Northern Premier Cricket League 2018 - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket

  185  B Barrow & J DixonNetherfield v PenrithParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2598
  2192  B Barrow & J BoyleNetherfield v GarstangParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2572
  3202*J Boyle & JR HuckNetherfield v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2592
  4141  J Dixon & B EarlNetherfield v Fulwood and BroughtonParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2557
  5119  SC Kerrigan & MJ SmithFulwood and Broughton v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2580
  678  K Ashwin Hebbar & GJ HallPenrith v St AnnesTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2585
  797*A Ullah & G BainsSt Annes v BarrowErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2569
  844  LM Jongwe & T CloughMorecambe v St AnnesWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2561
  932*G Bains & N BendSt Annes v NetherfieldVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2592
1036  D Edwards & J CassidyMorecambe v BarrowErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2553





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