Northern Premier Cricket League 2018 - Highest Team Totals

298-3dPenrith v PrestonTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2621
267-8dChorley v LeylandWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2543
263-4Fulwood and Broughton v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2597
263-4Chorley v GarstangWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2613
263-6dNetherfield v MorecambeParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2615
262-7Fulwood and Broughton v FleetwoodHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2570
260-7Fleetwood v Fulwood and BroughtonHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2570
256-7dGarstang v PrestonRiverside Sports Ground, Garstangnorthernp2578
249-8Morecambe v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2615
244-8Barrow v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2620
244Penrith v FleetwoodTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2563
241-4Netherfield v FleetwoodParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2584
239-5Netherfield v Fulwood and BroughtonParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2557
238-9Chorley v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2562
237-3Morecambe v PrestonWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2546
237-4Fleetwood v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2584
235-7Fleetwood v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2563
232-4Fulwood and Broughton v ChorleyHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2635
231-6Penrith v BarrowTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2551
230-6St Annes v BarrowErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2569
229St Annes v PenrithVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2522
228-2Netherfield v GarstangParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2572
228-7Fleetwood v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2534
227-9Garstang v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2572
225-7Barrow v FleetwoodErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2634
225-8Netherfield v PenrithParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2598
225Chorley v FleetwoodWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2599
224-6Morecambe v NetherfieldWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2550
224-7St Annes v Fulwood and BroughtonVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2580
223-4Barrow v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2608
223-7Penrith v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2598
222-4Garstang v PrestonWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2633
220-7Morecambe v BarrowWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2620
220-7Netherfield v LeylandParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2637
220-8Fulwood and Broughton v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2580
219-5Leyland v FleetwoodThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2549
218-7Morecambe v Fulwood and BroughtonWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2597
217-8Leyland v BarrowThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2579
215-5Netherfield v ChorleyParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2562
215-6Leyland v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2583
215-7Leyland v ChorleyThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2606
215-8Penrith v St AnnesTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2585
214-2Netherfield v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2592
213-3Penrith v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2591
213-7Fleetwood v MorecambeBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2577
213-8St Annes v NetherfieldVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2592
211-4Netherfield v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2519
211-7Leyland v PenrithThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2591
211St Annes v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2538
211Fulwood and Broughton v GarstangHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2582
210-5Blackpool v BarrowErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2581
210-7Morecambe v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2577
210Netherfield v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2532
209-5Barrow v BlackpoolErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2581
206-7Barrow v PenrithErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2611
205-7Fleetwood v ChorleyWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2599
204-7Leyland v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2527
203-5Penrith v GarstangTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2638
203-9Blackpool v LeylandStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2554
203Garstang v ChorleyWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2613
202-7Morecambe v LeylandWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2583





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