Averages by Team

Royal London National Club Championship 2018

Ainsdale [Batting] [Bowling]
Aldershot [Batting] [Bowling]
Amersham [Batting] [Bowling]
Astley and Tyldesley [Batting] [Bowling]
Astley Bridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Aston Rowant [Batting] [Bowling]
Banbury [Batting] [Bowling]
Banstead [Batting] [Bowling]
Barkby United [Batting] [Bowling]
Barnard Castle [Batting] [Bowling]
Barnsley Woolley Miners [Batting] [Bowling]
Barnt Green [Batting] [Bowling]
Bashley (Rydal) [Batting] [Bowling]
Basingstoke and North Hants [Batting] [Bowling]
Bath [Batting] [Bowling]
Beaconsfield [Batting] [Bowling]
Beddington [Batting] [Bowling]
Benwell Hill [Batting] [Bowling]
Beverley Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Bexley [Batting] [Bowling]
Bickley Park [Batting] [Bowling]
Blackheath [Batting] [Bowling]
Blackpool [Batting] [Bowling]
Bootle [Batting] [Bowling]
Bovey Tracey [Batting] [Bowling]
Bowdon [Batting] [Bowling]
Bradshaw [Batting] [Bowling]
Brandon [Batting] [Bowling]
Brentwood [Batting] [Bowling]
Bridgwater [Batting] [Bowling]
Brighton and Hove [Batting] [Bowling]
Bristol [Batting] [Bowling]
Bromley [Batting] [Bowling]
Bromley Common [Batting] [Bowling]
Brondesbury [Batting] [Bowling]
Burridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Burscough [Batting] [Bowling]
Cambridge Granta [Batting] [Bowling]
Cavaliers and Carrington [Batting] [Bowling]
Caythorpe [Batting] [Bowling]
Chelmsford [Batting] [Bowling]
Cheltenham [Batting] [Bowling]
Chesham [Batting] [Bowling]
Chester Boughton Hall [Batting] [Bowling]
Chester-le-Street [Batting] [Bowling]
Chesterfield [Batting] [Bowling]
Chichester Priory Park [Batting] [Bowling]
Chingford [Batting] [Bowling]
Chipstead Coulsdon and Old Walcountians [Batting] [Bowling]
Chorley [Batting] [Bowling]
Cleethorpes [Batting] [Bowling]
Clevedon [Batting] [Bowling]
Clifton Alliance [Batting] [Bowling]
Colchester and East Essex [Batting] [Bowling]
Crouch End [Batting] [Bowling]
Cuckney [Batting] [Bowling]
Dartford [Batting] [Bowling]
Delph and Dobcross [Batting] [Bowling]
Denby [Batting] [Bowling]
Doncaster Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Eagley [Batting] [Bowling]
Ealing [Batting] [Bowling]
East Grinstead [Batting] [Bowling]
East Molesey [Batting] [Bowling]
Eastcote [Batting] [Bowling]
Elsecar [Batting] [Bowling]
Elvaston [Batting] [Bowling]
Enfield [Batting] [Bowling]
Fakenham [Batting] [Bowling]
Finchley [Batting] [Bowling]
Fleetwood [Batting] [Bowling]
Frinton-on-Sea [Batting] [Bowling]
Frocester [Batting] [Bowling]
Fulwood and Broughton [Batting] [Bowling]
Furness [Batting] [Bowling]
Goatacre [Batting] [Bowling]
Great Witchingham [Batting] [Bowling]
Guildford [Batting] [Bowling]
Halesowen [Batting] [Bowling]
Hanging Heaton [Batting] [Bowling]
Harrogate [Batting] [Bowling]
Harrow St Mary's [Batting] [Bowling]
Hastings and St Leonards Priory [Batting] [Bowling]
Havant [Batting] [Bowling]
Henley [Batting] [Bowling]
Hertford [Batting] [Bowling]
Heywood [Batting] [Bowling]
High Wycombe [Batting] [Bowling]
Highfield [Batting] [Bowling]
Hornchurch [Batting] [Bowling]
Hornsey [Batting] [Bowling]
Horsham [Batting] [Bowling]
Horspath [Batting] [Bowling]
Hucknall [Batting] [Bowling]
Hutton [Batting] [Bowling]
Hyde [Batting] [Bowling]
Kenilworth Wardens [Batting] [Bowling]
Keynsham [Batting] [Bowling]
Kibworth [Batting] [Bowling]
Kidderminster [Batting] [Bowling]
Kimberley Institute [Batting] [Bowling]
Knowle and Dorridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Lancaster [Batting] [Bowling]
Leamington [Batting] [Bowling]
Leigh [Batting] [Bowling]
