Bowling in National Country Cricket Championships 2005/06 (Ordered by Average)

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MD Dai (EAP)120711-77.00 00
R Gillette (SAus)25811145116-2713.18 10
SG Moore (NSW)4831511-1515.00 00
B Hardie (WA)1201711-1717.00 00
MT Carmody (WA)54013289165-3118.06 10
P Bradley (Vic)50025217124-4318.08 00
RJ Hunter (SAus)16747342-618.25 00
CM Parrish (SAus)3301415085-3318.75 10
CGR Tonkin (WA)60119288154-8419.20 00
JL Brazier (EAP)3661515483-5919.25 00
RJ McDonald (Qld)216187843-3219.50 00
LW Feldman (Qld)2701213775-5819.57 10
MS Johnston (SAus)194125932-3719.66 00
BH Steele (SAus)6624022-4020.00 00
TD Eliaba (EAP)66035292144-3720.85 00
CM Brown (EAP)35712214103-3721.40 00
AJ Burns (Vic)47324219104-9421.90 00
BG Hauenstein (Vic)50424222103-3222.20 00
RA Johnson (SAus)5483221093-6523.33 00
D McIlveen (NSW)2881016875-9324.00 10
R Dikana (EAP)55311340144-5324.28 00
JC Stein (Qld)76334352146-6425.14 10
KSB Tavo (EAP)3321913152-626.20 00
KE Johnson (Qld)64430290115-3026.36 10
MJ Silvy (SAus)4571421183-2326.37 00
JP Miller (Vic)296518673-3226.57 00
CJ Welsh (Qld)76435307114-9727.90 00
CL Hewson (WA)3691517163-3628.50 00
HJ Muller (NSW)272915052-2230.00 00
N Barfuss (Vic)4203011-3030.00 00
BG Bannister (NSW)5701927793-6130.77 00
CT Owen (Vic)234415552-3231.00 00
TK Bahr (SAus)3841816953-2133.80 00
AR Ezquerro (NSW)4171920662-1634.33 00
TP Maher (Qld)4261720962-5534.83 00
L Powis (WA)3421414243-5835.50 00
BA Woolmer (NSW)65616402114-9636.54 00
MJ Gerits (NSW)15738021-1740.00 00
BT Cockley (NSW)192812133-10840.33 00
C White (WA)3841521353-8342.60 00
SA Tie (WA)174510022-4750.00 00
G Keimelo (EAP)246517531-1058.33 00
N Langenhoven (WA)240313522-3367.50 00
CF Hopper (Vic)3181615122-675.50 00
A Mansale (EAP)204611811-33118.00 00
D Thomson (SAus)2821712111-29121.00 00
BP King (WA)18210    
SA Fitzsimmons (Qld)18250    
BO Williams (Qld)9060    
SD Toovey (Qld)12070    
CJ Bambury (Vic)421140    
T Kida (EAP)360160    
BJ Cleaver (SAus)120160    
BS Reynolds (WA)120190    
WA Frazer (Qld)1208330    
J Ovia (EAP)722480    
H Areni (EAP)1145790    
BJ Stacey (Vic)19251110    





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