Northern Premier Cricket League 2018 - Lowest Team Totals

44Preston v Fulwood and BroughtonWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2616
45Penrith v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2539
50Preston v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2621
54Barrow v ChorleyErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2523
56Preston v St AnnesWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2639
58Morecambe v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2521
59Preston v ChorleyWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2586
61Preston v MorecambeWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2546
66Preston v ChorleyWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2518
66Barrow v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2579
69Fleetwood v BlackpoolBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2605
69Preston v GarstangWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2633
78Fleetwood v LeylandBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2614
79Preston v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2607
80Preston v NetherfieldParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2540
80Penrith v GarstangRiverside Sports Ground, Garstangnorthernp2567
80Penrith v ChorleyTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2632
83Preston v BarrowWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2533
88Fleetwood v PenrithBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2625
88Morecambe v BlackpoolWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2636
90Preston v LeylandWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2574
91Morecambe v GarstangWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2525
91Preston v PenrithWest Cliff, Prestonnorthernp2558
91Fleetwood v Fulwood and BroughtonBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2642
93Garstang v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2556
94Preston v BlackpoolStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2623
95Chorley v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2537
96Preston v GarstangRiverside Sports Ground, Garstangnorthernp2578
96Preston v BarrowErnest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furnessnorthernp2593
97St Annes v GarstangVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2610
97St Annes v BlackpoolStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2612
99Leyland v NetherfieldThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2568





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