North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018 - Lowest Team Totals

32Bishop Auckland v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp1048
53Seaton Carew v Great AytonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp948
55Marske v Barnard CastleWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1033
56Bishop Auckland v ThornabyKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp1059
61Stokesley v RichmondshireHugill Road, Richmondnysdp969
62Middlesbrough v Seaton CarewHornby Park, Seaton Carewnysdp1034
65Bishop Auckland v Great AytonKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp941
68Seaton Carew v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp970
71Seaton Carew v MartonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1049
71Marske v StokesleyBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp1052
71Stokesley v Great AytonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp1055
74Stokesley v HartlepoolPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp955
74Marske v MartonWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp1056
77Middlesbrough v MarskeWindy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Seanysdp975
83Hartlepool v Barnard CastleVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp965
83Thornaby v DarlingtonMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp986
84Thornaby v Barnard CastleMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp1046
86Marton v DarlingtonStokesley Road, Martonnysdp1036
87Barnard Castle v Bishop AucklandKingsway, Bishop Aucklandnysdp1017
87Richmondshire v Seaton CarewHugill Road, Richmondnysdp1038
88Middlesbrough v MarskeAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp1037
89Darlington v StokesleyBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp963
90Bishop Auckland v MiddlesbroughAcklam Park, Middlesbroughnysdp1025
92Barnard Castle v Great AytonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp973
93Marton v RichmondshireStokesley Road, Martonnysdp944
93Marton v Barnard CastleVere Road, Barnard Castlenysdp1065
94Middlesbrough v ThornabyMandale Bottoms, Thornabynysdp1058
97Middlesbrough v StokesleyBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp1004
98Richmondshire v Great AytonLeven Park, Great Aytonnysdp983
99Hartlepool v ThornabyPark Drive, Hartlepoolnysdp974
99Hartlepool v StokesleyBroughton Road, Stokesleynysdp1027





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