnysdp1015
206-3Hartlepool v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp995
202-7Marske v HartlepoolWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp995
202Bishop Auckland v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp967
201-8Bishop Auckland v HartlepoolKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp982





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