Fielding in Australian Women's Cricket Championships 1970/71 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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MJ Jennings (Vic)312214
L Hill (Vic)35 5
G Gordon (SAus)34 4
J Need (SAus)34 4
J Potter (NSW)34 4
D Ayling (SAus)33 3
C Slater (WA)33 3
L Smith (WA)33 3
C Auty (Vic)32 2
SA Banfield (Vic)32 2
EJ Bray (Vic)32 2
D Eggleton (NSW)22 2
V Farrell (Vic)22 2
C Garwood (SAus)22 2
J Hamilton (WA)32 2
L Kinsey (NSW)32 2
JK Lumsden (NSW)32 2
R Manning (SAus)32 2
HA Mitchell (NSW)32 2
RH Thompson (Vic)32 2
M Wilson (NSW)32 2
H Asquith (WA)31 1
M Bawden (SAus)31 1
D Brook (SAus)31 1
M Burke (SAus)21 1
DA Gordon (Vic)31 1
E Ingall (Vic)21 1
H Lewington (WA)11 1
P May (NSW)31 1
L Mays (SAus)31 1
E Sutcliffe (Vic)31 1
B Wilson (NSW)31 1
J Wilson (Vic)21 1





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