Leyland [Batting] [Bowling]
Linden Park [Batting] [Bowling]
Longridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Lostock [Batting] [Bowling]
Loughborough Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Lytham [Batting] [Bowling]
Malden Wanderers [Batting] [Bowling]
Middleton-on-Sea [Batting] [Bowling]
Moddershall and Oulton [Batting] [Bowling]
Morecambe [Batting] [Bowling]
Nantwich [Batting] [Bowling]
Neston [Batting] [Bowling]
Netherfield [Batting] [Bowling]
New Brighton [Batting] [Bowling]
Newham [Batting] [Bowling]
Newport [Batting] [Bowling]
Normandy [Batting] [Bowling]
North London [Batting] [Bowling]
North Middlesex [Batting] [Bowling]
Northern [Batting] [Bowling]
Ockbrook and Borrowash [Batting] [Bowling]
Old Hamptonians [Batting] [Bowling]
Old Hill [Batting] [Bowling]
Ormskirk [Batting] [Bowling]
Oxford [Batting] [Bowling]
Papplewick and Linby [Batting] [Bowling]
Pershore [Batting] [Bowling]
Peterborough Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Plumtree [Batting] [Bowling]
Portsmouth [Batting] [Bowling]
Preston Nomads [Batting] [Bowling]
Prestwich [Batting] [Bowling]
Radcliffe-on-Trent [Batting] [Bowling]
Radlett [Batting] [Bowling]
Rainford [Batting] [Bowling]
Rainhill [Batting] [Bowling]
Redditch [Batting] [Bowling]
Redruth [Batting] [Bowling]
Reigate Priory [Batting] [Bowling]
Richmond [Batting] [Bowling]
Richmondshire [Batting] [Bowling]
Roffey [Batting] [Bowling]
Rolls Royce [Batting] [Bowling]
Saffron Walden [Batting] [Bowling]
Sandiacre Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Sentinel [Batting] [Bowling]
Sessay [Batting] [Bowling]
Sheffield Collegiate [Batting] [Bowling]
Shepherds Bush [Batting] [Bowling]
Sheriff Hutton Bridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Shifnal [Batting] [Bowling]
Shrewsbury [Batting] [Bowling]
Sileby Town [Batting] [Bowling]
South Northumberland [Batting] [Bowling]
South Wiltshire [Batting] [Bowling]
Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans [Batting] [Bowling]
Southgate [Batting] [Bowling]
Spencer [Batting] [Bowling]
Spondon [Batting] [Bowling]
St Annes [Batting] [Bowling]
St Helens Town [Batting] [Bowling]
Stamford Bridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Stanmore [Batting] [Bowling]
Stockton [Batting] [Bowling]
Stone [Batting] [Bowling]
Stourbridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Stretford [Batting] [Bowling]
Sunbury [Batting] [Bowling]
Sutton [Batting] [Bowling]
Swardeston [Batting] [Bowling]
Swarkestone [Batting] [Bowling]
Tamworth [Batting] [Bowling]
Teddington [Batting] [Bowling]
Ticknall [Batting] [Bowling]
Tonge [Batting] [Bowling]
Torquay [Batting] [Bowling]
Tunbridge Wells [Batting] [Bowling]
Twickenham [Batting] [Bowling]
Upminster [Batting] [Bowling]
Uxbridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Vauxhall Mallards [Batting] [Bowling]
Ventnor [Batting] [Bowling]
Wadebridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Wallasey [Batting] [Bowling]
Walmley [Batting] [Bowling]
Walsall [Batting] [Bowling]
Waltham [Batting] [Bowling]
Walton-on-Thames [Batting] [Bowling]
Wanstead and Snaresbrook [Batting] [Bowling]
Waterlooville [Batting] [Bowling]
Westhoughton [Batting] [Bowling]
Weybridge [Batting] [Bowling]
Wigan [Batting] [Bowling]
Winchmore Hill [Batting] [Bowling]
Winterbourne [Batting] [Bowling]
Wollaton [Batting] [Bowling]
Wolverhampton [Batting] [Bowling]
Wombourne [Batting] [Bowling]
Woodbank [Batting] [Bowling]
Woodhouse Grange [Batting] [Bowling]
Workington [Batting] [Bowling]
York [Batting] [Bowling]





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