Shepherd Neame Essex Cricket League Second Division 2018 - Highest Team Totals

415-7Fives and Heronians v Horndon-on-the-HillThe Paddock, Chigwellmisc781662
382Fives and Heronians v Leigh-on-SeaChalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Seamisc781648
325-8Fives and Heronians v HarlowThe Paddock, Chigwellmisc781657
323Fives and Heronians v Harlow TownThe Paddock, Chigwellmisc781672
317-9Wickford v Leigh-on-SeaDick Patmore Memorial Ground, Wickfordmisc781676
310-6dFives and Heronians v Oakfield ParkoniansThe Paddock, Chigwellmisc781682
306-8Harlow Town v South WoodfordHighfield Road, Woodford Greenmisc781651
303Horndon-on-the-Hill v South WoodfordThe Recreation Ground, Horndon-on-the-Hillmisc781644
301-9South Woodford v Fives and HeroniansHighfield Road, Woodford Greenmisc781671
300Fives and Heronians v Old Southendian and SouthchurchThe Paddock, Chigwellmisc781642
297-4Fives and Heronians v WickfordDick Patmore Memorial Ground, Wickfordmisc781656
294-7Wickford v Fives and HeroniansDick Patmore Memorial Ground, Wickfordmisc781656
294-8South Woodford v Horndon-on-the-HillThe Recreation Ground, Horndon-on-the-Hillmisc781644
287-8South Woodford v Harlow TownHighfield Road, Woodford Greenmisc781651
287Harlow Town v Horndon-on-the-HillAsh Tree Fields, Harlowmisc781668
279-6Wickford v HarlowDick Patmore Memorial Ground, Wickfordmisc781636
274-6dHarlow v Fives and HeroniansMarigolds, Harlowmisc781612
274-6dLeigh-on-Sea v Horndon-on-the-HillChalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Seamisc781678
273-6Oakfield Parkonians v Harlow TownAsh Tree Fields, Harlowmisc781633
272-7Oakfield Parkonians v South WoodfordHighfield Road, Woodford Greenmisc781655
271-2dWickford v HarlowMarigolds, Harlowmisc781677
270-4dOld Southendian and Southchurch v HarlowMarigolds, Harlowmisc781627
267-4Leigh-on-Sea v Harlow TownChalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Seamisc781638
265-9Harlow Town v WickfordDick Patmore Memorial Ground, Wickfordmisc781666
265-9Old Southendian and Southchurch v Leigh-on-SeaChalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Seamisc781669
264-8Harlow Town v HarlowAsh Tree Fields, Harlowmisc781643
264Harlow Town v Leigh-on-SeaChalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Seamisc781638
262-7Leigh-on-Sea v Horndon-on-the-HillThe Recreation Ground, Horndon-on-the-Hillmisc781634
258-8Oakfield Parkonians v Fives and HeroniansOld Parkonians Association Ground, Barkingsidemisc781640
258-9Old Southendian and Southchurch v Horndon-on-the-HillGaron Park, Southend-on-Seamisc781654
258Horndon-on-the-Hill v Old Southendian and SouthchurchGaron Park, Southend-on-Seamisc781654
257-5Harlow v Horndon-on-the-HillMarigolds, Harlowmisc781637
256-8Horndon-on-the-Hill v HarlowMarigolds, Harlowmisc781637





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