Northern Premier Cricket League 2018 - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings

4R OrrLeyland v MorecambeThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2521
4M CrowtherBlackpool v GarstangStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2536
4DW BellChorley v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2537
4G RoelofsenPenrith v BarrowTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2551
4DW BellGarstang v FleetwoodBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2556
4BR HowarthMorecambe v BlackpoolStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2565
4A WilliamsBarrow v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2579
4C RossiterGarstang v Fulwood and BroughtonHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2582
4RPST ShivBarrow v Fulwood and BroughtonHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2600
4R StainesLeyland v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2604
4A CraigGarstang v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2638
3M WellingsMorecambe v GarstangWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2525
3R StainesNetherfield v St AnnesParkside Road, Kendalnorthernp2526
3R StainesFleetwood v St AnnesVernon Road, St Annesnorthernp2534
3A CraigFulwood and Broughton v PenrithHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2544
3C RossiterPenrith v Fulwood and BroughtonHighfield, Broughtonnorthernp2544
3R OrrNetherfield v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2550
3A CraigBarrow v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2551
3A WilliamsBlackpool v LeylandStanley Park, Blackpoolnorthernp2554
3R StainesChorley v St AnnesWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2555
3R OrrSt Annes v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2561
3A WilliamsNetherfield v LeylandThe John Stanning Memorial Cricket Ground, Leylandnorthernp2568
3H BarclayMorecambe v ChorleyWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2571
3A CraigSt Annes v PenrithTynefield Park, Penrithnorthernp2585
3H BarclayBarrow v ChorleyWindsor Park, Chorleynorthernp2588
3M CrowtherMorecambe v GarstangRiverside Sports Ground, Garstangnorthernp2590
3BR HowarthFleetwood v BlackpoolBroadwaters, Fleetwoodnorthernp2605
3D GudgeonBarrow v MorecambeWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2620
3G RoelofsenMorecambe v BarrowWoodhill Lane, Morecambenorthernp2620





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